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Image Unhappily Ever After

Unhappily Ever After

Release Date 1999-05-23
Runtime 30 minutes
Genres Comedy
Stars Geoff Pierson, Kevin Connolly, Nikki Cox, Justin Berfield, Bobcat Goldthwait

Unhappily Ever After is an American sitcom that aired for 100 episodes on The WB network from January 11, 1995, to May 23, 1999, for a total of five seasons. The series was produced by Touchstone Television.

1. X-Happily Ever After


Ryan and Tiffany investigate about the dancing baby conspiracy in a parody of The X-Files.

2. Feline Alright


Tiffany gets angry when she must run errands for A. Cyril Studebaker, her literatue teacher, to get an A.

3. Basketball... Again?


After being fouled out in a game of basketball by a girl, Ryan decides to prove that men are better than women in basketball.

4. A Movie Show


Tiffany is annoyed when Jerome, her sensitive boyfriend, won't stand up to rude people at a movie.

5. Love Letters


Tiffany's love letters to Jacques, her European boyfriend, end up in Barbara's hands. Meanwhile, Mr. Floppy holds a phone vote to decide if he should stay with Drew Barrymore.

6. I Know What You Did in the Closet


After Tiffany remembers Ryan locking her in a closet ten years before, Tiffany makes phone calls to Ryan telling him to beware of the closet monster. Ryan finds Jack, Barbara, and Ross dead and suspects Tiffany.

7. Ross' IQ


Ryan and Tiffany sign as Ross's parents for him to retake his IQ test, after he gets an average score of 100.

8. The Fencing Show


Tiffany faces off against Barbara in a fencing competition so she can get a good job.

9. Smart and Stupid


To get money for the cable bill, the family goes on the game show Smart and Stupid, but Tiffany tells Barbara she looked fat and stupid on TV.

10. The Silver Rule


Elliot, the school newspaper editor, sues Tiffany for sexual harassment when she tries to get him a front page story. Ryan gets to take over the horoscopes in the school paper.

11. Secrets


Ryan tells Tiffany he slept with Penny, a girl she hates, but Tiffany has trouble keeping it a secret.

12. Royal Flush


Jack sells expensive toilets illegally so Ryan and Tiffany can buy a Porsche.

13. Taffy's Boy


A rich, overwight girl named Taffy has a crush on Ryan, so he dates her for her money.

14. Tiffany's Big Break


15. I Never Dunked for My Father


Jack doesn't want to compete in a father-son basketball tournament with ross, so he has Ryan pretend to be Ross. Meanwhile, Tiffany and Barbara have Ross help them bake a cake for the homeless food drive, so that he will be distracted when Jack goes for the tournament.

16. Sex & Violins


While Tiffany and Barbara write up their applications for college, Tiffany makes a lie about knowing how to play the violin, but finds out that she has to play even though she doesn't really know how.

17. Tiffany Burger


Jimbo, a fast food millionaire with a burger joint, hires Ryan only to try and win Tiffany's heart by making a burger called the Tiffany Burger.

18. The Perfect Guy


While dating a guy, Tiffany decides that he might be the one to lose her virginity to, but then Barbara gets in the way.

19. Date to Win


Tiffany decides to help Ryan try and win over Barbara.

20. The Artist and the Con Artist


Tiffany has to paint a picture for art class, but gets them mixed up with Ryan's and starts to be a success, but feels bad about using his work for success.

21. Tiffany Tutors the Teachers


When finding out that all the teachers in her school didn't pass an exam for teaching, Tiffany is worried that all her years at Northridge Junior College will be worth nothing for Harvard. So she decides to teach her teachers so that they can pass the exam before it is too late.

22. Le Morte D'Floppy


In the final episode, Tiffany is finally accepted into Harvard but without financial aid. To get enough money for Tiffany, he becomes a successful used car salesman and soon moves up to selling new cars and cars to celebrities. But Mr. Floppy dies because Jack is so caught up in his work, he won't pay attention to him. But drinking beer with Jak brings Floppy back.