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Image BTS: Bon Voyage

BTS: Bon Voyage

Release Date 2020-01-07
Runtime 45 minutes
Genres Reality
Stars Park Ji-min, Kim Tae-hyung, Kim Seok-jin, Min Yoon-gi, Kim Nam-joon
Directors Bang Si-hyuk, Park Jun-soo

Bon Voyage is a reality show about members of the South Korean group, BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan). It shows them in everyday situations that every traveler encounters and offer a unique insight into the members' lives.

1. New Adventures with Same Excitement


At last, it's the adventure of BTS, by BTS, for BTS! From packing up to landing in New Zealand, what will be waiting ahead of BTS?

2. Youth through the Eyes of BTS


A trip of their own finally kicks off with a bang! As the nature of New Zealand embraces the members, how will their adventures unfold?

3. The Stars are Shining for You


A stroll on one snowy day and camping out under stunning nights sky with star-glittered galaxy in on extraordinary September. What is it that the members see in the distant sky?

4. Winter Finds Its Way in September


The lyrics of Spring Day are becoming a reality?! As they camp out for the first time in the wintry night of September, can the members spend the night safe and sound?

5. Let's jump!


BTS enjoys moments of relaxation after the camping night that turned out to be different from what they had expected. Later in the day, members experience the outdoor activities that hey craved, and to find out who is the bravest of all!

6. The Brotherly Friendship


After two eventful days of camping, the members set out to see the incredible glaciers of New Zealand! How will their journey to the wintry nature unfold?

7. Happy Days with Seven of Us


As the members approach the end of their adventure, they arrive to a luxurious stay to round out their time in New Zealand. From playing games after games at one luxurious stay to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, what does the free time have in store for the members?

8. Our Glowing Lights


All good things come to an end. As the members reach the final day of their adventure in New Zealand, how will the members spend their final day to make it an unforgettable one?