Image Rent-a-Girlfriend


Release Date 2022-09-17
Runtime 24 minutes
Genres Comedy, Animation
Stars Sora Amamiya, Aoi Yuki, Nao Toyama, Rie Takahashi, Shun Horie
Directors Mitsutaka Hirota, Kanna Hirayama, Hajime Takakuwa, Reiji Miyajima, Kazuomi Koga

In today’s Japan, "rental" services can deliver an afternoon with a "friend," a "parent," even a fake girlfriend! Kinoshita Kazuya is a 20-year-old failure of a college student. He managed to kiss his girlfriend once, but was dumped after a month. Completely spiteful, Kazuya gets just desperate enough to give it a try. But he quickly discovers how complicated it can be to "rent" an emotional connection… and his new "girlfriend," Mizuhara Chizuru, who’s trying to keep her side hustle secret, will panic when she finds out her real life and Kazuya’s are intertwined in surprising ways! A reckless rom-com filled with love and excitement is about to begin!

1. Rent-a-Girlfriend


Jilted and heartbroken, 20-year-old Kinoshita Kazuya turns to Diamond, a Rent-A-Girlfriend app that leads him to a fateful encounter with Mizuhara Chizuru, one of the talents on offer.

2. Ex-Girlfriend and Girlfriend


Immediately after deciding not to rely on pretend dating anymore, Kazuya is hit with a triple whammy of reveals: Chizuru not only goes to his college but lives next door to him, and his grandmother is coming to visit and wants to see her.

3. Beach and Girlfriend


Kazuya barely has time to deal with the fallout of the situation in the pub before the gang heads off on a short trip to Izu, where they run into someone unexpected.

4. Friend and Girlfriend


Mami’s plan comes to a head as Kazuya decides to set the story straight, to mixed reactions.

5. Hot Springs and Girlfriend


The aftermath of the ferry incident signals a clear shift in Kazuya’s feelings. Meanwhile, there’s a conspiracy brewing at the hot springs inn he and his family decide to visit.

6. Girlfriend and Girlfriend


Having to spend a night in the same room with Chizuru sends Kazuya’s heart and mind racing. Meanwhile, Kuribayashi Shun has a surprise in store…

7. Provisional Girlfriend and Girlfriend


While Kazuya desperately tries to get Ruka to promise she won’t reveal his secret, she tells him her own.

8. Christmas and Girlfriend


Christmas rolls around with Kazuya not having met Chizuru for ages, and he sees something he never wanted to see.

9. Lies and Girlfriend


Ruka is hellbent on knowing the full story behind Kazuya and Chizuru’s relationship, and once she does she decides to take action.

10. Friend’s Girlfriend


Kazuya learns that Kuribayashi's been down in the dumps and tries to figure out how he can help him.

11. Truth and Girlfriend


On Chizuru's request, Kazuya goes on a practice date with Sumi, another rental girlfriend. Will he actually be able to help her and stay out of trouble while he's at it?

12. Confession and Girlfriend


Chizuru and Mami go on an awkward rental date unaware that Kazuya has seen them together. How can Chizuru handle this situation?

13. Dream and Girlfriend


As Mizuhara looks set to quit the rental girlfriend business, Kazuya goes to watch a play, one that could be pivotal to their relationship.

14. The Usual Girlfriend


As the fallout from the play becomes clear, things go back to normal between Mizuhara and Kazuya, until...?

15. The Return of the Girlfriend


Mizuhara has lost the key to her apartment and comes to Kazuya for some reason... and she's not the only unexpected visitor!

16. Night and Girlfriend


Kazuya has barely dealt with the aftermath of Mami's visit when he gets another aggressive visitor!

17. Birthday and Girlfriend


Kazuya tries to clear the misunderstanding Chizuru is under, all while enlisting Sumi's help to get her a fitting birthday present.

18. Booze and Girlfriend


As Kazuya wonders if his birthday gift was good enough, he and Chizuru find themselves in a crisis in the form of a boozer.

19. Ex and Girlfriend


Kazuya wakes up with the worst hangover ever and struggles with his fragmented memories. Meanwhile, someone finds out about his workplace and decides to make an appearance.

20. Youth and Girlfriend


Kazuya decides to spend his all-day date with Mizuhara reclaiming his lost youth... in a very peculiar fashion.

21. Kiss and Girlfriend


When Nagomi hears that Chizuru's birthday has already passed, she decides to throw a combined party for both her and Kazuya, and she refuses to take no for an answer!

22. Ring and Girlfriend


Kazuya can barely process Ruka's actions when Nagomi decides to drop another bomb on the party.

23. Guide and Girlfriend


Kazuya has hardly begun to process the fallout from his birthday when he gets asked to go on another practice date with Sumi, this time with her taking the lead!

24. Girlfriend and Me


Chizuru reflects on her journey to get her here, and Kazuya acts on his idea to help her.