Image Running Man

Running Man

Release Date 2022-11-27
Runtime 85 minutes
Genres Comedy, Reality
Stars Yoo Jae-suk, Jee Seok-jin, Kim Jong-kook, Haha, Song Ji-hyo
Directors Park So Hyun, Choi Yoon-sang, Sung Gyu, Park Yong-Woo, Lee Hwan-jin

These days, variety entertainment is gradually disappearing. It is one of Korea's representative variety entertainment shows that has been in charge of Sunday evenings for over 10 years. In this program, many stars and members play games and missions together. It is characterized by going around several places. In particular, this program focuses solely on laughter among the many fun elements of entertainment. Open your eyes! Big fun enters! Open your mouth! A big smile enters! Open your mind! Instructive lesson enters!

1. Times Square Mall


Landmark: Times Square Mall, Seoul Guests: Lee Hyo-ri, Hwang Jung-eum

2. Suwon World Cup Stadium (1)


Landmark: Suwon World Cup Stadium, Suwon Guests: Lee Chun-hee, Goo Ha-ra

3. Suwon World Cup Stadium (2)


Landmark: Suwon World Cup Stadium, Suwon Guests: Song Ji-hyo

4. Gwacheon National Science Museum (1)


Landmark: Gwacheon National Science Museum, Gwacheon, Gyeonggi-do Guests: Nichkhun (2PM), Jessica Jung (Girls' Generation)

5. Gwacheon National Science Museum (2)


Landmark: Gwacheon National Science Museum, Gwancheon, Gyeonggi-do Guests: Nichkhun (2PM), Jessica Jung (Girls' Generation)

6. N Seoul Tower


Landmark: N Seoul Tower Guests: Se7en, Kim Shin-young, Son Dam-bi

7. Sejong Center for the Performing Arts


Landmark: Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, Seoul Guests: Jo Kwon (2AM), Jung Yong-hwa (CN Blue), Hahm Eun-jeong (T-ara)

8. Seoul Museum of History and Gyeonghui Palace


Landmarks: Seoul Museum of History and Gyeonghui Palace, Seoul Guests: Lee Joon, Park Jun-gyu, Victoria Song (f(x))

9. Lotte World


Landmark: Lotte World, Seoul Guests: Lee Hong-ki (FT Island), Kim Soo-ro, Shin Bong-sun

10. National Museum of Contemporary Art


Landmark: National Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwacheon, Gyeonggi-do Guests: Cha Tae-hyun, Yoon Se-ah

11. Seoul Central Post Office


Landmark: Seoul Central Post Office, Seoul Guests: Jung Yong-hwa (CN Blue), Kim Je-dong

12. Seoul Design Fair


Landmark: Seoul Design Fair, Seoul Olympic Stadium

13. SBS Broadcasting Center


Landmark: SBS Broadcasting Center, Seoul Guests: Jang Dong-min, Lizzy (After School)

14. Boramae Safety Experience Center


Landmark: Boramae Safety Experience Center, Seoul Guests: Lizzy (After School)

15. Seoul Metro Subway Yard


Landmark: Seoul Metro Subway Yard, Goyang, Gyeonggi-do Guests: Kim Kwang-kyu, Tony An

16. I'Park Mall


Landmark: I'Park Mall, Seoul Guests: Kwon Yuri (Girls' Generation)

17. Hanyang Women's University


Landmark: Hanyang Women's University, Seoul Guests: Jung Yong-hwa (CN Blue), Ko Joo-won

18. Running Man Cruise Special


Landmark: Busan International Cruise Ship, Gwangan Bridge, Busan

19. Running Man Cooking Competition


Landmark: Namsangol Hanok Village, Seoul Guest: Nichkhun (2PM)

20. Korea Meteorological Administration


Landmark: Korea Meteorological Administration, Seoul Guest: Kim Hee-chul (Super Junior)

21. KTX Race


Landmark: Gwangmyeong Station, Gwangmyeong, Gyeonggi-do Guest: Kim Je-dong

22. Christmas Special


Landmark: Lotte Mart, Seoul Guests: Choi Si-won (Super Junior), Kim Min-jong

23. 2018 Pyeonchang Winter Olympics Candidate City Special


Landmark: Alpensia Ski Resort, Pyeongchang, Gangwon-do Guests: Shim Hyung-rae

24. Men vs Women


Landmark: Xi Wi City, Goyang, Gyeonggi-do Guests: Lee Kyung-sil, Song Eun-yi

25. Museum Comics Information Center


Landmark: Museum Comics Information Center, Bucheon, Gyeonggi-do Guest: Park Bo-young

26. Nakwon Instruments Shopping Center


Landmark: Nakwon Instruments Shopping Center, Seoul Guests: Jung Jin-young, Lee Moon-sik

27. Phantom of the Opera


Landmark: Seoul Arts Center, Seoul Guests: Max Changmin, U-Know Yunho (both of TVXQ)

28. The Strongest Guest


Landmark: Ansung Natural Resort, Ansung, Gyeonggi-do Guest: Kim Byung-man

29. Running Man Membership Training


Landmark: COEX Aquarium, Seoul

30. 1 vs 8


Landmark: National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts, Seoul Guests: Seung-ri (Big Bang)

31. Running Man Summer Special


Landmark: Alpensia Ocean 700 Water Park, Pyeongchang, Gangwon-do Guests: Hyun Young

32. Woongjin Think Big Office


Landmark: Woongjin Think Big Office, Paju, Gyeonggi-do Guests: Kim Kwang-kyu, Tony An

33. City Chase


Landmark: Incheon International Airport, Incheon, and all over Seoul Guest: Oh Ji-ho

34. Hongdae


Landmark: Hongkik University area (Hongdae), Seoul Guests: Park Jun-gyu, Uee (After School)

35. Camping King (1)


Landmark: Nanji Camp, Seoul Guests: Daesung (Big Bang), Jung Yong-hwa (CN Blue)

36. Camping King (2)


Landmark: Nanji Camp, Seoul Guests: Daesung (Big Bang), Jung Yong-hwa (CN Blue)

37. Shopping Mall Race


Landmark: Metapolis, Hwaseong, Gyeonggi-do Guest: Park Ye-jin

38. Usual Suspects in Running Man


Landmark: Seoul Medical Center

39. Black Generation


Landmark: Seoul Folk Flea Market Guests: Sunny, Im Yoona (both of Girls' Generation)

40. Beasts vs Running Man


Landmark: Petite France, Gapyeong, Gyeonggi-do Guests: Nichkhun, Ok Taecyeon (both of 2PM)

41. Park Joong-hoon vs Lee Sun-gyun


Landmark: National Digital Library of Korea, Seoul Guests: Lee Sun-gyun, Park Joong-hoon

42. Survival Series


Landmark: SBS Tanhyeon-dong Production Center, Goyang, Gyeonggi-do

43. Crossing Race


Landmark: Daegu Stadium, Daegu Guests: IU, Shin Bong-sun

44. 48-Hour Race (1)


Landmark: Cheil Worldwide Building, Seoul Guest: Jang Hyuk

45. 48-Hour Race (2)


Landmark: Cheil Worldwide Building, Seoul Guest: Jang Hyuk

46. The Spy (1)


Landmark: Kyobo Book Centre, Seoul Guests: Kim Hyun-joong

47. The Spy (2)


Landmark: Kyobo Book Centre, Seoul Guests: Kim Hyun-joong

48. Find the Lost Uigwe


Landmark: National Museum of Korea, Seoul

49. Bodyguard of Running Man


Landmark: Dream Forest, Seoul Guests: Goo Ha-ra (Kara), Noh Sa-yeon

50. Thailand (1)


Landmark: Bangkok, Thailand Guests: Kim Min-jung, Nichkhun (2PM)

51. Thailand (2)


Landmark: Pattaya Floating Market, Pattaya, Thailand Guests: Kim Min-jung, Nichkhun (2PM)

52. Running Man Hunter (1)


Landmark: Gyeongju World, Gyeongju, Gyeongsangbuk-do Guests: Choi Min-soo, Yoon So-yi

53. Running Man Hunter (2)


Landmark: Blue One Resort, Gyeongju, Gyeongsanbuk-do Guests: Choi Min-soo, Yoon So-yi

54. Protect The Boss


Landmark: 63 Building, Seoul Guests: Choi Kang-hee, Ji Sung

55. Running Man High School Girls Special (1)


Landmark: Wootdali Culture Village, Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi-do Guests: Park Ji-yeon (T-ara), Luna (f(x)), Sulli (f(x)), Bae Suzy (Miss A)

56. Running Man High School Girls Special (2)


Landmark: Wootdali Culture Village, Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi-do Guests: Ahn Mun-sook, Kim Sook, Shin Bong-sun, Yang Jung-ah

57. Running Man Jeju-do Special (1)


Landmark: International Convention Center, Jeju-do Guests: Cha Tae-hyun, Shin Se-kyung

58. Running Man Jeju-do Special (2)


Landmark: Seopijkoji, Jeju-do Guests: Cha Tae-hyun, Shin Se-kyung

59. Running Man Hip-Hop Special


Landmark: Old Seoul Station Guests: Choiza (Dynamic Duo), Gaeko (Dynamic Duo), Simon Dominic, Tiger JK, Yoon Mi-rae

60. The Tru-Gary Show


Landmark: D-Cube City, Seoul

61. Dragon of Running Man (1)


Landmark: Great Wall of China Guests: Kang Ji-young (Kara), Kim Ju-hyuk, Lee Yeon-hee

62. Dragon of Running Man (2)


Landmark: Huairou Movie & TV Industry Zone, Beijing, China Guests: Kang Ji-young (Kara), Kim Ju-hyuk, Lee Yeon-hee

63. Running Man Couple Race (1)


Landmark: Goyang Stadium, Goyang, Gyeonggi-do Guests: Hyoyeon, Jessica Jung, Seohyun, Kim Tae-yeon, Im Yoona, Kwon Yuri (all of Girls' Generation)

64. Running Man Couple Race (2)


Landmark: Paju English Village, Paju, Gyeonggi-do Guests: Hyoyeon, Jessica Jung, Seohyun, Kim Tae-yeon, Im Yoona, Kwon Yuri (all of Girls' Generation)

65. Find Agent K


Landmark: Baekje Military Museum, Nonsan, Chungcheongnam-do Guests: Kim Joo-hyuk, Kim Sun-ah, Song Joong-ki

66. Capture the Nation's Heart


Lanmark: Hangang Park and all over Seoul Guests: Kim Joo-hyuk, Kim Sun-ah, Song Joong-ki

67. The Brass Coin's Secret


Landmark: Gungpyeong Village, Hwaseong, Gyeonggi-do Guests: Kim Soo-ro, Park Ye-jin

68. Double Spy


Episode 68 Landmark: Canal Walk Guests: "Kim Soo-ro," Park Ye-jin Original Airdate(s): 11/13/2011

69. Grasshopper Hunting


Episode 69 Landmark: Incheon Culture & Arts Center Guests: Choi Min-soo Original Airdate(s): 11/20/2011

70. KT Building


Episode 70 Landmark: KT Building Guests: "Lee Min-ki," "Park Chul-min," Son Ye-jin Original Airdate(s): 11/27/2011

71. Gyeonghui Palace


Episode 71 Landmark: Gyeonghui Palace Guests: "Jo Hye-ryun," Oh Yeon-su Original Airdate(s): 12/4/2011

72. Hong Kong


Episode 72 Landmark: Hong Kong Guests: Jung Yong-hwa (CN Blue), Lee Min-jung Original Airdate(s): 12/11/2011

73. Hong Kong


Episode 73 Landmark: Hong Kong Guests: Jung Yong-hwa (CN Blue), Lee Min-jung Original Airdate(s): 12/18/2011



Episode 74 Landmark: KINTEX Guests: No Guests Original Airdate(s): 12/25/2011

75. Paris Park


Episode 75 Landmark: Paris Park Guests: Choi Si-won (Super Junior), Hyorin (Sistar), Minho (Shinee), Sohee (Wonder Girls), Sulli (f(x)) Original Airdate(s): 1/1/2012

76. Yeosu City Hall


Episode 76 Landmark: Yeosu City Hall Ji Jin-hee, Joo Sang-wook, Kim Sung-soo, Lee Chun-hee Original Airdate(s): 1/8/2012

77. Hahwa Island


Hahwa Island IU, Ji Jin-hee, Joo Sang-wook, Kim Sung-soo, Lee Chun-hee Aired: January 15, 2012

78. Lotte Mall


Lotte Mall Hong Soo-hyun, Lee Beom-soo Aired: 01/22/2012

79. Orient Cruise Ship


Orient Cruise Ship Kim Je-dong, Yoon Do-hyun[86] Aired: 01/29/12

80. Paradise Hotel


Paradise Hotel Go Ah-ra, Hyo-min (T-ara), Im Soo-hyang[87] Aired 02/05/12

81. Songdo Convensia


Songdo Convensia No guests Aired: 02/16/12

82. Shinsegae Department store


The greatest spy game in Running Man History is about to begin! Guest starring, Lee Da Hae (actress), the Running Man cast have some fun team missions before moving onto a huge venue for the anticipated final stage. Playing a spy game as unpredictable as the guest star, what new levels of difficulty will transpire today?

83. Nurimaru APEC House


This episode is entitled "Find the Package!" With the return of previous episode's Lee Da Hye (actress) and past guest strong man Oh Ji Ho (actor), this episode promises many nice surprises! The landmark for this episode being in the southern city of Busan, let the team selection and challenges begin!

84. Seodaemun Museum of Natural History


Dae-sung, G-Dragon, Seung-ri, Tae-yang, T.O.P (Big Bang)[90]

85. Cheil Industries Fashion Division


Dae-sung, G-Dragon, Seung-ri, Tae-yang, T.O.P (Big Bang)

86. Gwanghwamun Square


Gaeko (Dynamic Duo), Ha Ji-won

87. Korea Job World


Han Ga-in

88. The Shilla Jeju


BoA, Jung Jae-hyung

89. Ilchulland


BoA, Jung Jae-hyung

90. Cheorwon-gun


Lee Deok-hwa, Park Jun-gyu, Park Sang-myun

91. SUNY Korea


No Guests

92. Muui Island


Chun Jung-myung, Park Jin-young

93. Non-Stop Survival Race


Running Man First Non-Stop Survival Race

94. Wedding Race


Yu Jae-suk & Han Seung-yeon Gary & Krystal Ha-ha & Suzy Kim Jong-kook & HyunA Lee Kwang-su & Park Gyu-ri Ji Suk-jin & Song Ji-hyo

95. Find Park Ji-Sung


G.O, Lee Joon, Seung-ho, Thunder (MBLAQ), Bora, Dasom, Hyorin, Soyu (Sistar)[98]

96. Park Ji-Sung vs. Running Man: Superpower Soccer


Park Ji-sung, IU, Jong Tae-se

97. Park Ji-Sung Reward Race


Park Ji-sung, IU, Jong Tae-se

98. Mystery Zombie Race


No guests

99. The Three Kingdoms


Im Ho, Lee Tae-gon[102]

100. 100th Episode Special: Battle of the Gods


Kim Hee-sun

101. Korea Institute of Science and Technology


Kim Bum-soo, Yoon Do-hyun, Yoon Jong-shin

102. SBS Tanhyeon-dong Production Center


Kim Soo-hyun

103. Beauty and the beast


Guests: Noh Sa-yeon, Shin Se-kyung, Yoo Jun-sang Landmark: S-Oil Building (Gongdeok-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul)

104. Running Olympics


Guests: Eun-hyuk (Super Junior), Ham Eun-jung (T-ara), Jung Yong-hwa (CN Blue), Lee Joon (MBLAQ), Nichkhun (2PM), Si-wan (ZE:A) and Yoon Doo-joon (Beast) Landmark: Hanseong Baekje Museum (Bangi-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul)

105. Jeju Money Game


Guest: Han Ji-min

106. Find the Real Love


Guests: Han Ji-min and Kim Je-dong

107. Trace the Abductors


Guests: Gaeko (Dynamic Duo), Jang Shin-young and Kim Sang-joong

108. Don't Walk But Date


Guests: Lee Joon (MBLAQ) and Gong Hyo Jin

109. Four Seasons Training Race


Guests: Park Tae-hwan and Son Yeon-jae

110. Target Hunting


Guests: Park Tae-hwan and Son Yeon-jae

111. Middle Aged, Busan Vacation


Guests: Go Chang-suk, Lee Jong-won, Shin Jung-gun, Son Byung-ho and Im Ha-ryong

112. Daddy And The Golden Eggs


Guests: Go Chang-suk, Lee Jong-won, Shin Jung-gun, Son Byung-ho and Taeyeon (Girls' Generation)

113. Absolute Ddak Ji


Guests: Jeon Mi-seon, Yeom Jeong-ah and Yoo Hae-jin

114. X Man VS Running Man


Guests: Moon Geun-young, (next episode: Max Chang-min and U-Know Yun-ho)

115. Incheon Landing


Guests: Moon Geun-young, Max Chang-min and U-Know Yun-ho

116. Future Ddak Ji


Guests: Ji Jin-hee, Ji Sung, Song Chang-ui, (next episode: Suzy (miss A) and Yubin (Wonder Girls))

117. Riddle Race


Guests: Ji Jin-hee, Ji Sung, Song Chang-ui, Suzy (miss A) and Yubin (Wonder Girls)

118. Running Man Hunter... The Final Hunt


Guest: Choi Min-soo

119. Superpower Baseball


Guests: Shin-Soo Choo and Ryu Hyun-Jin

120. 007 Water Sniper


Guests: Lee Seung Gi and Park Shin Hye

121. 007 Dark Evil


Guest: Lee Seung Gi, Park Shin Hye Venue: SBS Prism Tower (Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul)

122. Back To The 1980's (Time Machine)


Guest: Jung Won Gwan, Kim Tae Hyung, Lee Sang Won (Sobangcha), Goo Hara (Kara), Kang Susie, Kim Wan Sun and Park Nam Jung

123. Kimchi Making Race


Guest: Go Soo and Han Hyo Joo

124. The Man Who Became A King


Guest: Go Soo and Han Hyo Joo Venue: Jeonju University (Wansan-gu, Jeonju, Jeollabuk-do)

125. Snowball Fight Race (Christmas Special)


Guest: Jung Hyung Don, Shindong (Super Junior), Park Sang Myun, Ryu Dam and Juvie Train. Location: Konjiam Ski Resort, Gyeonggi-do.

126. Truth and Lie


Guest: Choi Ji Woo. Location: Gyeongnam Horse Racing Park, Gangseo-gu, Busan

127. War of the Zodiac Gods


Guest: Choi Ji Woo, Jung Yong Hwa, Lee Jong Hyun (CN Blue), Lee Gi Kwang (B2ST), Simon D (Supreme Team)

128. War of Money


Guest: Park Shin Yang, Uhm Ji Won

129. Running Winter Olympics


Location: Bucheon and Incheon, Gyeonggi province. Guest: Hwang Kwang Hee (ZE:A), Jung Yong Hwa, Lee Jong Hyun (CN Blue), L (Infinite), Lee Joon (MBLAQ), Choi Minho (SHINee), Sulli (f(x)).

130. Running Man Reincarnation


Location: Wangsimni Station, Seoul Metropolitan Library, Seoul New City Hall. No guest.

131. The Bounty Hunters


Location: Yongyu Train Depot, Incheon Guest: Lee Si Young and Choo Sung Hoon

132. Actors (Spy) VS Singers (Spy)


Location: Asiana Town (Gangseo-gu, Seoul) Guest: HyunA (4minute), Hwang Jung Min and Park Sung Woong.

133. The Fellowship of the Golden Sword, Part I


Location: Macau (China) Guest: Han Hye Jin, Lee Dong Wook

134. Asia Race II


Location: Keangnam Hanoi Landmark Tower (Hanoi, Vietnam) Guest(s): Han Hye-jin and Lee Dong-wook

135. Treasure Hunter


136. Legend of the Nine Swords (Asia Race Part III, Vietnam)


137. The Fools and the Princesses


138. Control of the School Flag


139. That Winter.. the Typhoon Blows


140. Find the Vaccine to Save the World


141. Animal Kingdom


142. Best Couple Race


143. Karaoke Race


144. Legendary King of Ddakji


145. Running Man VS Law of The Jungle


146. Betrayer Club Arrest Operation


147. Running Man Athletic Tournament


148. Gapyeong Gymnasium


149. The Legendary Nine Tailed Fox


150. The Avengers


151. King of the Killers Race


152. Baekje Cultural Complex


153. Korea Polar Research Institute


154. Shanghai Dream Cup 2013


155. Destiny's Pairs


156. Hangang Park


157. I hear your voice (parody)


158. Goyang Aqua Studio


159. Couple Race


160. Ranking Organization


161. Pirates of the Caribbean


162. King of Idols


163. Stealing princess Jihyo's heart


164. Great Inheritance


165. Search for the Little Girl


No guests No teams Place the picture taken with the girl in the photobook

166. The Heirs


Guests: Choi Jin-hyuk, Kim Woo-bin, and Park Shin-hye

167. The Legend of the Troublemakers


Guests: Chun Jung-myung and Kim Min-jung

168. The Wolf and the Lamb


Guests: Park Myung-soo & IU

169. Find the Key of Freedom


Guests: Joo Sang-wook & Yang Dong-geum

170. The Wizard of Oz


guests: Kim Yoo-jung, T.O.P(Big Bang) & Yoon Je-moon

171. Korean Monster


Guests: Ryu Hyun-jin & EXO

172. Ryu Hyunjin's Autumn MT


Guests: EXO, Suzy (miss A), & Ryu Hyun-jin

173. Superpower Baseball


Guests: Ryu Hyun-Jin, & Suzy (miss A)

174. The Number


Guests: Bora (Sistar), Han Hye-jin,& Lee Seung-gi

175. Escaping


Guests: Gong Yoo, & Park Hee-soon

176. Men's Popularity Race


Guests: Jang Ki-ha, Jun Hyun-moo, Kim Kwang-kyu, Lee Juck, & Muzie.

177. The Nightmare Before Christmas


Guests: Gil (Leessang), Jung-in, Dynamic Duo, Jung Eun-ji, Park Cho-rong,& Yoon Bomi (Apink)

178. Year End Special


No guests

179. New Year's Cooking Battle, Part 1


Guests: Jae-kyung (Rainbow), John Park, Kim Kyung-ho, Lee Dong-wook, Park Soo-hong, Song Kyung-ah, Sung-kyu (Infinite)

180. New Year's Cooking Battle, Part 2


Guests: Jae-kyung (Rainbow), John Park, Kim Kyung-ho, Lee Dong-wook, Park Soo-hong, Song Kyung-ah, Sung-kyu (Infinite) Guest Judges: Lee Kye-in, Raymon Kim, Shim Young-soon, Jung Da-jung, Louis Kang

181. Romeo and Juliet


Guests: Lee Jong-suk, Lee Se-young, & Park Bo-young

182. Hong Kong Fan's Race


Guests: Do-hee (Tiny-G), Si-wan (ZE:A), & Yeo Jin-goo

183. Destined Partner


Guests: Jo Min-su, Moon So-ri, & Uhm Jung-hwa

184. Winter Olympics


Guests: Seo In Guk, Baro, Kang Ye Won, Park Seo Jun, & Son Hojoon

185. You Who Came From the Running Stars


No guests

186. Seoul's Faces


Guests: CNBLUE & Shim Eun Kyung

187. Han River Crossing Race


No guests

188. Adventures in Australia


Guests: Kim Woo-bin & Rain

189. Adventures in Australia - Part II


Guests: Kim Woo-bin & Rain

190. Entertainment vs. Drama


Guests: Gong Hyung-jin, Kang Ha-neul, Kim Ji-seok, Kwon Hae-hyo, Ku Hye-sun, Lee Sang-yoon, & Seung-ri (Big Bang)

191. Adventures in Australia - Part III


Guests: Kim Woo-bin & Rain

192. Cross Country Race


Guests: Kim Dong-jun (ZE:A), Kim Jung-nan, Kim Min-jong, Lee Sang-hwa, Lim Ju-hwan, Oh Man-seok and Ryu Seung-soo

193. Mafia Game, Part 1


Guests: Kim Dong Jun (ZE:A), Kim Jung Nan, Lee Sang Hwa, Ryu Seung Su, Kim Min Jong, Im Joo Hwan and Oh Man Suk

194. Mafia Game, Part 2


Guests: Kim Dong Jun (ZE:A), Kim Jung Nan, Lee Sang Hwa, Ryu Seung Su, Kim Min Jong, Im Joo Hwan and Oh Man Suk

195. I'm MC Yoo


Guest: Jun K (2PM), Junho (2PM), Nichkhun (2PM), Chansung (2PM), Wooyoung (2PM), CL (2NE1), Bom (2NE1), Dara (2NE1), Minzy (2NE1), Jo Jung Chi (Mystic89), Muzie (Mystic89), Yoon Jong Shin (Mystic89)

196. Running Man's Time Travel


No guest.

197. National University Race: King Of Ddakdji


Guest: A-Pink

198. Absolute Love Couple Race


Guest: Choi Hee, Ha Yeon-soo, Han Hye-jin, Jin Se-yeon, Min-ah (Girl's Day), Narsha (Brown Eyed Girls), Park Seo-joon

199. Legend Meeting Another Legend


Guest: Park Ji Sung, Cha Bum Kun (Legend Football Player), Seol Ki Hyeon (Football Player), Yoon Doojoon (Beast), Yang Yoseob (Beast), Lee Gikwang (Beast), Lee Changmin (2AM), Baro (B1A4), Kim Dongjun (ZE:A), Lee Minhyuk (Btob) and Leo (VIXX)

200. Asian Dream Cup 2014 in Indonesia


Guest: Park Ji Sung

201. Running Man VS Idols (7 VS 7)


Guest: Bo-ra (Sistar), Chansung (2PM), Hoya (Infinite), Jin-young (B1A4), Kang Min-hyuk (CNBLUE), Min-ho (Shinee), Sung-kyu (Infinite)

202. Running Man Quiz Race


Guest: Baek Sung-hyun, Cha Yu-ram, Fabien, Heo Kyung-hwan, Ji Sung, Ju Ji-hoon, Sam Otswiri, Son Na-eun (A Pink), Yoon Bo-mi (A Pink)

203. One Day Tour Race


Guest: Baek Sung-hyun, Cha Yu-ram, Fabien, Heo Kyung-hwan, Ji Sung, Ju Ji-hoon, Sam Otswiri, Son Na-eun (A Pink), Yoon Bo-mi (A Pink)

204. Snow White & 7 Dwarfs


Guest: Ryu Seung-soo

205. The Best Part-Time Job


Guest: Baek Ji-young, Fei (Miss A), Hong Jin-young, Kang Seung-hyun, Lee Guk-joo

206. DIY Cooking Battle Show


Guest: Hong Seok-cheon, Joo Won

207. Ji Suk-jin and Friends


Guests: Kim Hee-chul (Super Junior), Kim Je-dong, Lee So-yeon, Nam Hee-suk, Park Soo-hong

208. Hallyu Star Battle: Suzy Miss A Vs Lee Kwang Soo


Guests: Suzy (miss A)

209. Legend VS Young Blood


Guests: Chun Myung-hoon, Danny Ahn (god), Eun Ji-won, Kai (EXO), Moon Hee-joon, Se-hun (EXO), So-you (Sistar), Tae-min (Shinee)

210. Black and White - The Life of One Game


Guests: AOA, 2PM, CN Blue, SBS, JYP Entertainment, FNC Entertainment, SK Knights Basketball

211. 1470 Amusement Park Special Part 1


Guests: Ailee, Im Seul-ong (2AM), Ji Chang-wook, Kim Tae-woo, Lee Sung-jae, Skull, Song Eun-yi

212. 1470 Amusement Park Special Part 2


Guests: Ailee, Im Seul-ong (2AM), Ji Chang-wook, Kim Tae-woo, Lee Sung-jae, Skull, Song Eun-yi

213. Its Okay That Chaebol


Guests: Choi Yeo-jin, Kim Min-seo, Lee Yoo-ri, Seo Woo, Yoo In-young

214. R-Pop Star Race


Running Man Team vs My Lovely Girls Drama Team

215. October Bride


Celebration of marriage through games and finally win lottery money.

216. Running Heroes - Heroes' Resurrection


No Guests Running Heroes Yoo Jae-suk as Yoo-perman Gary as Gae Oh Gong Haha as Ha Gil Dong Ji Suk-jin as Jitman Kim Jong-kook as Kook-verine Lee Kwang-soo as Kwang-vatar Song Ji-hyo as Wonder Blank

217. Death Bingo Race


Guests: Jo Jin-woong, Kim Sung-kyun, Oh Sang Jin.

218. Find and Chase Down The Culprit


Guests: Oh Yeon-seo, Kim Ji-hoon, Jeong Eun-ji (A Pink)

219. Actor Special: Introduction to the Variety World


Guests: Han Sang-jin, Han Ye-seul, Joo Sang-wook, Jung Gyu-woon, Wang Ji-hye

220. Best Couple Humanity


Guests: Jang Dong-min, KangNam (M.I.B.), Kim Min-kyo, Park Soo-hong, Song Jae-rim.

221. King of Events Race


Guests: Jung-in, Kim Kyung-ho, Kim Yeon-woo, Bobby Kim, Narsha (Brown Eyed Girls), Leeteuk (Super Junior), Kyuhyun (Super Junior), Hong Jin-young

222. Running Wars


No Guests Go to work without being late/Flattery Pep Rally: No teams Conclude Negotiations — Nametag ripping: Running Man Team (Yoo Jae-suk, Gary, Haha, Ji Suk-jin, Kim Jong-kook, Lee Kwang-soo, Song Ji-hyo) Foreign Trade Buyers (Brad Moore, Chris Johnson, Fabien, Greg Priester, Jake Pains, John Rosenthal, Mark Taylor)

223. Salaryman SUPER race!


Guests: Brad Moore (Busker Busker), Fabien, Jake Pains

224. Two-Faced Angels


Guests: Song GaYeon, Han Groo, Jeon So Min, Kyung SooJin, Lee SungKyung​

225. The Last Case


Guests: Kim Woo Bin, Lee Hyun Woo

226. Take Care of our Mother


Guests: Kang Hye-jung, Kim Hye-ja, Lee Chun-hee

227. The Return of the Monster


Guests: Ryu Hyun-jin, Kang Jung-ho

228. Weather Race


Guests: Lee Seung-gi, Moon Chae-won, Lee Seo-Jin

229. Making Couple Race


Guests: Lee Seung-gi, Moon Chae-won, Lee Seo-Jin

230. Flower Boys' Crush


Guests: Choi Tae-Joon, Hong Jong-Hyun, Nam Joo-Hyuk, Seo Ha-Joon, Seo Kang-Joon

231. Yoo-Ames Bond: The Successor


No guests Mission Team (Gary, Haha, Ji Suk-jin, Kim Jong-kook, Song Ji-hyo)

232. Best Friends Race - Gold or Friendship?


Guests: Hong Kyung-min, Kim Ji-soo, Kim Won-jun, Miryo (Brown Eyed Girls), Oh Hyun-kyung, Park Ji-yoon, Shin Da-eun

233. Idol Race 2015


Guests: Dongwoo (Infinite), Dongwoon (BEAST), Eric Nam, Minhyuk (BTOB), N (VIXX),Niel (Teen Top), Ryeowook (Super Junior), Sohyun (4Minute), Sojin (Girl's Day)

234. 2015 New Year Cooking Battle (1)


Guests: Fei (Miss A), Kim Sung-ryung, Shoo, Seo Woo, Taecyeon (2PM), Yoo Sun, Yeon Jung-hoon

235. 2015 New Year Cooking Battle (2)


Guests: Fei (Miss A), Kim Sung-ryung, Shoo, Seo Woo, Taecyeon (2PM), Yoo Sun, Yeon Jung-hoon

236. The Real Man Competition


Guests: Andy, Eric, Jun Jin, Kim Dong-wan, Lee Minwoo, Shin Hye-sung (Shinhwa), Dong-jun, Hee-chul, Hyung-sik, Jun-young, Kwang-hee, Tae-heon (ZE:A)

237. The Greatest Love


Guests: Hani (EXID), Jung So-min, Nam Ji-hyeon, Yerin (G-Friend),Yoon So-hee

238. Water Fairy Race


239. The Dark Night Race


Guests: Sung Si-kyung, Kim Dong-hyun

240. Protect the 20 year old big nosed Brother


Guests: Junho (2PM), Kim Woo-bin, Kang Ha-neul

241. The Secret Alumni Race


Guests: Park Ye-jin, Shin Se-kyung, Yoon Jin-seo

242. Running Man Global Mission Tour


Guests: Jung Il-Woo, Jung Yong-Hwa (CNBLUE), Lee Hong-Gi (F.T. Island)

243. The Hottest Icon Race


Guests: Hong Jong-Hyun, Jang Su-Won, Kang Kyun-Sung, Son Ho-Jun, Yoo Byung-Jae

244. Dangerous Brides


Guest: Choa (AOA), Jessi (Lucky J), Kim Yoo-ri, Jang Do-yeon, Seo Ye-ji

245. The Toy Race: Jinu and Sean of Jinusean


Guests: Park Seo-Joon and Son Hyun-Joo

246. Kidnapped Actress - The Secret of a Fake Detective


Guest: Son Hyun Joo, Park Seo Joon

247. Happy Kwang Soo Day!


No guests Mission Team (Yoo Jae-suk, Gary, Haha, Ji Suk-jin, Kim Jong-kook, Song Ji-hyo)

248. The Polar Opposites Penalty Race


Guest: Nichkhun (2PM), Henry (Super Junior-M), KangNam (M.I.B), Amber (f(x)), Park Joon Hyung (g.o.d)

249. The Blacklist of Truehouse


Guest: Kim Jun-hyun, Uee (After School)

250. Dashing Through Time


Guests: Dae-sung, G-Dragon, Seung-ri, Tae-yang, T.O.P (Big Bang)

251. Love and War


Guests: Byul, Kim So-hyun, Son Jun-ho

252. High School King


Eun Ji-won, Jay Park, Jessi (Lucky J), San E, Verbal Jint[221] Form a greater number each round with a number & an operation card to win the Card Battle

253. Love Vacation


Guests: Do Sang-woo, Hae-ryung (BESTie), Hwang Seung-eon, Irene Kim, Park Ha-na, Seo Hyun-jin, Ye-eun (CLC)

254. Welcome to the Game World


Guests: Hyo-yeon, Seo-hyun, Soo-young, Sunny, Tae-yeon, Tiffany, Yoona, Yuri (Girls' Generation)

255. The Queen of Early Summer Race


Guests: Bora and Soyu (Sistar), Seol Hyun (AOA), Bomi (A-pink), Lee Gook Joo

256. Come Over to my Place


Guests: Baek Jin-hee, Chansung, Jun. K, Junho, Nichkhun, Taecyeon, Wooyoung (2PM)

257. The Battle of Heroes Race


Guests: Hong Jin-ho, Hyun Joo-yup, Kim Yeon-kyung, Shin Soo-ji, Song Jong-gook

258. Find Your Identity: Police vs. Mafia


Guests: Hwang Jung-min, Jang Yoon-ju, Jung Man-sik

259. The Actress Casting Call Competition


Guests: Cha Ye-ryun, Lee Yo-won

260. The Million Seller Race (5th Anniversary Special Part 1)


Guests: Kim Gun-mo, Koo Jun-Yup (CLON), Lee Ha-neul (DJ DOC), Lee Jae-hoon (Cool), Park Joon-hyung (g.o.d)

261. Please, Find Me! (5th Anniversary Special Part 2)


The Million Seller Race goes on with Part 2 ! The two teams compete to gather 1 million CDs first and the finish line is getting nearer. Who will win the gold CDs ? Running Man 5th anniversary close on its last event : a fun festival and an abandoned school. Find your nametag and escape the school ! This is the Horror Special with the production crew ! Guests : Koo Jun Yup (CLON), Lee Jae Hun (Cool), Park Jun Hyung (g.o.d), Lee Ha Neul (DJ DOC), Kim Gun Mo

262. Cab Drivers' Favorite Restaurant Expedition!


Guests: Kang Sung-jin, Kim Min-kyo, Kim Su-ro, Nam Bo-ra, Park Gun-hyung

263. Beautiful Youth Race


Guests: Lee Dong Wook, Park Seo Jun, Yura.

264. The Legendary Detectives Race


Guests: Kwon Sang-woo, Sung Dong-il

265. Escape from the Desert Island


Guests: John Park, Kyuhyun (Super Junior), Rap Monster (BTS), Ye-eun (Wonder Girls)

266. Rest Stop Specialty Food Tour


Guests: Eunhyuk (Super Junior), Hong Jin-young, Lim Ju-hwan

267. Running Man Special: Consensus


No guests Complete 3 missions unanimously to escape from 24 hours confinement

268. The Legendary Couple Ring Race


Guests: Gong Seung-yeon, Joy (Red Velvet), Kim Ja-in, Park Han-byul, Park Na-rae, Stephanie (The Grace), Yoon Park

269. The Legacy


Guests: Kim Hee-won, Lee Chun-hee, Park Bo-young

270. The Mysterious Host


271. The 100 vs. 100 Race (1)


Guests: Chang Jung-koo, DJ Pumkin, Go Woo-ri (Rainbow), Heo Tae-hee, Hyun Joo-yup, Jung Tae-ho, Kim Jun-hyun, Kim Ki-bang, Kim Kwang-kyu, Kim Min-kyo, Kim Sook, Kim Won-hyo, Lee Ha-neul (DJ DOC), Lee Jung, Lee Sang-ho, Lee Sang-min, Lim Hyung-joon, Lim Ju-hwan, M.TySON, Ma Ah-sung, Mino (Free Style), Oh Jung-suk, Park Geun-sik, Park Joon-hyung (g.o.d), Park Na-rae, Sam Hammington, Seulong (2AM), Shim Hyung-tak, Superbee, Uee (After School), Wax, Yang Sang-gook, Yoon Park, Young-jun (Brown Eyed Soul), Zizo, etc...

272. The 100 vs. 100 Race (2)


Guests: Chang Jung-koo, DJ Pumkin, Go Woo-ri (Rainbow), Heo Tae-hee, Hyun Joo-yup, Jung Tae-ho, Kim Jun-hyun, Kim Ki-bang, Kim Kwang-kyu, Kim Min-kyo, Kim Sook, Kim Won-hyo, Lee Ha-neul (DJ DOC), Lee Jung, Lee Sang-ho, Lee Sang-min, Lim Hyung-joon, Lim Ju-hwan, M.TySON, Ma Ah-sung, Mino (Free Style), Oh Jung-suk, Park Geun-sik, Park Joon-hyung (g.o.d), Park Na-rae, Sam Hammington, Seulong (2AM), Shim Hyung-tak, Superbee, Uee (After School), Wax, Yang Sang-gook, Yoon Park, Young-jun (Brown Eyed Soul), Zizo, etc...

273. The Laughter War Race


Guests: Cast Members of People Looking for a Laugh (SBS Comedians)

274. Chain Link Camping


Guests: Jo Jung-chi (Shinchireem), Kim Kwang-kyu, Min Kyung-hoon (Buzz), Niel (Teen Top), Park Soo-hong

275. The Rival Big Match


Guests: Hani (EXID), Hong Jin-ho, Lim Yo-hwan

276. Lost in Seoul


277. The Zombie Virus Race


278. X-Man Collaboration Special (1)


Guests: Andy (Shinhwa), Bobby, B.I (iKON), Chae-yeon, Kim Ji-min, Kim Jung-nam (Turbo), Lee Ji-hyun, Lee Jong-soo, Seolhyun (AOA), Stephanie (The Grace)

279. X-Man Collaboration Special (2) + 2016 Luck Battle


Guests: Andy (Shinhwa), Bobby, B.I (iKON), Chae-yeon, Kim Ji-min, Kim Jung-nam (Turbo), Lee Ji-hyun, Lee Jong-soo, Seolhyun (AOA), Stephanie (The Grace)

280. SNS Reply Race


281. The House - The Heir Game


Guests: Lim Ji-yeon

282. The Secret of the Frozen Kingdom


Guests: Go Ah-sung, Hong Yoon-hwa, Lee Hee-joon, Si-wan (ZE:A)

283. Running Man Champions' League


Guests: Ji So-yun, Jong Tae-se, Park Ji-sung

284. The 10 Members of the Secret Society


Guests: Ji So-yun, Jong Tae-se, Park Ji-sung

285. 2016 Lunar New Year Special: The Fifth Official Skill Assessment


286. The Case of the Stolen Teardrop of the Sun


287. Running Man Intern Race


Guests: Ahn Gil-kang, Kim Do-kyun, Kim Jo-han, Kim Won-hae, Lee Hong-ryul, Park Mi-sun, Yoo Yul

288. 12 Hours Food Challenge


289. Running Man in Dubai


Guests: Jung Il-woo, Lee Da-hae

290. Running Man Dubai Special - Sandglass Race (2)


291. Running Man Q&A


292. Running Man 1st Unlucky Hand Festival


Guests: Lizzy (After School), Mikey (Turbo), Jeong Jeong-ah, WAX, Kang Hyeon-soo, Lee Wan, Nam Chang-hee, Park Myeong Ho

293. Majority Decision Race


Guests: Park Bo-gum, Seo-hyun (Girls' Generation), Seolhyun (AOA), Yoo Yeon-seok

294. Robot War : Running Man vs Machine


Guests: Hye-ri (Girl's Day), Nam Tae-hyun, Song Min-ho

295. I Am Sorry, I Love You Special - Running Man A/S (1)


Guests: Park Seo Joon, Moon Hee Jun, Kyuhyun (Super Junior), Lee Yo Won, Choo Seok

296. I Am Sorry, I Love You Special - 7 Loves (2)


297. After Sunset Race


Guests: Eun-seo (Cosmic Girls), Jin Goo, Kim Ji-won

298. Finding No Man Race


Guests: Go Ara, Kim Sung-kyun, Lee Je-hoon, David Lee McInnis, Eun Seo, Kim Ji Won

299. Center War


Guests: Hong Jin-young, Jo Bo-ah, Kyung Soo-jin, Stephanie Lee, Uhm Hyun-kyung, Yoo In-young, Zico (Block B)

300. 7 vs. 300 (1)


Guests: J-Hope, Jimin, Jin, Jungkook, Rap Monster, Suga, V (BTS)

301. 7 vs. 300 (2)


302. Dangerous Table


Guests: Chaeyoung, Dahyun, Jeongyeon, Jihyo, Mina, Momo, Nayeon, Sana, Tzuyu (Twice), Yeo Jin-goo

303. Running Man Hunting


Guests: Ahn Sung-ki, Cho Jin-woong, Kwon Yul, Han Ye-ri|

304. Oh My Goddess


Guests: Park Shin-hye, Lee Sung-kyung, Yoon Kyun-sang, Kim Min-seok|

305. Running Man vs Avengers


Guests: Lee Kyung-kyu, Jo Se-ho, Lee Soo-min, Kim Joon-hyun, Kim Dong-hyun, Lee Jung-jin, Yoo Jae-hwan

306. Strange Rescue Team


307. Summer MT Special - 'Thumbs Up' Couple Race


Guests: Sistar

308. Special Agent H - The Next to Last Person


|Ji Jin-hee|Kim Hee-ae|

309. Kwang-soo Strikes Back


Guests: Seo Jang-hoon, Hong Jin-kyung, Lee Ki-woo|

310. Representative Player Contest Race (1)


Guests: Oh Yeon-seo, Soo Ae, Ha Jae-sook|

311. Representative Player Contest Race (2) + Mystery Cube Adventure


Guests: Oh Yeon-seo, Soo Ae, Ha Jae-sook|

312. Monthly Running Man


Guests: Yoon Jong Shin, Jo Jung Chi, Bada, Kim Kyung Ho & Yoo Byung Jae

313. Running Woman


Defeat the other team

314. Game of Emperor's Thrones


Become the prince after competing in the Game of Emperor's Thrones

315. Running Trap


Grab the flag after completing the map

316. Train to Prison


Escape the "Train to Prison"

317. Avengers 2 - Lee Kyung-kyu Strikes Back


Guests: Han Hye-jin, Lee Kyung-kyu

318. Running Man TV


This week, each Running Man member has to film a three-minute video, completing a specific task assigned to them. One of them is selected as Scene-Stealer, who has to carry out a mission without other members’ knowledge. The members will be ranked according to number of views on their video and this will affect the race to take place next week.

319. Running Man GO


320. Hangul Proclamation Day Special Race


321. Can't Get Out MT Race


322. Running Man Autumn Sports Day


323. My Avatar Can


324. Goodbye Gary


325. Deficiency Travel


326. Steamed Rice Stealer Race


327. Bromance War


328. Suspicious Vacation


329. United or Divided


330. Jeonju Tour (2)


331. Bad Santa Christmas Special with Kim So-hyun


332. 2017 New Year's Special


333. Member's Week 1 - Song Ji-hyo Special


334. Member's Week 2 - Kim Jong-kook Special


335. Member's Week 3


336. Member's Week 4 - The Last Strongest Member


337. Member's Week 5 - Haha's Choice


338. Production Staff's Week


339. Member's Week 6 - Yoo Jae Suk Special


Guest Star: Lee Chun Hee, Kim Yong Man, Kim Won Hee, Kang Chang Mo, Heo Kyung Hwan

340. Member's Week 7 - Lee Kwang Soo Special


341. Dangerous Deal


342. Getting Item Race


343. Gongju Tour - Couple Race


344. The Secret of Runchelin


345. King of the Booking Race


346. Running Mate (1) - Dangerous Room


347. Global Project (2) - Dangerous Goddess


348. Global Project (3) - Dangerous Bag


349. Global Project (4) - Dangerous Visiting


350. Global Project (5) - Dangerous Choice


351. Global Project (6) - Dangerous Banquet


352. Global Project (7) - Russia and Mongolia


353. Global Project (8) - Final Russia & Mongolia


354. Global Project (9) - Labyrinth of Fear Finale


355. Somewhere 1% (1) - First Place Tour in Tokyo


356. Somewhere 1% (2) - Complete Disagreement Race


357. Somewhere 1% (3) - No.1 Couple Race


358. Somewhere 1% (4) - Protecting I GO Sticker


359. Somewhere 1% (5) - I GO, STOP Race


360. 7th Anniversary Special (1) - Real Family Outing


361. 7th Anniversary Special (2) - Real Family Outing


362. Summer Special (1) - Find the Boss


363. Summer Special (2) - Finding Bad Girls


364. Summer Special (3) - Find the Ghost


365. Half-and-Half Tour (1) - Half-and-Half Race


366. Half-and-Half Tour (2) - Sensing Race


367. Half-and-Half Tour (3) - Public Enemy


368. Half-and-Half Tour (4) - Public Enemy


369. Half-and-Half Tour (5) - The Hell of Roulette


370. Tiger Moth Tour


371. Tiger Moth Tour (2)


372. Find The Assistant


373. Do Whatever You Want


374. City of Crime Race


375. City of Outlaws Race (2) / Mystery Autumn Trip Race


376. Running Man Dongye Olympic Race


377. Return of the Heiress Race


378. Tiger Butterfly Tour


379. Tiger Butterfly Tour (2)


380. Different Dreams on the Money Race


381. Bad Guys: War Against The Evildoer


382. Miracle of Christmas? Nightmare of Christmas!


383. Winter Kingdom Survival


384. The New Year Fortune 2018


385. The New Year Star Wars


386. Running Man Age Notice R Ddakji War Race (2)/Gourmet Food


387. Running Prison


388. Craziness at Jeju Special


389. The 2nd Jeju Island Special, Hopscotch Race


390. Global Random Tour: Mission Impossible


This week, the Running Man members have a Random Tour Race. They will be divided into three groups. In order to determine their team, they will have to stand up, sit down, or lie down. The losers will not get a water bomb this time but will be forced to go home later than everyone else. Once the teams are created, they ride the bus and end up at Incheon International Airport. Where could they be going?

391. Global Random Tour: Mission Impossible (2)


This week, it's Random Tour Race Part 2. The three teams have left Seoul. Jae Seok, Seok Jin, So Min, and Kyeong Hwan are in Okinawa, Japan. Jong Kook, Se Chan, Shorry, and Byung Jae are in Thailand. Finally, Haha, Ji Hyo, Kwang Soo, and Sang Yeob are in Daema Island. The sly Running Man member, Kwang Soo, and the naive star, Sang Yeob, clash with each other repeatedly. Meanwhile, Jae Seok gets traumatized by So Min. Will these three teams be able to have a safe trip?

392. Global Random Tour: Mission Impossible (3) and Running Man Special Project


The Running Man members continue with their missions in different places. Jong Kook's team goes to Bangkok. There, they meet Son Na Eun of Apink and Namcha, a Thai celebrity. Kwang Soo's team are in Daema Island and need to fish all seven species that Haha has eaten. Kwang Soo is bossy because he has caught a fish. Haha desperately wants to catch one as well.

393. The Curse of the Diamond


394. Family Package Part 1: The Lost Sticker


395. Family Package Part 2: Find the Coaches


396. Family Package Part 3: Steal House and Get Out Race


397. TV Rating Notice Part 2: Infinity War


This week, the Running Man members take a break from the Family Package Project and have TV Rating Notice Race Part Two. Not only will the winner get to direct the five-second tv rating notice, but they will also be allowed to handle the poster and photo on Running Man's official website. Furthermore, the posters will be distributed all over the broadcasting station. Each of the members draws their own creative vision for the rating clip. Ji Hyo plans to dress everyone up as kaonashis, while Jae Seok is inspired by "The Greatest Showman". So Min forgets to add Seok Jin to her clip! Who will win the race and become the director for the next TV rating notice?

398. Yang Se Chan and Jeon So Min One Year Anniversary


399. Family Project Final: A Secret Door


400. Family Project Final


401. Game of Thrones


Today is the day the Running Man members will find out whose TV rating notice storyboard they will use. The members are greeted by the pirate roulette game and a flying chair. They play a quiz game, and whoever does not get the correct answer will be flown backwards into a pool. Which member will have the honor of actualizing his or her TV rating notice?

402. Zombie Couple Race


Seol Hyun and Hye Jeong of AOA have come back as summer queens! Winner's Song Min Ho and Kang Seung Yoon, who have conquered both the music charts and variety shows, also greet the viewers. In addition, Joo E of Momoland and Da Young of WJSN have also tagged along. This week's race is called Zombie Couple Race. The members and the guests are divided into seven teams. Among the teams are two zombies. The humans need to gather hints in order to reveal who the zombies are. Who are the zombies, and who will be the survivors? Will the zombies win, or will the human race gain victory?

403. Isolated Race


For this week, Kwang Soo, Seok Jin, So Min, and Jae Seok are greeted with wing walking consent forms. In order for them to go through with the Shuddering Package, they need to sign these forms before wing walking. Every single one of them is terrified and hesitate to sign it. Meanwhile, each of the members are told to bring three items for another member if they were to be isolated for an entire day.

404. Invigorating Race


This week, the Running Man members are given a treat. In order to rejuvenate them from the soon-to-come, scorching heat, they are allowed to eat all kinds of hearty meals. Their mission is to finish a total of 20 servings in 5 hours. However, not all the members can eat every time. Will the members be able to finish 20 servings of food in the given time?

405. Don’t Trust Them


In this week’s episode of Running Man, Son Dam Bi, Seo Eun Su, Lee Gook Ju, and Gyeong Ree join the show. A total of six couples are formed and among them, five are thieves and seven are civilians. Also, there is a Boss, the leader of thieves, and a King, the leader of civilians. Team Civilians will win if the members eliminate the Boss while Team Thieves can win if they eliminate the King. Which team will get to win the race? Stay tuned to find out!

406. Switzerland and the UK


The long-awaited day has come. The Running Man members go on the Luxury Pack-age and the Shuddering Package. The Luxury Package members go to Zermatt, Swit-zerland while the Shuddering Package members get ready to experience wing walk-ing. What kinds of memories will they make at the Luxury Package? Will the Shud-dering Package members be able to go through with wing walking?

407. Switzerland and the UK Part Two


The trip continues! Haha and Se Chan spend the night at a stargazing hotel where they can greet the grand mountains upon waking up. Ji Hyo, Han Na, and Jong Kook get to paraglide on the Alps and make memories that they will never be able to forget. Meanwhile in the UK, Kwang Soo and Sang Yeob turn off the lights and get ready to go to bed. Suddenly, they see a red light. What could it be?

408. The Grand Final


This week, the Running Man members play a game to pay for heli-skiing and the cost of dining at a Michelin restaurant. They play Spot the Difference, where they change things in a room and the others need to find out what’s different. They have 30 seconds to spot the differences. Who will end up paying for the enormous cost?

409. Catch My Heart


This week, the Running Man members are joined by Han Eun Jung, Bora, Pyo Ye Jin, Hwang Chi Yul, and Black Pink’s Jisoo and Jennie. They team up with one another to play various games in order to win prizes and avoid penalties. Their goal is to get two heart cards before everyone else and avoid getting the bomb cards. Who will win prizes, and who will get the penalty?

410. Catch The Spy


M Agency versus R Agency. Tom Cruise, Simon Pegg and Henry Cavill join Running Man this week for a thrilling episode of cat and mouse. The Running Man cast transform into secret agents for R Agency. Among them, there are three spies working for M Agency. Will the R Agency agents find out who those three spies are, or will M Agency succeed in their infiltration and catch the R Agency leader?

411. Catch the Petty Thief


Where did Jong Kook’s shoes go? One of the Running Man members has a personal vendetta against Jong Kook and stole his shoes as a way to get back at him. The members play various games in order to get hints as to who this petty thief is. Seok Jin’s strange behavior puts him at the top of that list. Who is the real petty thief? Will the members figure out who that person is?

412. Get Your Numbers Eights


This week, it is the eight-year anniversary of Running Man. To commemorate such a wonderful day, the Running Man members are once again given missions. This time, it is related to the number “eight”. The members are divided into teams, and each team has a distinct mission. For these missions, they need to call in guests. The first 3 members who get all the 8s can move onto the finals. Who will gain victory?

413. Unlucky Vacation


For this week, the Running Man members go on a vacation. However, not only is it a vacation, but it is an “Unlucky Vacation”. The members are divided into two teams, and among them, the unlucky ones and the lucky ones partner up. Every time a team wins, they receive one point and also the right to pick a penalty for the losing team. Will the lucky members be able to live up to their name? Or will the unlucky members regain their honor?

414. The Bid


For this week, the Running Man members are called by the staff one by one as soon as the shooting begins. They are told to pick a member to whom they will give half of their Running Money. Since having the most money puts them at an advantage, all the members start playing mind games all of a sudden. Meanwhile, Kim Roi Ha, Kwak Si Yang, and Seo Hyo Rim join them as the best villains and villainess.

415. Along with the Birthdays


Jae Seok, Haha, and Ji Hyo’s birthdays are in August. For this week, Seok Jin, Jong Kook, Se Chan, So Min, and Kwang Soo are called in and told to choose between a birthday cake and a birthday punch. They are divided into teams by their choices, and each team is given an opposite goal. The failing team will suffer an incredible penalty. Which team will fail with their mission? Stay tuned to find out!

416. Dangerous Choice (1)


This week, the staff asks each of the members to write down the other members’ secrets. While some of them are hesitant to reveal some secrets, claiming that disclosing them could force the members to retire, others immediately jot down sentence after sentence. Afterward, they are asked to participate in a game of Truth or Dare.

417. Dangerous Choice (2)


418. Dangerous Delivery (1)


419. Dangerous Delivery (2)


420. Dangerous Delivery (3)


421. Dangerous Delivery (4)


422. Don't Trust Her


423. Game of Thrones


424. The Nightmare of Halloween


425. Dangerous Family


426. Intimate Strangers


427. Crazy Partners


428. Everyone Has a Secret


429. 2018 Year End Special (1)


430. 2018 Year End Special (2)


431. Christmas Special - The Miracle of Christmas


432. Christmas Special - Flirting Santa Claus


433. RPG: Episode 1, The Great Beginning


434. RPG: Episode 2, The Secret of The Clans


435. RPG: Episode 3, Catch Me If You Can


Last week, the members of Running Man were given badges according to their levels. However, they become aware that some of the levels have been fabricated. Among five of the guests that have been invited today, there is a forger who fabricated the levels. The members must get to the bottom of what happened.

436. RPG: Episode 4, The Last War


437. New Year Special: I Am The King


438. Ace versus Champion


439. Survive To The End


440. The Secret of 100


441. The Revenge of the Bee


The race for this episode is Honeybee's Counterattack Race. A mysterious honeybee appears on screen with a warning. As they follow the honeybee's missions, the members start to disappear one by one. The honeybee even appears in front of them and makes them terrified. Stay tuned to find out the identity of the mysterious honeybee!

442. Running Man College


This week, the members go out on a spring orientation. Han Da Gam, Keum Sae Rok, and Hong Jin Young join for this episode. They play various games from the old times and foot volleyball in teams. During the orientation, the members must find the returning student who is hiding. They get hints about the returning student as they complete each game.

443. Unboxing the Secret of Boxes


This week, members bring valuable items from home. They go out and exchange those items to different items. The items are appraised, and the appraised value becomes their money for the unboxing auction. Among the 50 boxes, only 10 have instructions in them. Through the auction, the members must clear the secret mission to win the race. Stay tuned to find out the final winner!

444. Case Number 444: The Invisible Danger


This week, the members gather at a mysterious room. As they enter the room, they find the dead body of a staff member. The members need to gather clues to find the culprit who killed him. As they move on to the next stage, some members become the prime suspect. At last, the members divided into two teams to solve the final mission. Stay tuned to find out the culprit and the final winner.

445. The Counterattack of Singles (1)


This week's guests are Jang Hee Jin, Bona of WJSN, and Kim Jae Young. Amongst the members and the guests, one secret couple and one relationship virgin are hiding, and the relationship virgin exists to catch the secret couple. As they play games, some members start to act unusual and suspicious. Stay tuned to find out if the relationship virgin manages to catch the secret couple.

446. The Counterattack of Singles (2)// So Min's Secret Personal Life (1)


The members continue to try to find and eliminate the secret couple. The relationship virgin reveals themselves to the confirmed single members, and they start to narrow down the candidates for the secret couple through two trials. Will the single members and the relationship virgin be able to find the secret couple? After the secret couple is revealed, a special episode for So Min's birthday begins.

447. One Fine Spring Day


Special events for So Min's birthday continue. After having a meal at a fancy restaurant, So Min and Ji Suk move on to learn how to dance the tango. And another man is expecting So Min to come there. Meanwhile, the other Running Man members are busy solving the quizzes and completing missions as fast as they can to catch So Min.

448. Search Running Man


The members of Running Man and six guests need to make their names or keywords searched online during the time this week's episode airs. The one who is most searched online will receive a benefit. Also, they create and upload videos online to promote themselves. The one that gets the most number of likes will win a prize. Stay tuned to find out the winner.

449. Return of Yuims Bond: A Man of 100,000 Dollars


This week, the members and two guests are given 100,000 dollars. In order to win their share in the end, they must try not to spend the money and save as much as they can while being locked up in individual rooms. In the middle of the mission, Jae Seok realizes he has a secret mission to accomplish with an assistant.

450. Your Name


This week, the members are joined by Lee Dong Hwi. Their names are taken away, and they start to be called by the way old people used to call children before Children's Day was founded. In order to get back their names, they play rounds of games. Those who fail to retrieve their full names face a penalty.

451. Deep-Rooted Secret


The members are split into groups and play games to obtain Chance Cards which can be used in the final race. After two rounds of games, the members arrive at a giant and dark place for the final race. They need to solve the riddles of Sejong the Great to be the final winner. Also, a harsh penalty awaits those who get eliminated.

452. Episode 1: 9 Years of Running Man, Demon's Whispers


The members are told that they will hold a fan-meet in Korea to celebrate the nine years of the show. They will put on a dance performance at the event, but the producer of the show wants the members to show their fans high-level group dances. In order to avoid practicing those complicated dances, the members should clear today's missions.

453. Episode 2: 9 Years of Running Man, We're Supposed to Be Family


The members continue to plan the fan-meet to celebrate the nine years of Running Man. This week, they have to choose two members who will put on a couple performance at the fan-meet. Through multiple rounds of games and races, the two members are chosen. And special guests join the members this week.

454. Episode 3: 9 Years of Running Man, The Devil Wears Running Shirts


This week, the members develop the ideas about the presents that they'll be giving out to their fans at the fan-meet that will be held in about two months. Also, they start to practice a group dance performance that they will put on at the fan-meet. To teach dance to the members, a famous instructor joins the show.

455. Episode 4: 9 Years of Running Man, There Was a Miracle


The members continue to work on the t-shirt that they will give out to their fans at the fan-meet. Whose drawings will be printed on the t-shirt? Also, the members continue to practice the group dance moves with Lia, the choreographer. But they soon get exhausted and frustrated with the extremely challenging choreography.

456. Episode 5: 9 Years of Running Man, Lyrics Writing Race (1)


The members come up with nicknames for the other members as well as themselves. Those nicknames will be used in the lyrics for their theme song. The members create good and bad nicknames, and the final winner of today's races gets to decide which nicknames for each member will be included in the lyrics.

457. Episode 6: 9 Years of Running Man, Lyrics Writing Race (2)


This week, the members take a break from preparing for the fan-meet event. Joined by two guests, the members go on a tour of several restaurants and have invigorating food. At each restaurant, they play games and pay as much as they wish for the meal. And each payment is made in secret. What will be the mission, and who will be the final winner?

458. Episode 7: 9 Years of Running Man, On Our Way to Escort You


It's time for a new game, and in this episode, the members get pumped up for a collaboration they are going to perform with an artist. Four mystery artists are here, and it's up to the cast to figure out who they are. The competition gets tough, and the members battle it out for their top pick.

459. Episode 8: 9 Years of Running Man, My Partner is Faraway on Running Man


The temporary artist and member teams need to get finalized, and through a series of wild games, each team competes for the right to exchange a current member or stay as they are. All eyes point to Kwang Soo, but he has no intentions of leaving Gummy's side. After each team has its members finalized, they meet up at their artist's studio and start their collaboration.

460. Escaping Disaster


This week, Lim Yoon A and Cho Jung Seok join as guest celebrities on the show. Their mission with the other members is to escape a building through one of the five available doors. Each door will have a condition. Once a member gets what he needs, he may exit the building and enjoy paradise at the expense of the ones who don't. The doors are locked, so let's get the game started.

461. With Joy


This week, four female guests who have never visited Running Man before join to enjoy the new type of couple race. Seung Hee of OH MY GIRL, Rothy, Song Ji In, and Jang Jin Hee join the members of Running Man to go through four different types of rounds in order to win the final prize, Korean beef set. Which couple will leave with the final prize? Stay tuned to find out!

462. Running Man Theme Song


This week, Running Man members meet with songwriter Jung Joon Il who is here to help them compose a new theme song for Running Man! Each member gives it their best to contribute to the song, but it only gets Joon Il laughing. Later, the members retreat indoors and play a series of games to win a chance to nibble on one of their craved foods.

463. The War of the Deities: Hades' Revenge


"This week, guests Cho Yi Hyun, Sung Dong Il, Bae Seong Woo, and Kim Hye Jun race to promote their new movie "Metamorphosis." In the race, three deities Hades, Poseidon, and Zeus have disguised themselves as humans and are among the runners. Brothers Poseidon and Zeus are here to take Hades back to the underworld, and everyone scrambles to find hints disclosing their identities. It's the humans and the brother deities against Hades in this epic race for survival.

464. The Missing Emergency Fund Race (Find the Father)


In this week's race, members play for hints and run to figure out the identities of the father, who had run off with 6,000 dollars of the family's emergency money, and the stranger, who is after that money. It's a race for an individual's glory with vague clues, harsh penalties, confusing suspicions, and a heartfelt metaphor. Will the children be able to stop their father from getting away?

465. Deity of Games: Don't Trust Anyone


This week, Lim Ji Yeon, Park Jung Min, and Choi Yu Hwa join Running Man to promote their new movie Tazza: One Eyed Jack. There's a lot to play for, and some of the prizes cause the members to drool. In a series of unique games, each person will have to gain a certain amount of R Coins to win a prize. The people who don't earn enough coins will receive a penalty. It's either red, blue, or black for the win. Will anyone take home the top prize?

466. War of Light: Black and White (1)


This week, Sunny from Girls' Generation, anchorwoman Jang Ye Won, idol singer SUN MI, and actress Kim Ye Won join the show. They pair up with the male members and get ready to run in this week's evil versus good themed race. However, picking partners isn't an easy task. So Min and Ji Hyo get shunned by the male members but somehow keep their cool.

467. War of Light: Black and White (2) / Running Man's Fan-Meet: 9 Years of Running Man


The week, the fierce race to eliminate the deity of darkness continues. However, the clues seem to throw the members off, making it difficult to pinpoint their suspicions. Later, the cast of Running Man prepares for their fan-meet by attempting to get some challenging choreography and dance moves right.

468. 9 Years of Running Man, Spy Game


The fan-meet event continues. Every member showcases their individual or group performances on stage. They also put on their joint performances with the musicians. The stories of how they have prepared and practiced for months are also be revealed. One of the hottest idol group gives a surprise performance as well.

469. 9 Years of Running Man: The Grand Finale


The artist collaboration performances are next! Gummy, Code Kunst, Nucksal, and SORAN take the stage with Running Man members to put the audience in awe. Next, the members shock everyone watching with an unbelievable group dance. And to finish off the fan-meet, they bring tears with Running Man's theme song that encapsulates the nine hard years of working together.

470. What Happened at Their Holiday Spot


With the fan-meet finished, the members of Running Man get treated to a "vacation race." However, the planned activities feel more like physical labor than a vacation. Nevertheless, the members duke it out for points and strive to escape the traps of being the sole one getting penalized. Which unfortunate member will have to stick behind?

471. Secret Code: Autumn Ambush


In this week's episode, Running Man races to celebrate Hangeul Day in the beautiful region of Cheongdo, a place known for its persimmons. Mi Na from gugudan, actress Park Yu Na, singer Hwang Chi Yeul, and global superstar Tiffany appear as guests. They team up with the members and compete in a series of Hangeul word-based games for persimmon badges. The member with the most badges gets their handwriting made into a free downloadable font!

472. What Happened in Anyang?


This week, Running Man heads to Anyang, Kim Jong Kook's hometown. And for that reason, this race revolves around his favorite spots around town. They split up into chasers and runaways where the runaways have to complete three missions, each at a frequented spot by Jong Kook while the chasers have to figure out where those places might be to catch them. With 3,000 dollars on the line, things get heated as they revisit Jong Kook's fondest spots in Anyang.

473. Joker's House


This week, the cast of Running Man is put up to the task of scheduling their day indoors. However, a virus plaguing the world is slowly creeping in. The members must overcome missions in the outside world to secure food at a nearby convenience store. Among them, the bio-terrorist secretly exists plotting to infect them all.

474. Betray for the Gold Bars


This week, actresses Go Min Si and Hwang Bo Ra each lead a team of their own to catch two gold bar thieves. At the end of the race, if they can point out the two unknown thieves, the members win, but if the thieves steal more than ten gold bars combined and remain hidden, the thieves win. Guessing who the thieves are won't be an easy task.

475. Running Man Michelin Gourmet Eaters


This week, comedienne Hong Hyun Hee and actress Park Ji Hyun join the show as guests. First, the penalty from two weeks ago gets addressed with a chance to win chance cards for an advantage in today's race, "Let's Eat with Greedy Pigs." Among the cast, two are greedy pigs. However, these pigs aren't supposed to eat to win, and the only way to eat less is to lose in games. With sizzling hot meals on the table, who will be able to resist?

476. Mysterious Animal Farm (1)


This week, artist Hyun A, actress Kang Han Na, comedienne Lee Gook Ju, and Si Hyeon from EVERGLOW appear as guests for a mysterious animal farm race. With the teams set, the couples must find and eliminate two forbidden animals hidden among them before they can finish their hidden mission to win the race. Which team is the perfect match to return to the farm?

477. Mysterious Animal Farm (2) / SBS Ghost Stories (1)


478. SBS Ghost Stories (2)


479. Along with Distrust


480. Run to You: Project to Attract Investments


Kang Han-na, Lee Hee-jin, YooA [ko] (Oh My Girl), Yoo Byung-jae

481. To Incheon: Catch Me


482. Ghost Hunter Race


This week, Ryan Reynolds, Mélanie Laurent, and Adria Arjona join the show to promote their new movie, “6 Underground.” They pick three members from the Running Man cast to team up and fight full-heartedly against the rest. Watch these Hollywood superstars mingle Korean style!

483. Ggannes Film Festival: The Uninvited One (1)


This week, Running Man plays out the Ggannes Film Festival, a spinoff of the Cannes Film Festival. Actress and singer Jun Hyo Seong, actor Kang Tae Oh, comedian Heo Kyeong Hwan, and singer Yoyomi join the cast and dress up as famous Korean movie characters for the festival. However, two very unhappy directors hidden among them threaten to crash the show. It's up to the actors along with the one national actor, also hidden among them, to save the festival.

484. Ggannes Film Festival: The Uninvited One (2)


The Ggannes Film Festival race continues from last week. It's still up to the actors to eliminate the two directors hidden among them before the directors find and defeat the one national actor. After analyzing the hints, suspicious members face trial. Will the actors succeed in helping the national actor? Or will the directors get their way?

485. We Won't Harm You


This week, the cast from "Secret Zoo," Ahn Jae Hong, Kang So Ra, Jeon Yeo Been, Kim Sung Oh, join Running Man to promote their movie. Each guest is the captain of a team with two other Running Man members. Hidden among them are two reincarnated members and two deities of death who are out to get them. Only the deities can eliminate members. The losing team faces the water bomb.

486. Running Martial Arts School: Trade the Cards


This week, guests Keum Sae Rok, Lee Ju Young, Park Cho Rong, and Kang Han Na couple up with Running Man members to race. Each couple will each get a card form a deck consisting of elements, punishments, and prizes. The combination of the two cards, held in possession by each team, gives a particular outcome. Each mission gives them a chance to switch cards with other couples.

487. The Rat Holds the Briefcase with Money


This week, Running Man members have their fortunes read for the new year. Some sound promising, while others don't. Despite their future outlook, the race begins with a briefcase of money. Some members get to be snakes without knowing who else is, and the others team up as Team Running man. Through winning group missions, they get a chance to learn a digit to the 6-digit passcode on the briefcase, and as soon as it opens, the race ends. It's everyone against the snakes.

488. The Thieves: Tear of Yondu


This week, actress Park Ha Na joins the show as the only guest. They split into three teams of three and attempt to steal as much valuable loot as they possibly can from an empty mansion. Each team consists of a firearms expert, a hacker, and an appraiser with a specific tool to help their role. The prized object is the Tear of Yondu, a dazzling necklace worth 30 million dollars. However, finding it will be a challenge.

489. Double Celebration Race


This week, it an unusual race for two of the members, So Min and Seok Jin. They have no clue that the staff and the other members have rigged the race. They split up into two teams, but first, they share the meaningful and not so meaningful gifts they brought from home that will later test their greed. Who will be the greediest of them all?

490. Running Countdown


This week, Heo Kyeong Hwan and Kang Han Na show up again as guests. With the joking over and done with, they each grab a random phone. Each phone has a different time allowance that will determine their fate. As soon as the race starts, the timer will run unless they stay in their safety zone. If they leave their safety zone, the timer resumes. Watch as they scramble to win more time to avoid elimination.

491. Decide! Bag, Part 1


This week, the quest for more time continues. Say goodbye to alliances, trust, and loyalty when time isn't on their side. It's everyone for themselves in a blind name tag elimination where instincts can get you on the outs. Also, the Room of Time springs up, twisting an already unpredictable outcome. Who will come out on top?

492. Decide! Bag, Part 2


This week, it's all about their innocence. Actresses Bae Jong Ok and Shin Hae Sun join Running Man to promote their new movie "Innocence." To keep to the theme, they play missions to win themselves free from blame. After each mission, they pick a random bag with an unknown monetary value from either the good or the bad table. The person with the most money left wins the race. Losers face the penalty.

493. Fate Betting Race: Throw Double or Nothing


This week, Running Man sticks to staying indoors. But to liven the atmosphere, actor Kang Tae Oh, trot singer Kim Na Hee, Lee Na Eun from April, and Yura from Girl's Day join the cast to race. The men partner up with the woman and compete in a high-risk game of pushing their luck with a great big dice. Will they stay where they sit or go for greater cash rewards?This week, Running Man sticks to staying indoors. But to liven the atmosphere, actor Kang Tae Oh, trot singer Kim Na Hee, Lee Na Eun from April, and Yura from Girl's Day join the cast to race. The men partner up with the woman and compete in a high-risk game of pushing their luck with a great big dice. Will they stay where they sit or go for greater cash rewards?

494. Do Whatever You Want! Running MT


This week, Running Man creates their own program for a retreat. Actor Jo Byeong Gyu and Actress Im Soo Hyang join as guests to have fun. Each person comes up with a plan to play games and do various activities for the retreat. The members decide who gets to be the host and do what kind of activity by looking at the itinerary.

495. Protect Your Mom: Another Rice Cake to the Ugly Child


This week, three awesome mom actresses, Lee Il Hwa, Park Mi Sun, and Hwang Young Hee, join the show to lead a family of their own. After handpicking each of their children with a hidden mission, they compete for the Mother of the Year award. However, after each game, the mom will hand out rice cakes to the child they feel is the most upsetting. The member with the most rice cakes at the end will face a penalty.

496. Idol versus Running Man, Center's Dignity


This week, Ong Seong Wu, Lee Do Hyun, Seo Ji Hun, and ZICO team up with Kwang Soo to form Team Good-looking. They take on the Team of Entertainers led by Seok Jin for R coins. It's a team effort for the win, but betrayal within the teams gets tempers flared with an unexpected end to the race.

497. Race Nobody Can Tell: Hey, You Can Find Out Too!


This week, comediennes Hong Hyun Hee and Kim Ji Min surprise the cast with their appearance. The production team has made this race all about wits. The unexpected missions can win members R coins or cost them without them even knowing! Watch them partner up and race against each other using their wits.

498. I Saw the Angels and Devils: The Devils' Advocates


This week, actors Ahn Bo Hyun, Ji Eui Soo, Song Jin Woo, and Lee Joo Young join the Devil's Whisper Race to act as captains. Among the Running Man members are three devils and five angels with their identities hidden. Through a series of games and chances, each team needs to get the right combination of devils and angels in their team to win prizes. The key to winning is finding the devils. Who's a devil?

499. Running Man Class


This week, Cho Sae Ho, Rowoon, Lee Do Hyun, Noh Sa Yeon, and Hong Jin Young join Running Man in an epic battle between actors, singers, and comedians. Their seniority gives them an edge to race comfortably, but that can easily get bought. It's the last race to win prizes through the lucky draw, and Jae Seok thinks it's his lucky day.

500. Greedy Camp Race


This week, Running Man celebrates its 500th episode. However, due to So Min's absence, they choose to keep their race simple. Lee Mi Joo from Lovelyz, Choi Yoo Jung from Weki Meki, and Park Cho Rong and Yoon Bo Mi from Apink join the show. They pair up with members and race for in-season delicacies known to rejuvenate one's health. Meanwhile, So Min sends a secret text message to the production team that later stuns all the members.

501. The 1st Running Man's Ultimate Quiz Show


This week, guests Ha Yeon Ju, Kwak Si Yang, Park Hyo Ju, and Lee Yi Kyung join the show with their extraordinary detective acting skills. The race tests their intelligence and reasoning in an all-out quiz that secretly holds three illegal participants who know all the answers. The top five ranking members will win prizes only if they manage to keep two of the illegals out of the leader's board.

502. Tiger's Birthday Party


This week, Running Man celebrates Jong Kook's birthday with secret missions throughout the race. Mingyu from SEVENTEEN and singer-actress Jun Hyo Seong join in on the fun to see if they can outsmart the birthday tiger. In the end, Jong Kook gets to spin a roulette wheel for a chance to win birthday presents, courtesy of a lucky member whose name gets drawn.

503. Festival Money Securing Race: A World of the Festival


This week, the kings and queens of festivals Jessi, BewhY, Ahn Ji Young, Lee Jin Hyuk, and Choi Hyojung join the show. They team up with Running Man members by their music genre and compete for money that will determine their chances of winning. Individually, the money earned throughout the race will either reward them or get them the penalty.

504. Crossroads of Choice: Too Much Dilemma


This week, actors who have faced dilemma visit the show. Sim Eun Woo is a rising actress who showed impressive acting skills in “A World of Married Couple”. Kim Min Gue shows off his charms in both variety shows and drama. Kim Jae Kyung is a versatile entertainer who can both act and sing. These stars join the members to participate in Coin Dilemma.

505. Eliminating Trespassers: Secret of the Old Village


So Min joins the members after a long hiatus. The members head to a village called Gujeon where gems are buried everywhere. They are to dig out the gems which are valuable. However, there seems to be a secret the villagers are hiding. Will the members be able to safely make it out of the village? Stay tuned to find out!

506. Captains of Running Man


All members of TWICE are on Running Man! They’re here to promote their new song, “More and More” and to play fierce games. TWICE and the Running Man members are divided into three teams to play games to win as much money as possible. The individuals with the least money will get punished at the end.

507. Secret Broker Race: Hot Items from Convenience Store


This week, the actors and actresses of “Backstreet Rookie” join the Running Man members for a race where they have to pick the most sold items from convenience stores. Ji Chang Wook, Kim You Jung, Han Seon Hwa, and Do Sang Woo form a team with the members and carry out missions to earn points. Which team will win the race and get prizes? Tune in and find out!

508. Running Man Loyalty Race: Sharing Playbook


This week, the members play three games with a theme inspired by a movie called “The Platform”. They’re placed on eight different floors, and the member on the topmost floor can take as many coins as they can. The one with the most number of coins can buy different prizes including a card to be exempted from getting a penalty. Who will be the final winner? Stay tuned to find out!

509. Superpower School Race, War of Superpowers: The End Game


This week, the members become the students of Superpower School and obtain one superpower each. They don’t know what everyone else’s superpower is, so they need to figure out during the race. With Lee Sang Yeob and Kang Han Na as this week’s guests, they use their superpowers to eliminate one another. Who will become the final winner? Stay tuned to find out!

510. 2020 Reincarnation Camp


This week, the members are guided to the Reincarnation Camp by SUNMI, a special guide for this week’s episode. Just when they are enjoying their lunch, a swarm of zombies suddenly attacks them. They have to find the Human Antibody and survive until the ambulance arrives. However, the Parent Zombie gets into action and starts eliminating them one by one. Who will be the last man standing? Stay tuned to find out!

511. 10th Anniversary Live Broadcast: Provocation by Running Man Thief


To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the show, the members participate in a mystery race where they have to find two thieves who stole CEO Big Nose’s gold bars. The viewers participate in solving the mystery in real time. The result is announced through a live broadcast, allowing the members to have direct communication with the viewers. Will they successfully find the thieves? Stay tuned to find out!

512. The 1st Tazza Hip Chairman Election: Battle of the Workers


This week, the members gather to play several games to win caramels, their currency for this week. The number of caramels they have at the end will have a big impact on next week’s episode. Alliances and strategies are important, so the members pay their full attention to avoid getting betrayed and falling behind. Who will win the most caramels? Stay tuned to find out!

513. Capitalistic Race with Partners: Don't Worry Be Happy


This week, six guests join the members to continue the race from last week to win as much money as they can. The guests are Soyou, Kim Dong Jun, Jang Won Young, Kim Do Yeon, Lee Mi Joo, and YUQI. They partner up with the members and carry out the missions to win the prize and prize money. The team that comes in last receives a penalty.

514. Family Search Race, Unstoppable Sisters


This week, the members are joined by four female guests who will play their sisters for the day. The four guests, Jessi, Solar, Lee Young Ji, and Jeon So Mi, have to earn audition points in order to win the prize. The members, on the other hand, have to earn academic points to win. Who will be the winners of this week’s race? Stay tuned to find out!

515. 2 Person Prison Break Race, My Unfamiliar Partner


This week, the members are joined by four guests, Kim Young Min, Ha Do Kwon, Ji Seung Hyun, and Kim Yong Ji. They are put into Running Prison, where they have to find the boss and gang member of Petty Gang. If they manage to escape before the boss and gang member do, they’re exempt from getting punished. Stay tuned to find out who manages to escape Running Prison first!

516. Operation: Clear Out the Criminals, Domestic Investigation


This week, the stars of a new movie, “The Golden Holiday”, join the members to participate in a race where they have to find two criminals and two police officers. The guests, Kwak Do Won, Kim Sang Ho, and Kim Dae Myeung, are new to the race, so they show their clumsy sides during the race. Will they successfully find the criminals? Stay tuned to find out!

517. Link Average Race, Cut Off to Survive


This week, the members team up randomly to play multiple games where the winner of each game decides whether to keep their team members or cut ties with them. At the end of each game, the losing team gets a penalty ball which will determine whether they get a penalty in the end. Who will be the one to receive the penalty this week? Stay tuned to find out!

518. Brahms Music School Race: Do You Like Number 1?


This week, Kim Sung Cheol, Kim Min Jae, Park Eun Bin, and Park Ji Hyun from the drama, “Do You Like Brahms?” join the show as guests. The members and the guests are divided into different grades according to the test and game results. In the race, they can only eliminate those who are in the same or lower grades. Who will be the last one to survive? Stay tuned to find out!

519. Running Man Thief Race 2, The Copycat Criminals


This week, Profiler Pyo Chang Won and Detective Yoon Seok Ho join the show to participate in Running Man Thief Race 2. The members are nervous as a real detective and a profiler are here to find the thieves hidden among them. Like the last Thief Race, they're each given a role, which comes with more benefits. Will they be able to catch the thieves this time? Stay tuned to find out!

520. 8 People, 8 Colors Preference Race, Lucky Hobbies


This week, the members learn three different types of hobbies and perform them to win the prizes prepared by the staff. They're given lottery tickets as means of winning the prizes at the end. First, they learn to yodel from the masters of yodel. Then they learn how to dance the samba and hula. Finally, they learn to sing a capella. Who will win first place and win the best prize? Stay tuned to find out!

521. Fashion Choice Race, All or Nothing


This week, the members play a race outdoors where they have to eliminate one another to become the final winner. Before the race, they look for chance cards which can be used to earn bullets or candy bars. The candy bars can be used to make the game more favorable to each member. Who will be the winner of this week's race? Stay tuned to find out!

522. America vs Asia, The Trade King


This week, the members are divided into three teams – Team America, Team Asia, and Team Customs – to play in the Trade King Race. Each team needs to earn as much money as possible to become the final winner. The guests joining Team America are Joon Park and Ailee. The guests joining Team Asia are Kangnam and Yiren of EVERGLOW. Who will be the winning team this week? Stay tuned to find out!

523. Chuseok Family Race, The Yoo Family's Inheritance War


This week, the members are divided into two families and have a race to find as many eggs as possible. They need to find eggs to make dishes for the ancestral rite table, and the team that finishes setting the ancestral rite table first wins and gets prizes. Another tiresome penalty is waiting for the losing team. How will the race turn out? Stay tuned to find out!

524. Back to the Basics Race, Precious Sisters


This week, the members participate in the Precious Sisters Race to find their original resolution and to look back on how harshly they've been treating their female members. Ji Hyo and So Min can give bomb badges to any member who treats them badly, and the four members with the most bomb badges will become the candidates to get the penalty. Stay tuned to find out who gets the penalty!

525. BLACKPINK in Running Man, Save Us From Probability


This week, BLACKPINK joins the members in Save Us From Probability, a race where their fates are determined by probability. Their goal is to get as little “penalty rice cakes” as possible in order to avoid getting the penalty. Will the BLACKPINK members be able to win the prize or will they get the penalty? Stay tuned to find out!

526. Robber versus Robber: Faceless King of Tomb Robbery


Lee Je Hoon and Im Won Hee join the show as special guests in a race of betrayal between cops and robbers. All of them have gathered to rob a tomb organized by the chairperson of the Tomb Robbery Association. Among them, two police officers secretly investigate to reveal the chairperson's identity. However, the robbers and officers can betray one another, making the task difficult.

527. Jeju Island Special Part 1: Wind, Women, Rocks, and Bomb


This week, Running Man visits Jeju Island in a very long time and gets the cast pumped up. Guests Han Ji Eun, Choi Yeo Jin, So E Hyun, and Lee Ju Bin join them as team leaders for the race. The wind, women, and rocks will represent Jeju Island as each team tries to collect one of each card through a series of missions and games. However, there is a bomb card capable of dropping them out of the race. Like always, the losing team faces a penalty, and the winning team wins a prize.

528. Jeju Island Special Part 2: Loser-Pays-All Group Tour


This week, Running Man finishes up the two-part special on Jeju Island. This time, they partner up with a member and arrive on the scene as different people who are about to take a packaged tour of the island. However, each course they take will cost money, and only five members will get to go on each packaged trip. The members left behind play games where the loser pays for the five out having a blast.

529. Journal of Old Restaurant


This week, Hoshi and Mingyu of SEVENTEEN, Nam Joo and Bo Mi of Apink, and two comedians, Kim Soo Yong and Nam Chang Hee, join the members to participate in Old Restaurant Race. They need to find old restaurants around Seoul and deduct as many years as possible from the sum of their age in order to win. Stay tuned to find out which team wins!

530. Penthouse Special Part 1: Top Club vs Bottom Club


This week, Running Man continues with the Old Restaurant Race. The years have added up, but ironically, the oldest team member gets an unexpected gift from a rival sympathetic member turning the race into their favor. Next, Running Man welcomes guests Kim So Yeon, Lee Ji Ah, Eugene, and Ha Do Kwon from the show The Penthouse, while Kwang Soo and Ji Hyo serve out their penalty from the Jeju Island Special. They fight once again to gain their way into the penthouse.

531. Penthouse Special Part 2: Tenant War


This week, the race from last week continues. The guests and members are divided into top class and bottom class where they receive money according to their mission results. Although they’re divided into two classes, it’s an individual race, so they keep an eye on each other to avoid getting betrayed. Who will make it to the penthouse? Stay tuned to find out!

532. The Best Friends Friendship Race, The 1st Friendship Awards


This week, Running Man gets ready for the year-end awards ceremony and kick-off today with their Friendship Award race. Each member gets assigned a best friend, and their chemistry will determine who goes home with a prize and who faces the penalty. Guests Cha Tae Hyun, Lee Mi Joo, Yang Dong Geun, Jang Dong Min, Huening Kai, and Choi Yeon Jun join the show as best friends.

533. Sweet Home 5pm, Saturday night


This week, Lee Si Young, Lee Do Hyun, Song Kang, and Lee Jin Wook, the four leads of the drama “Sweet Home,” join the members for a race called ‘The Apartment You Live In.’ In the race, they have to find a monster hidden among the residents of the Running Apartment in order to avoid getting the penalty. Will they be able to find the monster?

534. Fiery Stove League


This week, the Major League Baseball players Ryu Hyun Jin and Kim Kwang Hyun join 2021 Running League Rookie Draft where team owners Yu Jae Seok and Yang Se Chan pick rookie players for their teams. In order to win the race, they need to win each mission and earn as much money as possible. The player and team owner with the least amount of money gets a penalty.

535. New Year's Eve Race


This week, the members are joined by the four leads of the upcoming movie, “New Year Blues,” Yoo Yeon Seok, Lee Yeon Hee, Choi Soo Young, and Yoo Teo. Since it’s the last episode of 2020, the guests and the members participate in missions where they send off the old year and welcome the upcoming year. Which team will win and which team will get the penalty?

536. 2021 Hoodwinker Association New Year's Party


This week, the Card Shark Association is back to kick off the new year with a party. The fierce competition over caramels gets heated as the association’s chairperson position hangs in the balance. Will Jae Seok keep his seat as the chairman and serve two consecutive terms? Or will the association bring in the new year with a new chairperson? Stay tuned to find out.

537. Production Objective Race: Running Man Rewritten, Part 1


The Card Shark Association New Year's Party comes to an end. The last mission is a cutthroat game that will determine who gets to go home first. Meanwhile, the members regroup after a week. A new race to decide whose idea will be used to update the outdated Running Man website begins. Stay tuned to see who has the catchiest and funniest ideas for the website.

538. Production Objective Race: Running Man Rewritten, Part 2


The new race leading up to the long-awaited update of the Running Man website is now in full swing. The members present each of their ideas for the production objective and member introductions. After that, they must play games to add their names to the roulette which will decide the final winner. Stay tuned to see whose idea made it onto the website after all.

539. Race for the Club Activity Fund: The Burning 18 Again


In this week’s episode, the Running Man members are joined by two guests, Kim Bo Sung and Defconn. They go back to high school where they are divided into three clubs. The band club, dance club, and student guidance club must compete against one another in various classes to win the scholarship. Stay tuned to see who wins!

540. The Charismatic Sisters, The Ugly Siblings


This week, three charismatic actresses join the Running Man members to divide into three groups of siblings. Each family must compete for an allowance which the big sister distributes to the younger siblings. However, the final penalty is decided by how much money each individual has, leading to a game of wits even within the family. Stay tuned to see who must carry out the penalty.

541. 2021 New Year Driving Out Bad Luck Race: Take My Bad Luck Away


This week, three young actors visit Running Man for a race to drive out bad luck in the new year. The Running Man members and their guests divide into three teams and play a series of games to see which team ends up with the least number of Penalty Men. The final penalty is a giant water bomb that will surely wash away all of their bad luck. Stay tuned to see who gets soaked!

542. 2021 Running Man Neighborhood Athletic Meet with The Penthouse


For the last day of the Lunar New Year holidays, the three actors of The Penthouse, Park Eun Seok, Yoon Jong Hun, and Ha Do Kwon, visit Running Man. They join the show for 2021 Running Man Neighborhood Athletic Meet where they compete to gather more trophy stamps in their stamp books. Stay tuned to see what kind of funny penalty the staff has come up with!

543. Running Man Investment Contest: Genius Investors


The Running Man members enter into an investment contest. They begin with 500 dollars of R money each and enter the stock market of 2011. As they progress toward the year 2020, which is the year that the contest will end, the members with varying degrees of experience in stocks are tempted by all kinds of information. Stay tuned to find out who ends up earning the most R money.

544. Suk Jin's Day, It's Time to Find the Gold


The Running Man Investment Contest goes on with Se Chan in the lead. As the members make their investments based on the information they gather and their instincts, it becomes a matter of who will be in last place. After the Investment Contest, the Running Man members get together to celebrate Seok Jin’s birthday and begin a new race.

545. On the Way to Find Gold


Continuing from last week’s episode, everyone gathers to celebrate Seok Jin’s birthday. They get a letter saying that there is gold hidden somewhere in Running Village. Seok Jin gets to choose two members to join his team and the others compete as individual players. The winners get to choose two people who will get the penalty. Stay tuned to see who they are!

546. Records of the Running Dynasty: Appearance of the Evil Spirits


In this week’s episode, the four actors of the new drama “Joseon Exorcist” join the Running Man members for the Running Dynasty Records Race. There are two evil spirits who hide among the humans. They are divided into one king and three teams of nobles, eunuchs, and slaves. They must find who the evil spirits are in order to defeat them. Stay tuned to see if they succeed!

547. Dignity of Grand Award


Two of the Running Man members, Jae Seok and Jong Kook, are Grand Award winners in the end-of-year entertainment awards. The members divide into Team Yu Grand Award and Team Kim Grand Award and compete for points. Only the winner gets to be exempt from the penalty. Who will be the three unlucky members to get the penalty?

548. Catch the Stars Among Free Agents: Stars' Contract War


This week, four of the Running Man members become CEOs of new entertainment agencies. First, they must sign contracts with the artists they want to work with. With Jessi and Jang Woo Young joining the contract war, things get quite competitive. This time, two CEOs and two artists will get the penalty. Stay tuned to find out who they are.

549. Idol Star Project: Brave Idol's Day


In this week’s episode, the girl group that is taking music charts by storm, Brave Girls joins Running Man for A Day of Brave Idol Stars Race. They divide into three teams and compete to see who can be the best idol star. With various crew members joining in as judges for the missions, the results are as unpredictable as ever. Stay tuned to find out who gets the penalty!

550. Sweet and Scary Way Home


In this week’s episode, Cho Sae Ho and Cho A join in on The Sweet and Scary Way Home Race. They divide into two teams, Team Gangnam and Team Mapo. The teams compete to determine where they will shoot the ending scene. Which team will get to have an easy trip home after a long day of work? Stay tuned to find out!

551. I Want to Find the Partner Entertainer


This week, the Running Man members and three beautiful actresses head to Variety Village. There, they have a race to find the perfect variety show partner. Each person must do well in the games and charm the contenders of the opposite sex to gain points. The person with the least number of points faces a very harsh penalty. Stay tuned to see who finds their perfect partner.

552. Students Who Entered University in 1991 Are Back!


The Perfect Partner Signal, Variety Village Race continues and the 11 entertainers try to find their perfect variety show partner. As the people who are left without a partner face the penalty, everyone tries their best to find a match. Meanwhile, a new race begins with the theme of going back to 1991. Stay tuned and watch the Running Man members show off their retro vibes.

553. The Entering Class of 1991 Is Back!


The Running Man members continue with the “Students Who Entered University in 1991 Are Back!” race this week. The members take a trip down memory lane and go back to enjoying the music, food, and games of the 1990s. They compete to win nostalgic items as presents to avoid the cringe-worthy penalty. Stay tuned to see who gets the penalty at the end!

554. Credit Card Payment Race, When You Go to the TV Station


This week, the Running Man members go to the SBS building for the Credit Card Payment, When You Go to the TV Station Race. They compete in games that are in the theme of SBS variety shows. They try to win the right to decide whose credit card to use to pay for their activities. Stay tuned to see who gets the humiliating penalty at the end.

555. Smart Escape Race, Empty Head Land


This week, the Running Man members head to Empty Head Land for the Smart Escape Race. They must solve quizzes and play games to find a way to escape from Empty Head Land. With many twists and turns, the race is more exciting than ever. Stay tuned to see who must carry out the penalty and be called dunce for good.

556. We Will Find Spring For You


Sung Si Kyung and Lee Yong Jin join Running Man this week as the CEOs of two competing matchmaking companies. The male members join the two CEOs as their employees to search for their clients’ ideal types. So Min and Ji Hyo are the clients who get to decide which company did a better job at finding their ideal partners. Stay tuned to see which team wins!

557. Going Home Race, Read the Room


In this week’s episode, the Running Man members compete against each other to see who can go home the fastest. However, the Read the Room Race isn’t as simple as it seems. With hidden missions that allow the members to earn R coins, they must figure out how they can win the most coins. Stay tuned to see the hidden secret behind this race!

558. Three Meals for Jae Suk


This week’s episode is based on an idea that Jae Seok jokingly mentioned last week, where he dresses up as Lord Yu, the nobleman, and the others make him three meals for the day. They can earn or find coins to buy penalty sticks for other members, and they can even pay to have the lord replaced. Stay tuned to see who wins the prize and who gets the penalty!

559. Goodbye, Our Inseparable Brother


This week is Kwang Soo’s last episode on Running Man. The members get together for a special send-off race, where they must help Kwang Soo work off his amazingly large prison sentence for all the mischief he caused over the past 11 years. Stay tuned to see the tearful goodbyes and what kind of secret missions the members carried out.

560. The 1st Game Lover Get-together


The seven members of the famous Running Game Club have their first get-together. They compete in various games to win points in order to avoid the mystery penalty at the end. As the members try to outsmart and connive their ways to victory, some members seem to have better luck than others. Stay tuned to see which two members face off for the penalty!

561. Delightful Men & Women's Vacation Race


Today, the team assembles to enjoy their summer vacation. As they all talk about each other’s new summer outfits, today’s guests appear and join them. To make the vacation more interesting, they get a chance to earn over a thousand dollars. Defeat others, complete missions, win votes, and trust no one. Stay tuned to find out the winner of the prize money!

562. Talk Nightmare, The Day of Chattering Race


In Korea, chattering with your friends and families is often expressed with the word “dried pollack”. And for today’s mission, the members are to continue talking before the 10-second silence fills the air. Unless they successfully deduct the total count of dried pollacks, a selected few will inevitably have to go through one of many troublesome penalties. Whatever the case may be, Jae Seok who loves talking starts the nonstop conversation with the beloved members.

563. The Strange Family Photo Race


It’s been 11 years since the first episode of Running Man, and the penalty continues to threaten the members. In today’s episode, the members are divided into three groups and will compete for one of the seven roles in a family photo. Knowing that some roles might be tedious and humiliating, members do not hesitate to deceive one another. Even Ji Hyo, who’s been honest and straightforward, decides to act for her own good this time. Stay tuned!

564. Make Your Wish Come True & Pay The Price Later Race


The actors and actresses from “The Witch’s Diner” team participate in today’s race, and the winners will have their wishes granted. Among them is Ha Do Kwon who can’t seem to accept the consecutive defeats against Jong Kook. Ji Hyo, one of the original members of Running Man, also joins as a guest, but the other members find it hard to treat her like one. With Nam Ji Hyun’s disarming smile getting her team the upper hand, the race tightens.

565. Theft of Comedian Association Membership Fee


The fees collected for the Comedian Association have been stolen by the prime suspect, a person whom members are very close to. And now it’s the responsibility of the remaining members to make up for the missing amount. The members are divided into groups according to their seniority as Lee Yong Jin, today’s special guest and Se Chan’s colleague, joins the race. To avoid the penalty and make up for the missing amount, the members must clear the missions.

566. Make Your Own Fate, Protect Money For Your Parents


The staff decides to give the members a chance to earn cash according to their own choices so that they can spend time with their parents. However, the cash prizes also come at the risk of losing cash. The members can either choose the safe option to earn a moderate amount, or they can choose a riskier option for higher compensation that also has a chance of losing cash. As the race progresses, more complicated options are revealed to the members.

567. Team Selection Race, Young Ji versus Young Ji


In today’s episode, rapper Lee Young Ji and Hur Young Ji of KARA join other members in a race to lead their team to victory. With each Young Ji being the team leader, two teams make their utmost efforts to win each mission. However, the points are given to the team leaders first before they are distributed to the members, and this is where the members start to bear a grudge against their team leaders. Stay tuned!

568. Find the most expensive doll, Scary Doll Detective


In today’s episode, each member gets to choose one of Artist Kim So Hee’s handmade dolls at her Doll Exhibition. Suddenly, Ms. Kim collapses and dies mysteriously after looking at one of the dolls they’re holding. Who will find the most expensive doll to inherit her prized dolls and assets? Stay tuned to find out!

569. Couple Race, You Raise a Man Up


In today’s episode, Yoon Si Yoon, Park Ki Woong, and Ahn Hee Yeon join the show to compete in the You Raise a Man Up Race. With Jong Kook’s being the strongest of them all, the members and even the guests try to put a stop to his winning streak. Just when everyone thought it would be impossible to tame Jong Kook and his wildness, one of the guests manages to drag him down.

570. Catch the Mafia, Running Man in Chaos


It’s been years since the members raced alongside each other, but some still don’t have enough trust in others when it comes to Mafia Game. This time, the members not only have to stay incognito but also have to complete the given mission. As the race starts, everyone avoids Jong Kook’s keen eyes in order to hide their true identity. However, some start to suspect Jong Kook of being the Mafia.

571. Gym Revival Project, Trainer Jong Kook and National Team


Trainer Kook, one of the celebrities who enjoy working out, finds his gym on the verge of going bankrupt. In order to recover from the difficult situation, he invites other members to join him at the gym. As expected, none of the members are serious about the gym or the workout, and even Jong Kook finds it difficult to keep them under control.

572. Female Volleyball Team, Fierce Transfer Contract


The members of the women’s national volleyball team join the show to compete against the Running Man members at the 2022 Running Man League Draft. Especially, there is someone on the national team who looks and behaves exactly like Kwang Soo. Meanwhile, Jong Kook doesn’t seem as bossy as before now that he’s with the players of the national volleyball team.

573. Fierce Transfer Race 2: Negotiation of Long Legs


The members of the women’s national volleyball team continue to demand more salary and welfare packages from their trainers even though they’ve failed to perform well in the foot volleyball games. Meanwhile, whenever the members look at or listen to Yeon Koung, they cannot shake off the feeling that their old friend is back.

574. To Become Italian Gentlemen, Elegant Road of Western Dishes


It’s finally the last round of the Fierce Transfer Race. This time, the players are given a huge volleyball to compete against the opponent team on a court prepared in a swimming pool. Meanwhile, the Running Man members hold a special event to test each other’s guts whether they can admit to something they would want to hide for the rest of their lives.

575. Squid Game


The members are invited to play in the Webfoot Octopus Game, and they must decide whether they will participate in this high-stake game with 3,000 dollars of prize money. While some struggle to survive on their own, others work in groups to eliminate others. Who’s going to be the final survivor? Stay tuned to find out.

576. The Choice of Destiny, Golden Ratio Race


The members welcome Yeji, Luda, BIBI, and MC Minzy to the show, and they prepare to compete in the Golden Ratio Race. The race will consist of many games, and the last one seems a bit tricky. As seen in “Squid Game”, two teams must walk across a bridge of either wooden floors or Styrofoam floors. However, Ji Hyo seems to be pretty good at the game and surprises others. Stay tuned!

577. The Rehabilitation Project, Icon of Misfortune


Joon Ho invites the members to his huge mansion to have the Mansion of Misfortune Race and gain good energy from Running Man team. They start the race with a bag of chocolates, and the winner will be decided by the number of chocolates they gain from each race. Will he be able to win the race and become the icon of promise? Stay tuned to find out!

578. The Race to Get To Know Each Other, My Money and My Alpine Club


Jang Hyuk, today’s special guest, joins the members for My Alpine Club Race. They are informed that they will be going on hiking, and as expected, Seok Jin doesn’t fail to disappoint the crew with his weird fashion. Meanwhile, the members are told that they will have to pay for their own expenses except for the chosen few. The struggle to become the minority begins.

579. Street Human Fighter


As the heroines of “Street Woman Fighter”, the four leaders including Honey J, Aiki, Lee Jung, and Monika visit the show for another round of competition. With selected Running Man members next to each leader, the race begins. Although they might look happy-go-lucky on the outside, the tension continues to build up as the race proceeds. Stay tuned!

580. Running Man vs Production Team, 2021 Running Man Penalty Negotiation


The time has finally come, and the members accept the challenge from the production crew. Both parties will undergo a series of games in order to see the opponent suffer from a penalty. In negotiations, one doesn’t always get what they want, but one gets what one manages to negotiate. The production crew wants to see every single Running Man suffer, but will they be able to beat the members in the game? Stay tuned to find out!

581. Welcome The New Millennium: End of Century


A long time ago, Nostradamus, a reputed seer, once predicted that the world will end in 1999. With only a few days left of the year 1999, the members gather to fight against the resistance, Nostra and Damus. SAN of ATEEZ, Jin Ji Hee, and Arin of OH MY GIRL will support the members, but no one knows exactly who the resistance is. They will just have to find out. Stay tuned!

582. The Variety Show Family, Yang Se Chan the Good Son


Se Chan's birthday is coming up, and his variety show parents are here to throw him a fancy birthday party. He wants to become a perfect son for his variety show parents by treating them with allowance. However, they do not even hesitate to stab him in the back, as they are blinded by the money and prize they will get from the race. Stay tuned to find out who wins the race!

583. Suk Jin's Cells


Seok Jin is well known for his gullible personality. In today’s episode, the members become his cells and help him make the right choice during his busy schedule as a superstar. His cells need to persuade him to choose their suggestion and earn Gullible Coins to win the race. Let’s find out how Seok Jin will survive today with his adorable cells!

584. 2021 Clever Year-end Party


585. Running Man Year-End Special


586. Top Secret Revealed, Forehead Fortune-Teller


587. The Seniority War of the Youngest Members


588. The Modeling World


589. The Myth of Dangun in the Year of the Black Tiger (Part 1)


590. The Myth of Dangun in the Year of the Black Tiger (Part 2)


591. Se-ri and Birdie Buddy


592. Card Shark Association, Those Who Read Card Sharks' Minds


593. Casual Ji


594. Running Man Presidential Race


595. This Is My First Time Being a Captain (Part 1)


596. This Is My First Time Being a Captain (Part 2)


597. Not Spring, Candy, or Penalty


598. Captain Ji's Imagination Comes True


599. How Much Do You Want to Spend?


600. With Viewers


601. The Decisive Punch


602. Enemy Cha-Cha-Cha


603. The 1st Division Game


604. User's Guide to Black and White Roses


605. 2022: Truth or False Charge


606. Investing Genuises Go to NY (Part 1)


607. Investing Geniuses Go to NY (Part 2)


608. I Will Leave Work First


609. The 1st Running Man Vacation Service


610. House Jong Kook


611. War of Spoon


612. The 2nd Sharing Playbook


613. Running Story


614. The Story of Running Man


615. Race of Groups (Part 1)


616. Race of Groups (Part 2)


617. Investment in Real Estate


618. War of Money


619. Running Man, Going Round and Round


620. Be Strong For My Way


621. We Want To Go To Gangwon Province


622. Anyway, The Penalty Goes To...


623. Go? Stop?


624. Mr. Run, How's the Food Over There?


625. A Walk Around the Famous Neighborhood


626. Show Me The Fight Money


627. Suk Jin versus Suk Jin


628. Looking For Fall


629. Operation: Pass the Bomb


630. One Dollar Gourmet Race


631. Will We Have Our First Win in the World Cup


632. Episode 632


633. Episode 633


634. Episode 634


635. Episode 635