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Image Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions!

Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions!

Release Date 2014-03-27
Runtime 24 minutes
Genres Animation, Comedy, Drama
Stars Jun Fukuyama, Maaya Uchida, Azumi Asakura, Chinatsu Akasaki, Juri Nagatsuma
Directors Yōta Tsuruoka, Jukki Hanada, Tatsuya Ishihara, Nijine, Maaya Uchida

As one of the thousands of Japanese students afflicted with "chunibyo," a state where they're so desperate to stand out that they've convinced themselves that they have secret knowledge and hidden powers, Yuta spent most of his middle school years living in a complete fantasy world. He's finally managing to overcome his delusions but his chunibyo have attracted the attentions of another sufferer, and she's decided that this makes him her soul mate.

1. Wicked Lord Shingan... Reborn


Unusual circumstances forces Yuta and Rikka to live under one roof. Keeping it under wraps is top priority as the new school year starts.

2. Dolphin Ring Striker


Nibutani becomes obsessed with the state of Yuta and Rikka's questionable romance, and pressures Yuta to take control of his girlfriend and lead her down the righteous path of boy-girl relationships.

3. Magical Devil Girl in Pursuit


Rikka becomes very excited about the presence of a magic user she is supposedly doing unvisible battle with, but it soon becomes apparent that this magic user is an actual person. She is a girl Yuta knows from his middle school days who first infected him with chunibyo. Rikka is both fascinated and terrified of the threat the new girl poses to her and Yuta's love contract, and either wants to be friends with her or be rid of her for all eternity.

4. The Election for President of the Student Council (Queen Maker)... of Purity


Nibutani attempts to run for Student Council president, but a pesky little blonde girl is foiling her every attempt at normalcy. What can she do to keep her in check? The unthinkable...

5. The Illusive... Siesta Labyrinth


In danger of losing the club room, The Magical Napping Society - Summer thereof decides to do the only club activity that the student council will accept: competitive napping!

6. Travelling to the Island of Tsukushi... of Hesitation


The class trip is here, and while Rikka and Dekomori must separate, now is a good time for her to get some alone time with Yuta... if their class mates let them!

7. Triangle... of Missed Encounters


Togashi hopes to spend the entire day alone with Rikka, but Shichimiya somehow finds her way to the couple, dragging them into her secret mission.

8. The False... Mori Summer [or Holy Spirit Mother]


A NEW Fake Mori Summer appears, hell bent of taking Dekomori as her own. But her sinister motives are discovered and only the REAL Fake Mori Summer can make her relinquish her hold on Sanae!

9. Resort... Last Resort


While helping Kumin's aunt run a shop by the beach, Rikka realizes that her powers are fading... and she may want them to.

10. Gauntlet of Rain [or] a Midsummer Night's... Rain and Whips


Shichimiya continues to wrestle with her newfound feelings, and only one thing can save her from herself: a showdown!

11. Blue Moon Ragnarok


Rikka is determined to find the necessary items to revive the Dark Flame Dragon, and puts herself in danger in the process.

12. The Superior Contract... of Twilight


Rikka is acting strangely around Yuta, and it takes all of her courage to confess her true feelings to him.