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Image The Equalizer

The Equalizer

Release Date 1989-08-24
Runtime 48 minutes
Genres Action & Adventure, Crime, Drama
Stars Edward Woodward
Directors JoAnn M. Laub, Rick Butler, James Duff McAdams, Marc Laub, Lois Planco

Robert McCall is a former agent of a secret government agency who is now running his own private crime fighting operation where he fashions himself as "The Equalizer." It is a service for victims of the system who have exhausted all possible means of seeking justice and have nowhere to go. McCall promises to even out the odds for them.

1. The Last Campaign


The aide to an ambitious candidate for state senator discovers that her boss is blackmailing the incumbent into endorsing his candidacy.

2. Sea of Fire


A desperate high school principal calls on McCall for help in combating the gang responsible for the rape of a girl in the school gymnasium.

3. Riding the Elephant


McCall helps a Thai boxer and his girl friend extricate themselves from the clutches of a racketeer with old connections to McCall's former employers.

4. Eighteen With a Bullet


McCall and Mickey try to help a young rock singer escape from her greedy, immoral manager.

5. The Day of the Covenant


Scott learns first hand about the anti-apartheid movement when his girl friend becomes the target of a zealous Afrikaner who believes she's a terrorist.

6. Splinters


Mickey Kostmayer is captured when a Company operation fails, and he's turned against McCall using drugs and torture.

7. The Making of a Martyr


A gun control advocate whose husband was crippled by a stray bullet seeks McCall's help when she receives threatening phone calls.

8. The Sins of the Father


McCall reluctantly agrees to help the wife of a mobster find her kidnapped son, who's a pawn in a game of revenge against his father.

9. The Visitation


McCall's reunion with a former lover is interrupted when her medical skills are needed to deal with a deadly virus being carried by a pair of thugs responsible for killing an international arms dealer.

10. Past Imperfect


An international crime cartel tries to use a man's estranged son against him when the man refuses to honor their wishes.

11. Trial By Ordeal


McCall becomes the defense counsel when a Company tribunal on charges of treason tries Control.

12. Silent Fury


McCall tries to help a young woman who is one of the victims of a series of robberies directed against the deaf community.

13. Lullaby of Darkness


McCall tries to help a woman and her daughter escape from her abusive husband.

14. 17 Zebra


McCall investigates when a mission worker tells him about several winos who have died from heart attacks enroute to the hospital in paramedic ambulances.

15. Starfire


McCall tries to help a girl and her friend, a confused man who claims to an extraterrestrial being hunted by killers.

16. Time Present, Time Past


Scott is kidnapped along with a former Bulgarian agent McCall helped to defect ten years earlier, and later undergoes his baptism into his father's world when he accompanies a team trying to rescue the man.

17. Prisoners of Conscience


McCall's search for a kidnapped Chilean poet gets very intense when he learns the kidnapper killed his father many years ago.

18. The Caper


A cleaning woman works at cross-purposes to McCall as she tries to solve a murder she witnessed.

19. Heart of Justice


A bitter man tries to get revenge on the men who brutalized his wife but he calls McCall when someone else gets them first.

20. Race Traitors


McCall answers a call for help from Kostmayer's old neighborhood, where a racist group is harassing a black family.

21. Endgame


McCall helps two sisters whom are the victims of a revenge that has been plotted by a master strategy game player.

22. Suicide Squad


McCall comes to the aid of a college student who's lost his athletic scholarship and fears disappointing his parents, and turns to drug dealing as a way to make the big money they expect.