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Image Nowhere Boys

Nowhere Boys

Release Date 2018-12-15
Runtime 30 minutes
Genres Action & Adventure, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Stars Kamil Ellis, Joe Klocek, Jordie Race-Coldrey, Luca Sardelis, William McKenna
Directors Libbie Doherty, Tony Ayres, Michael McMahon, Beth Frey

Four teenage boys get lost in the forest and discover, when they return home, that they are in an alternate world identical to theirs except for one startling difference - they were never born.

1. We Are Not Alone Anymore


The Nowhere Boys are back and Luke's attempts to convince the Gang that a new threat is imminent are dismissed – until the threat proves too big to ignore.

2. Secrets, Lies and Parasites


As the Gang fights off the latest threat, Jesse's preoccupation with a cyber bully puts their biggest secret at risk. When menacing creatures attack again, the Gang fight back by sending them out of this world – but at what cost?

3. Lost In Negative Space


Nicco jeopardises both the Gang's plan to rescue one of their own and her football ambition - but as Bates closes in, can Nicco redeem herself and save the day?

4. The Cool Guy


Bates is on the warpath. Convinced he is close to exposing a conspiracy gripping Bremin High, he interrogates the Gang. Will one of them crack under the pressure? Meanwhile, the arrival of a stranger puts Heath under the spotlight.

5. Stranger Danger


Desperate to get Felix's book back, the Gang search for Zeb, the mysterious stranger. But when Luke is kidnapped, they all find themselves drawn into a dangerous trap.

6. Mistaken Id-Entity


When a friend suddenly becomes an enemy the Gang are left shaken. Meanwhile Jesse confronts his cyber bully and scores an unexpected win.

7. Keep Your Friends Close


While the gang do battle with one of their own, they're forced to face some home truths. But that's not all they learn – did they have Zeb all wrong?

8. Off the Map


The Nowhere Boys take a wrong turn in their quest to find Zeb, landing them in danger and on the run. Meanwhile Ben and Ellen decode clues left by Zeb and try to find a way to bring them home.

9. Doubles Trouble


Captured, Nicco and Luke are interrogated and forced to confront alternate versions of themselves. Heath and Jesse learn that their friends are imprisoned in a high-security facility and plan a breakout.

10. Attack of the Nematodes


The Gang and their doubles join forces to try and escape their captors amidst increasing Nematode attacks, but can they repair the Talisman in time to avert tragedy and find their way home?

11. The Chosen One


The Gang contact Zeb and learn that one of them is the all-powerful Guardian of the multiverse and must travel to Negative Space to save theirs and all worlds from the Entity, the most powerful enemy they've ever faced. But who really is the Guardian.

12. The Alternate World is Here


With the Guardian in Negative Space, the Gang believe they have saved the multiverse until a catastrophic event at Bremin High suggests otherwise. Will the Gang be forced to expose their powers and magic in order to save the school?

13. The Entity Face Off


The gang arrive in Negative Space for a final showdown with the Entity – the fate of the multiverse is in their hands. If only the Guardian could rembember the plan.