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Image Magical Sempai

Magical Sempai

Release Date 2019-09-17
Runtime 15 minutes
Genres Animation, Comedy
Stars Kaede Hondo, Aoi Ichikawa, Rie Takahashi, Daisuke Namikawa, Himika Akaneya
Directors Yōta Tsuruoka, Fumiaki Usui, Katsunori Shiradoh

Our MC finds out that his school requires him to join a club and during his reluctant search he stumbles upon Tejina-senpai attempting magic tricks in her clubroom. Tejina-senpai has massive stage fright however and so now that she has an audience her attempts are simply comedic.

1. The Unknown Sempai | Sempai in a Box | Sempai Calls | Sempai and the Pigeon


The Unknown Sempai: A cute but strange sempai appears! Sempai in a Box: Sempai is cute but vulgar! Sempai Calls: Keys, melon bread, and soaked sempai. Sempai and the Pigeon: Sempai gives birth to a pigeon.

2. Sempai Bends | Impenetrable Sempai | Sempai Shifts Responsibility | The Lady Who Stinks at Magic | Sempai Gets Serious


Sempai Bends: Sempai trains her fingertips. Impenetrable Sempai: Sempai shows her butt. Sempai Shifts Responsibility: A hairy animal crawls over Sempai. The Lady Who Stinks at Magic: A quick-change outdoors. Sempai Gets Serious: Assistant's confinement is a se~cret

3. Sempai's Discomfort | Pop Quiz Sempai | Conquering Sempai | Kimono Sempai | Sempai Off Campus


Sempai's Discomfort: Sempai's mortal enemy? Her big sister appears! Pop Quiz Sempai: Sempai wears a flower print. Conquering Sempai: Senpai really gives birth this time. Kimono Sempai: Lots of wazuma. Sempai Off Campus: An outdoor survival game?

4. Celebrating Sempai | Scouting Sempai | Pigeon, Pigeon, and Sempai | Sempai Finishes the Job | Magic Club Sempai


Celebrating Sempai: Together With Sempai, One Thousand Yen Per! Scouting Sempai: Sempai is lonely and loses her mind. Pigeon, Pigeon, and Sempai: Sempai takes solace in pigeons. Sempai Finishes the Job: Sempai is pierced, prodded, and exposed. Magic Club Sempai: Sempai enjoys her time alone.

5. Observers and Sempai | Onion Sempai | Chemistry Sempai | Unexpected Sempai | Inviting Sempai


Observers and Sempai: The terror of the school ghosts?! Onion Sempai: Peel it and see! Chemistry Sempai: One-on-one experiments with Madara-san. Unexpected Sempai: Assistant loves her plush body?! Inviting Sempai: Exciting times at Sempai's house!

6. Unknown Sempai | Gyaru-Pan Sempai | Measuring Sempai | Suspicious Sempai


Unknown Sempai: Street performance gyaru and fat dude attack! Gyaru-Pan Sempai: Street performance is... awesome!! Measuring Sempai: Sempai is over 2kg Suspicious Sempai: Sempai's a master magician when hypnotized!

7. Creative Sempai | Fund-Raising Sempai | Pool Sempai | Overcoming Sempai


Creative Sempai: Saki-chan's aren't that big. Fund-Raising Sempai: Let those who cannot work leave the magic club! Pool Sempai: Water escape in a school swimsuit!! Overcoming Sempai: Sempai won't get stage fright in front of "handsome" assistant.

8. Chinese Sempai | Mentalist Sempai | Mikan Sempai | Internet Sempai | Delivery Sempai


Chinese Sempai: Is Sempai more powerful than 4000 years of history?! Mentalist Sempai: Sempai sees all! Mikan Sempai: Sempai won't make it alone. Internet Sempai: The magic club website is 18+! Delivery Sempai: Sempai entertains the good boys and girls.

9. Biased Sempai | Make-Up Exam Sempai | Ice Cream Sempai | Swimsuit Sempai


Biased Sempai: Time for se~crets. Make-Up Exam Sempai: Scheming! Drowning in schemes! Ice Cream Sempai: Ice cream later? Swimsuit Sempai: Assistant and Ma-kun's revealing swimsuit plan!

10. Beach Sempai | Crab Sempai | Watermelon Sempai | Fireworks Sempai


Beach Sempai: Beach! Swimsuits! Training camp! Crab Sempai: Lying on the beach with Madara-san. Watermelon Sempai: Sempai is the watermelon-splitting champion. Fireworks Sempai: Sempai is not allowed fire!

11. Four Balls Sempai | Ventriloquism Sempai | Tailing Sempai


Four Balls Sempai: Thanks for the magic! Ventriloquism Sempai: Try to say "Pushy" without moving your lips. Tailing Sempai: Sempai has a boyfriend?!

12. Growing Sempai | Unfailing Sempai | Competitive Sempai | Silent Sempai | Bunny Sempai


Growing Sempai: Sempai's balloon art is a little bit lewd Unfailing Sempai: Sempai's first success! Competitive Sempai: Sempai and Madara compete over Assistant! Silent Sempai: Keep it quiet so Assistant doesn't see! Bunny Sempai: Magnificent misdirection!!