Image Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

Release Date 1997-06-14
Runtime 46 minutes
Genres Action & Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Stars Dean Cain, Teri Hatcher, Lane Smith, Justin Whalin, K Callan
Directors Robert Singer, Chris Long, Robert Butler, Joe Shuster, Jerry Siegel

A much more lavish version of the popular Superman television series which had first aired forty years earlier, Lois & Clark focused more on the Man of Steel's early adult years in Metropolis. With the unknowing help of Lois Lane, Clark Kent created Superman there in Metropolis after finding work at the world-famous Daily Planet newspaper, where he meets fellow reporter Lois Lane.

1. Lord of the Flys (1)


Clark is gone to New Krypton, but the evil Lord Nor comes to earth to take over the planet. First of all, he takes over Smallville, and his next target is Metropolis. Now, Clark must go back to Earth to stop him, but before that, he wants to see Lois. Lord Nor discovers about Clark being on earth and captures his parents.

2. Battleground Earth (2)


Lord Nor accuses Clark of treason, and wants him on trial for the Kryptonian Law. Clark is sentenced guilty, and sentenced to death. Ching tells the tribunal that there is one law saying that Clark can have a duel with Nor, that saves his life. When they are dueling, Coronel Cash releases a Kryptonian gas to kill Nor and Superman, but, for Clark's luck, before the release of the gas, Nor's men appear. Then, they and Nor absorb most of the gas because they knocked out on Superman. After the defeat of Nor and his men, Zara and Ching leaves to rule New Krypton, and Clark makes a final proposal to Lois.

3. Swear to God, This Time We're Not Kidding


Few days before their wedding, Lois and Clark must face with Myrtle Beech AKA ""The Wedding Destroyer"" and her therapist. She doesn't want them (and no one else) to get married, and will do shocking things to stop it because years ago, Lois wrote the story which sent her to jail. When Lois and Clark finally stop Myrtle, they finally get married on the mountains, with the help of the angel Mike.

4. Soul Mates


In their wedding night, Lois and Clark are interrupted by H.G. Wells, who says that before consumate their marriage, they must go back in time to destroy a curse, otherwise Lois will die from a disease.

5. Brutal Youth


A scientist discovers a way to steal the youth of young people and transfer it to old people, and one of their victims is Jimmy, who becomes an old man. Lois and Clark must find a way to revert the process and give Jimmy his youth back, but then Lois finds out that Superman's lifetime is longer than hers. After resolve the youth problem, Lois and Clark buy a new house.

6. The People vs. Lois Lane (1)


When Lois and Clark are decorating their new house, a former Lois' informant calls and tells her to go to a park, then he will show her how a murder happened. When he puts the gun on her hand to show how the crime happened, a former professor that Lois sent to jail years ago makes the gun shoot, killing Lois' informant, and she is caught with the gun. Now, Lois is arrested and being accused of homicide.

7. Dead Lois Walking (2)


Superman breaks Lois out of jail and now, she is a fugitive. Everyone is looking for the ""mad dog killer"" (Lois). Now, Lois and Clark must find out who is the one framing her, and it looks like professor Jefferson Cole has evil plans regarding Metropolis' fate.

8. Bob and Carol and Lois and Clark


When finally Lois and Clark find another couple with things in common, they start a friendly relationship with Bob and Carol. But what Bob and Carol really want is revenge against Grant Gendell, Bob's former boss, and the person who can take them to Gendell is Lois because she's going to interview him. And Superman needs to defeat Deathstroke, a man who can kill people of heart attack. In fact, Deathstroke is the secret identity of Lois and Clark's new friend Bob (things in common, remember?).

9. Ghosts


A con artist tries to scare Lois and Clark with fake hauntings in an attempt to buy their house. The ghost of a dead woman who lived on Lois and Clark's house years ago enters on Lois' body, and she wants to have Lois' life and Lois' husband.

10. Stop the Presses


Perry gets promoted to a job upstairs and picks Lois to be the new Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Planet. She ends up killing one of Clark's stories and they have their first fight after marriage. And Superman must deal with Ethan Press, a man who wants to kill him because of Lex Luthor's death, and with the (forced) help of his brother Eric, Ethan creates a powerful weapon, and now, only the sun light can save Superman.

11. 'Twas the Night Before Mxymas


The annual Daily Planet Christmas Party is underway, and everyone but Lois is in the spirit of the season. Perry has bought a gigantic tree, Jimmy is showing off his new girlfriend, and the Kents have finished their Christmas shopping. Clark tries to get his wife to embrace the Christmas spirit but is sidetracked by a couple superhero rescues he must perform. He is on his way back to the party when he meets Mister Mxyzpltlk, a imp from the fifth dimension. Mxyzplitlk has plans for this planet and starts a time loop that soon has the whole world on the brink of chaos. Only Clark knows what is going on, and he must find a way to get Lois out of her funk so that she can help him break the time loop and restore hope on this Christmas Eve.

12. Lethal Weapon


While playing strip poker, Clark leaves to answer a bank alarm, but upon arrival, a man exposes him to red kryptonite and he burrows 50 feet under the pavement. After two more exposures at two more robberies, his powers become increasingly stronger and when he accidentally hurts Lois, he stays away from her. Superman goes to Dr. Klein to find out why his powers have gone into overdrive, and Dr. Klein encourages him to look inward and relax, instead of acting on his anger. Perry's son, Jerry, is out of prison and has been showering Perry with gifts from the money he has made by being paid to mess Superman up with red kryptonite. Jimmy and Jerry are each jealous of the other's relationship with Perry, and Jimmy investigates Jerry's possible involvement in the robberies. He gives the information to Lois, who warns him to tread carefully with his circumstantial evidence, but when she follows Jerry, she sees him get paid for a job. Mr. Gadget and his son are planning to level every building

13. Sex, Lies and Videotape


Randy Goode, philanthropist and owner of a tabloid, is jealous when Superman wins the International Peace Prize, and he vows to ruin Superman's reputation. He sends Samantha, a reporter to find incriminating dirt on Superman and when she sees that he and Lois get awfully close during an interview, she decides to investigate further. She snaps pictures of Lois and *Superman* kissing in a hotel room. The film is ruined, but she fakes the photo and prints the story anyway, resulting in a huge media scandal. Two Middle Eastern countries are primed for nuclear war, and Superman is mediating their peace talks. The media scandal discredits Superman and the warring countries decide to stop the peace talks because they don't trust his advise anymore. When the peace talks fail, Clark decides that the only way to regain the world's trust is to tell the world that Clark Kent is Superman. Lois, with Jimmy's help, tracks down the photo lab that faked the photo and connects Mr. Goode to the lab, but

14. Meet John Doe (1)


Tempus escapes from a home for the criminally insane and with a new technology from the future he plants subliminal messages into the minds of the people saying that ""John Doe is a darn nice guy"". In truth, John Doe is Tempus, and now with this fake identity, he is running for presidency of the United States. There are only a few people who doesn't believe him: non-users of telephone, and Lois and Clark, but he will do everything to solve this problem, including banish Superman into a time window.

15. Lois and Clarks (2)


Lois needs to find a way to bring Clark back to this world, and she will count with the help of H.G. Wells and the Clark from the alternate world, but they need to act quickly, or the real Clark will disappear in time, forever.

16. AKA Superman


Penny Barnes, a young woman obsessed with Superman discovers that he is Jimmy Olsen! Seduced by her beauty, Jimmy ends up not telling her the truth, and when her boss thinks that she is Superman's girlfriend, he kidnaps her and forces Superman to reactivate ""the annihilator,"" a deadly weapon the government had scrapped before it was completely built.

17. Faster than a Speeding Vixen (1)


The Daily Planet is purchased by Leslie Luckabee, a misterious young man from Australia, and at the same time, a super-powered woman named Vixen arrives in Metropolis to fight against the crime, but instead of give the criminals to the police, she kills them. In truth, Leslie Luckabee is Lex Luthor's son and with the help of the Troll/Mr. Smith, he's using Vixen to kill those who bought his father's companies.

18. Shadow of a Doubt (2)


Leslie attempts to cause a fight in Lois and Clark's wedding by making a play for Lois, and it works. A shadow-murderer is killing the creators of Vixen, and when this guy discovers that there is no antidote to set him free from the shadows, he tries to kill Lois, because she is the woman that Leslie doesn't want to hurt. Superman talks to Dr.Klein about the his compatibility with an Earth woman. When Superman destroys the shadow-man and makes up with Lois, they realize that Leslie is son of Lex Luthor, while that, Leslie and the troll discover Superman's true identity.

19. Voice from the Past (3)


Lois and Clark are investigating Leslie Luckaby and Lex Luthor Jr.'s pasts, while Leslie Luckaby and The Man in the Sewer are plotting to make Superman a Lex Corp employee and force Lois to marry Leslie. The villains detonate a bomb in a Lex Corp building and Superman finds the trigger that a signal was sent to. He gives it to Dr. Klein to work on, while Superman continues to be tested for his ability to have children. The Man in the Sewer reveals that he is Lex Luthor Jr. and Leslie has merely been hired as an actor. Leslie doesn't want to be ordered around and threats between the two villains escalate the tension. Leslie tells Lois that he is really Lex Luthor Jr. and he later announces it at a press conference. Lex Luthor Jr. uses an electronic device to see and hear everything that Lois does, as well as speak into her mind and inflict pain on her. When Leslie strays from the script that Lex set up for him, Lex uses the device to manipulate Lois into leaving Clark and running away w

20. I've Got You Under My Skin


In a attempt to escape from a mob, Woody Samms uses a mystical stone to exchange his body with Clark's, and Clark goes to his body. While Clark tries to find out what is happening, Woody decides to stay with Clark's body, because obviously, he found out that Clark is Superman. And this time Clark will need to convince Lois that he is in another body and needs her help to get back to his.

21. Toy Story


The Toyman is kidnapping children from orphanages, and taking them to what he believes to be ""a better place to live"". He also kidnaps Dr.Klein because he needs his help to create a new machine called ""the reintegrator"" to help to kidnap the children of his former employers. Lois accidentally touches a toy with the reintegrator effects and ends up in the Toyman secret place. She and Dr.Klein are now in danger and can only be saved by Superman, but first, he needs to find where Lois and Klein are. Alice and Perry get back together.

22. The Family Hour


Lois and Clark receive a special delivery : a baby cradle sent by Martha. She had decided to send it because of the conversation she had with Lois before (in Toy Story). While that, Dr. ""Fat Head"" Mensa is released from the prison, and now he has a big head and the power of realize things by his thoughts, then he kills a guard and an old ""friend"". Unfortunately, Clark arrives in the Daily Planet and tells Lois that they can't have children. After she cries, she decides to ask help for her father, and they tell him Clark's secret. Another old ""friend"" from Dr.Mensa is Misha, Sam's research assistant, but when Misha tells Mensa that he is developing a weapon which will allow him to bend everyone's will to his own, Mensa decides not to kill him. When Mensa leaves Sam and Misha's office, Misha is desperate because he lied about the weapon, and then he tries to find out what Sam is doing, but Sam doesn't tell him. The adoption counselor tells Lois and Clark that they cannot adopt a child.