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Image Scarecrow and Mrs. King

Scarecrow and Mrs. King

Release Date 1987-05-28
Runtime 60 minutes
Genres Action & Adventure, Drama
Stars Kate Jackson, Bruce Boxleitner, Beverly Garland, Mel Stewart, Martha Smith

Scarecrow and Mrs. King is an American television series that aired from October 3, 1983, to May 28, 1987 on CBS. The show stars Kate Jackson and Bruce Boxleitner as divorced housewife Amanda King and top-level "Agency" operative Lee Stetson who begin a strange association, and eventual romance, after encountering one another in a train station.

1. Stemwinder (1)


The Agency suspects Lee and Amanda of selling out after a vindictive KGB agent traps them in a sting operation.

2. Stemwinder (2)


Suspected of selling out to the Soviets, Lee and Amanda go into hiding after learning Lee is the target of an Agency D-1 manhunt.

3. Unfinished Business


CIA files indicate that Lee's parents were double agents and link the past with a current plot to assassinate a dignitary.

4. No Thanks for the Memory


A frightened Soviet Agent is found hiding in Amanda's yard, claiming that the KGB smuggled him into the U.S. to help knock out America's strategic-command system.

5. It's in the Water


The Agency and a terrorist seek a chemist, who once worked with Amanda on ecology issues.

6. Night Crawler


Lee's attempt to make long-range plans with Amanda is interrupted when she is taken hostage by an Arab terrorist, who wants to trade her to the Libyans.

7. Billy's Lost Weekend


Lee and Amanda help Billy retrace his steps to remember details of a lost weekend during which he may have compromised agents working in Africa.

8. Photo Finish


A spy starts a smear campaign against Amanda, who's suspended, after a background check reveals that she was once involved in anti-American demonstrations.

9. The Man Who Died Twice


Lee's top Vietnamese contact fakes his own death to protect his family and prevent a terrorist bloodbath. Lee and Amanda have second thoughts about how their marriage would affect her family.

10. Need to Know


Lee investigates corruption at a newspaper whose publisher has apparent ties to a Romanian agent and apparent interest in U.S. strategic materials.

11. Santa's Got a Brand New Bag


Just before Christmas, a distinguished ex-toy designer gives Lee a tip on a toy factory that's a front for sophisticated weapons development.

12. Any Number Can Play


Evidence turns up that Dotty's new sweetheart is posing as a CIA agent caught in a blackmail scheme.

13. Promises to Keep


The DEA provides evidence that the man connected to a drug kingpin is Lee's friend T.P. Aquinas

14. Rumors of My Death


A skeleton with Lee's identification is found in a construction site, grounding the Agent when a copy of his high security passport goes up on the black market.

15. Bad Timing


The Soviets inject Lee with a virus that leaves him only 72 hours to live.

16. Do You Take This Spy?


Before departing for their secret wedding ceremony, Lee and Amanda have to wrap up a case that involved an art theft and murder. They race to wrap up the case in order to be on time for the wedding ceremony.

17. Mission of Gold


Amanda is shot while on her honeymoon. Lee tracks down the shooter as he helps a retired marine archaeologist prove that doubloons salvaged from an 18th century Spanish ship are counterfeit.

18. One Flew East


Lee and Amanda trail a retired right-wing agent connected to the kidnapping of an outspoken poet and antinuclear activist.

19. All That Glitters


A security breach may be tied to a jewel collection, so Lee is assigned to "get next to" the jewels' current owner---an old flame.

20. Suitable for Framing


Lee and Francine are stripped of their Agency credentials after passing top-secret documents to a youth, who turns out to be a Soviet spy

21. A Matter of Choice


Lee is consumed with capturing an old nemesis who killed two of Lee's top contacts and now plots to sell Stealth radar plans to Tehran.

22. The Khrushchev List


Lee suspects that retired Agency founder Harry Thornton (Howard Duff) and former Soviet Embassy courier Christina Golitsyn (Barbara Bain) are on an impossible mission: to obtain Khrushchev's spy list implicating American Government officials.