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Image V.I.P.


Release Date 2002-05-18
Runtime 45 minutes
Genres Action & Adventure, Comedy, Crime
Stars Pamela Anderson, Molly Culver, Shaun Baker, Natalie Raitano, Leah Lail
Directors Frankie Blue, Morgan Gendel, J.F. Lawton

While attending a Hollywood premiere with a famous action star, a crazed fan pulls a gun—but her movie hunk turns into a coward, and it's Vallery who becomes the hero. Suddenly, she's thrown into a world of action and danger as owner of a Hollywood protection agency, Vallery Irons Protection (V.I.P.), taking risks to protect others at a price few are willing to pay.

1. 21 Val Street


When Relic goes missing from Foam V.I.P. decide to check it out and they discover that he's taking college classes. Val goes to talk to him but he acts as though he doesn't know until she saves him from an assassin. He tells her that he's working undercover trying to uncover a bookmaking operation. She offers V.I.P.'s services since she probably led the assassin to him and V.I.P. go undercover as members of the faculty. Kay goes undercover as a student and is the butt of a practical joke by a sorority sister.

2. Chasing Anna


Quick and Johnny are both dating the woman they're supposed to be protecting. When they find out they decide to keep it strictly business until she's no longer a client. They, along with her, later discover that she's a princess and the rightful heir to the throne of some European country and that her parents were murdered by a member of the secret police. She decides to return home and asks Quick if it's okay if Johnny takes her to the airport, she then asks Johnny if it's okay if Quick takes her to the airport.Once Quick and Johnny are gone she heads over to kill the man who murdered her parents and almost gets killed herself if it wasn't for Nikki who had to take her driving test all over again.

3. Holy Val


V.I.P. are hired to protect an ancient spiritual artifact only to discover that it contains a bomb and that there's plans to steal it.

4. Millennium Man


V.I.P. wages war on a rival bodyguard agency when the head of that agency starts using a dangerous drug with deadly side effects to give his men superhuman strenght and abilities.

5. South By Southwest


Pro wrestler Tyler Mane hires V.I.P. to protect him or rather protect all those macho type guys, who think they can take him in a fight, from him but then he really needs their help when he's mistaken by a militia for a fictional agent named Kessler and he's targeted for death.

6. Valzheimer's


An amnesia victim asks for Val's help but he can't remember why he needs it. As he slowly regains his memory he remembers having seen something he shouldn't have seen and that Nikki's life is in danger.

7. The Uncle From V.A.L.


Val's uncle Ned stumbles upon a plan by an Iniut woman to sell the Iniut's land right from under them so he comes to Los Angeles and gets V.I.P.'s help to stop her.

8. Pen Pal Val


A crooked D.A. tries to save his reputation by sending an innocent man, a man he framed, back to prison.

9. Kayus Ex Machina


Kay becomes the target of a rogue CIA agent when she accidently downloads assassination plans from the employee bios section of a website.

10. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Val


Johnny's return to action films marks the return of his old Tong enemies who wish to make good on their threat to kill him but when one of the Tong's daughter's is kidnapped he strikes a deal with Johnny to let him live if he can return his daughter alive. Along with V.I.P.'s help they return the daughter save and sound but the Tong lied and attempt to shoot Johnny but he fakes his death so they'll leave him alone believing he is dead.

11. Saving Private Irons


Nikki's old drill sergeant needs V.I.P.'s help when explosives are stolen. Quick and Johnny help Relic out on a case.

12. Diagnosis Val


V.I.P. are called in to work undercover at a hospital when two patients die under mysterious circumstances after being admitted and recovering from botulism poisoning.

13. Val Cubed


V.I.P. are asked by the EPA to transport a dangerous biological entity but problems arise when Joan Archer, Val's evil twin, escapes from prison and impersonates her once again.

14. The K-Files


Val is convinced that Kay was abducted by aliens on the eve of the Rubicon summit.

15. 48½ Hours


Lucy Stanton, a convict, is released into V.I.P.'s custody on condition that she help them capture Nero, a jewel thief that V.I.P. has gone up against before.

16. Dude, Where's My Party?


Val and Maxine go undercover as anarchists to help the FBI arrest a group of anarchists and they accidently get Erik Estrada mistaken for one of them.

17. Kiss The Val


Carl Merrick, the man who killed Nikki's father, is back after escaping from prison and this time he plans to destroy a space shuttle on its way back to earth after having fixed a satellite in space.

18. Miss Con-Jeanie-Ality


When a crew guy is killed while setting up the Miss All-Organic beauty pageant V.I.P. are called in to make sure it doesn't happen again. They go in undercover and discover that an international assassin is responsible for the murder.

19. Sunshine Girls


After bringing the key witness in a hit man's trial to a safehouse Val and Tasha are captured and injected with a hypno drug. When they wake up they are told that they've been out for forty years and that it's now 2042.

20. True Val Story


21. Val Who Cried Wolf


V.I.P. are hired to protect a Jim Carrey like comedian after he receives several death threats. The death threats they discover come from an old friend of the comedian's who claims he invented the character that made the comedian famous.

22. Valley Wonka


When the owner of a famous chocolate company dies she leaves half of the family recipe for making chocolate to her son and the other half to her daughter. The brother, who owes money, tries to get his sister's half of the recipe but when she refuses to give it to him he disguises himself as her and almost tricks Quick into giving him her half of the recipe.