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Image I Spy

I Spy

Release Date 1968-04-15
Runtime 60 minutes
Genres Action & Adventure
Stars Bill Cosby, Robert Culp
Directors David Friedkin, Morton S. Fine, Morton S. Fine, Sheldon Leonard

I Spy is an American television secret-agent adventure series. It ran for three seasons on NBC from 1965 to 1968 and teamed Robert Culp as international tennis player Kelly Robinson with Bill Cosby as his trainer, Alexander Scott. The characters' travels as ostensible "tennis bums", Robinson playing talented tennis as an amateur with the wealthy in return for food and lodging, and Scott tagging along, provided a cover story concealing their roles as top agents for the Pentagon. Their real work usually kept them busy chasing villains, spies, and beautiful women. The creative forces behind the show were writers David Friedkin and Morton Fine and cinematographer Fouad Said. Together they formed Three F Productions under the aegis of Desilu Studios where the show was produced. Fine and Friedkin were co-producers and head writers, and wrote the scripts for 16 episodes, one of which Friedkin directed. Friedkin also dabbled in acting and appeared in two episodes in the first season. Actor-producer Sheldon Leonard, best known for playing gangster roles in the 1940s and '50s, was the executive producer. He also played a gangster-villain role in two episodes and appeared in a third show as himself in a humorous cameo. In addition, he directed one episode and served as occasional second-unit director throughout the series.

1. Let's Kill Karlovassi


Assassinating a double agent on the beach in the Aegean just doesn't sound like fun.

2. The Beautiful Children


Deep cover agent is blown, won't leave sideline.

3. Laya


A very small person on the Embassy staff becomes a very large factor in espionage plans.

4. The Medarra Block


A mysterious stone cube holds the key to rebellion against the Moroccan government.

5. Philotimo


The best you can say about a child prodigy who takes you for a ride is maybe he's defective, after all.

6. The Honorable Assassins


To Marrakesh with an old man's cash and his daughter and some bandits after the old man.

7. Now You See Her, Now You Don't


Betrayal and deduction on the trail of an absconded mathematician last seen on the isle of Mykonos.

8. Red Sash of Courage


On the border between Greece and Yugoslavia, airplane trouble besets USAF flights. Worse than that, who has been sleeping with the mayor's daughter?

9. The Seventh Captain


Anti-submarine warfare and mysterious assassinations.

10. Apollo


Undercover counterspying at NASA with an ex-wife as beard, who disappears.

11. Oedipus at Colonus


A holy leader of men dies apparently on the eve of religious fighting in Morocco.

12. The Lotos Eater


Robinson takes a powder and calls it quits in the Greek archipelago.

13. An American Empress


San Francisco, the Empress of China, fireworks, the Reds.

14. Home to Judgement


Pursued all the way down on the farm, Robinson & Scott fend off attackers.

15. Anyplace I Hang Myself Is Home


Bouts of depression hit Scott too hard for anything but counseling. He and Robinson independently remember training school.

16. Tag, You're It


Hare & hounds in San Francisco with the cadets, a charming tourist and a ringer.

17. A Few Miles West of Nowhere


A nuclear power station is planned for the desert, but an operative is dead on the scene. The town is tight and runs the boys out, but they keep plugging.

18. This Guy Smith


Vacationing at a mountain retreat, they strike at an adverse communications officer, who strikes back with a frame.

19. Turnabout for Traitors


Setup as a sellout, down and out in Acapulco. The adverse party has its front men not to be recognized from your own.

20. Happy Birthday... Everybody


Protecting the retired agent and family against the deranged and vengeful gotten loose on the streets.

21. Shana


She has a bit of top secret propellant, the Communists have her brother.

22. The Name of the Game


Why, says the ex-general, don't they let us fight? He will have game, let it be us, or Robinson & Scott.

23. Suitable for Framing


Faux Senator is arranged to assassinate a President.

24. The Spy Business


Army Intelligence is receiving hits on its defector, who is leaving clues to his whereabouts, Robinson's old buddy, the other S2 debriefer?

25. Carmelita Is One of Us


The baby has now a microdot left by her father, and the assassins won't stop there.

26. Pinwheel


What is this ring of spies set up in Africa? Melanie knows, or thinks she knows, or anyway means to find out, why not?