Image The Spectacular Spider-Man

The Spectacular Spider-Man

Release Date 2009-11-18
Runtime 22 minutes
Genres Action & Adventure, Animation
Stars Josh Keaton
Directors Stan Lee, Craig Kyle, Joshua Fine, Eric S. Rollman, Kristopher Carter

Having spent the summer engaging common criminals with his new-found powers, not so typical 16-year-old Peter Parker must conceal his secret identity and battle super-villains in the real world as he enters his junior year of high school.

1. Blueprints


Peter's "to do" list includes talking to Gwen Stacy about their first kiss. But before he gets a chance, Spider-Man has a run-in with Mysterio.

2. Destructive Testing


Both Liz Allan and Gwen like Peter. Whom should he pursue? Meanwhile, Kraven the Hunter has come to New York City to make Spider-Man his prey.

3. Reinforcement


As Christmas approaches, the Sinister Six reconstitutes with Sandman, Rhino, Vulture, Electro and new members Mysterio and Kraven.

4. Shear Strength


With the Master Planner and his henchmen planning to take over the world, a highly motivated Spider-Man takes the fight to the Planner's secret lair.

5. First Steps


Amazingly, Peter is invited to Flash Thompson's birthday bash. Meanwhile, Spider-Man has to party with Sandman, who's looking to make his big score.

6. Growing Pains


After alien spores infect John Jameson -- increasing his size, strength and mass -- his dad persuades him to become a superhero to capture Spider-Man.

7. Identity Crisis


Peter and his loved ones become vulnerable to all of Spider-Man's enemies when Venom exposes Peter's secret identity.

8. Accomplices


A gang war looms as Silver Sable, Hammerhead and Doctor Octopus vie for a prize that could change the balance of power in New York City's underworld.

9. Probable Cause


Some days, Peter just can't win -- especially when he ends up on a Midtown High police car ride... and as Spider-Man, he isn't faring any better.

10. Gangland


On Valentine's Day, Tombstone, Doctor Octopus and Silvermane call a summit that erupts into a gang war -- one that only Spider-Man can stop.

11. Subtext


When the Green Goblin blackmails Liz's brother Mark into doing his bidding, neither Liz, Mary Jane nor Spider-Man may be able to save him.

12. Opening Night


To test a new Ryker's security cell, Spider-Man volunteers to try to escape. But the Green Goblin traps him inside amid a sea of felons he put away.

13. Final Curtain


When Peter breaks up with Liz to be with Gwen, nothing goes as planned. Likewise for Spider-Man, who finally unmasks the Green Goblin.