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Image Queendom


Release Date 2022-06-02
Runtime 100 minutes
Genres Reality
Stars Taeyeon, Lee Yong-jin, Hyolyn, Min Young, Yu Jeong
Directors Lee Yun Kyu

A musical battle between 6 trending girl group acts, in order to "determine the real number one" when all 6 release their songs at the same time.

1. The Grand Introduction


The new six groups get revealed for the first time with the Grand Opening. The members meet one another along with the hosts in the Introduction. To everyone’s surprise, the rival groups of each group get revealed. The long awaited first match begins with the theme of signature songs. Don’t miss the first episode of Queendom 2!

2. First Match Winner


After the amazing performances of VIVIZ and HYOLYN, the remaining teams’ performances get revealed. The unpredictable winner of the first match gets revealed after the various scores are added up. LOONA makes its first appearance after missing out on the first match due to health issues. Stay tuned!

3. Cover Song Battle


After the end of the grand first match, the groups get prepared right away for the second match, the Cover Song Battle. HYOLYN decides on the order of the second match as the first match winner. LOONA officially joins the competition after missing the first match. What kind of performances have the groups prepared for the Cover Song Battle? Stay tuned to find out!

4. Second Match Winner


After a great start to the second match with the performances of WJSN, LOONA, and Brave Girls, the remaining teams’ performances get revealed. The match continues to be unpredictable with endless surprises as the teams reveal their cover songs. Who will be the winner of the second match? Stay tuned to find out!

5. Queendom Workshop


The theme for the third match gets revealed. There will be two rounds for the third match. The first round will be the Position Unit Battle. Each group will choose representatives for a Vocal Unit or Dance Unit. These representatives are gathered together for a special Queendom Workshop. The members will make different decisions including songs and team selections. Stay tuned!

6. Vocal Unit Battle


The Queendom Workshop full of hard work and excitement continues. The new teams work hard on their chemistry and come up with ideas for their special collaboration performance. The audience finally gathers up for the third match. The match starts off with the Vocal Unit Battle with the newly made teams. Stay tuned!

7. Dance Unit Battle


The results of the Vocal Units are revealed. After the amazing harmony of the Vocal Units, the Dance Units get ready to show their passion in the Dance Unit Battle. The practice sessions of the three Dance Units are revealed along with their fantastic live performances. Which group will take the most points in the first round? Stay tuned!

8. FANtastic Queendom


The second round of the third match is named FANtastic Queendom. All groups have a special fan meet with their fans and discuss the song and theme of the next performance. The groups work especially hard as it’s a performance dedicated to their fans. What kind of surprises await us in FANtastic Queendom? Stay tuned to find out!

9. Surprising Results


The second half of FANtastic Queendom begins. LOONA receives encouraging messages from their fans. HYOLYN holds a mini busking session where she asks her fans to choose a song for her FANtastic Queendom performance. Brave Girls’ performance of “Red Sun” brings everyone to tears. All six teams present fantastic performances. Who will be the winner of the third match? Stay tuned to find out!

10. Final Round


The day of the final round is finally here. Six teams will compete one last time to decide the winner. All of them put on exceptional performances with new songs that garnered much attention. With the votes from global fans, the final winner will be decided. Who will become the queen of Queendom 2? Stay tuned to find out!