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Image Coronation Street

Coronation Street

Release Date 2022-09-23
Runtime 24 minutes
Genres Soap
Stars Simon Gregson, William Roache, Alan Halsall, Jane Danson, Barbara Knox

The residents of Coronation Street are ordinary, working-class people, and the show follows them through regular social and family interactions at home, in the workplace, and in their local pub, the Rovers Return Inn. Britain's longest-running soap.

1. Monday, 3rd January 2022 (Part 1)


Abi meets Imran to discuss her taking a pregnancy test and warns him she'll have to tell Kev if it's positive. Has someone overheard? Tim books health checks for him and Sally.

2. Monday, 3rd January 2022 (Part 2)


As tipsy Emma supervises learner driver Faye when they return from a party, Faye clips an old man, Ted. They're relieved he seems OK and later return to check on him.

3. Tuesday, 4th January 2022


When Adam's car is keyed, he accuses Lydia of doing it and trying to drive a wedge between him and Sarah. But Adam's left eating his words... can he rectify the issue? Worried Sally jumps to conclusions when she realises Tim's lying about what he's been up to. Zeedan tells Alya that Marrium will be returning to London very soon.

4. Wednesday, 5th January 2022 (Part 1)


Yasmeen and Stu ready to reopen Speed Daal. After sharing a kiss, Zeedan and Marrium agree to try again. Craig and Faye move in with Ty and Emma. Adam lands Lydia.

5. Wednesday, 5th January 2022 (Part 2)


Tim reels when his consultant informs him he needs a triple heart bypass. In the dark, Sally is wounded when he turns down her suggestion of sexy night in.

6. Monday, 10th January 2022 (Part 1)


Zeedan and Ryan find a use for Hashim's dirty cash. A miserable Joseph pleads poverty to Hope. Aggie forces Tim to fave up to his illness.

7. Monday, 10th January 2022 (Part 2)


Yasmeen is incensed by Alya and Zeedan's confession. Chesney and Gemma learn that Joseph is being bullied. Tim summons the courage to inform Sally of his upcoming operation.

8. Wednesday, 12 January 2022 (Part 1)


Joseph reacts badly when Chesney goes back on his word. Aadi encourages Amy to bury the hatchet with Summer. Jenny intervenes to ease Rita's burden.

9. Wednesday, 12 January 2022 (Part 2)


Chesney and Gemma report Joseph's disappearance to the police. Zeedan's must choose between his wife and family. Brian recruits Shona to assist Rita in The Kabin.

10. Friday, 14th January 2022


Tim confides in Peter that he needs to have a triple-bypass operation. Will he take Peter's advice to tell his wife Sally? A cash reward is offered for Joseph's safe return. Summer's troubles continue when she discovers she's been upskirted. But the teen feels too ashamed to alert the police and instead comforts herself with chocolate.

11. Monday, 17th January 2022 (Part 1)


Tim's shady behaviour about his bypass operation has Sally convinced that her secretive husband is cheating on her!

12. Monday, 17th January 2022 (Part 2)


Amy is suspended for painting 'Stop Protecting Sex Offenders' on the school wall! At the corner shop, Bernie plants a kiss on Dev.

13. Wednesday, 19 January 2022 (Part 1)


Yasmeen struggles to rely on agency staff at Speed Daal, while Leanne offers Zeedan some work at the Bistro.

14. Wednesday, 19th January 2022 (Part 2)


When Sally tracks Tim via a phone app, she discovers he's in hotel and vows to confront him. Will Tim admit the truth?

15. Friday, 21st January 2022


Before Tim can break the news to Sally about his operation, he collapses, clutching his chest. Jenny has a date with Leo. Summer and Amy lead a protest against the upskirters, and Daniel secretly calls The Gazette to get the story covered.

16. Monday, 24th January 2022 (Part 1)


Bernie's chuffed when Dev suggests a meal in Speed Daal to make their romance official. Carla has words with Jenny about Leo.

17. Monday, 24th January 2022 (Part 2)


Tim's due to have surgery and wants Sally to forgive him before he goes under the knife but things take an unexpected turn.

18. Wednesday, 26th January 2022 (Part 1)


Guilty Faye and Emma panic when Craig shares an update on Ted's case. Lydia clocks a spark between exes Daniel and Daisy.

19. Wednesday, 26th January 2022 (Part 2)


Evelyn calls the police about Bernie. Will the gran admit the truth about the money? Jenny learns Leo's been taken to A&E.

20. Friday, 28th January 2022


Faye's horrified when Emma suggests they attend Ted's funeral. Later, she crumbles and tells Craig about knocking Ted down. As the family turn their back on Bernie, will Joseph or Hope put everyone straight? Sally fumes as Elaine says she's moving in.

21. Monday, 31st January 2022 (Part 1)


Faye frets when Craig tells her that he's going to conduct an extra search of Ted's house. Will she get him to do her dirty work?

22. Monday, 31st January 2022 (Part 2)


Tyrone steals himself to tell Fiz there's more to Hope's problems than they fIrst thought, and It's time to get a proper diagnosis.

23. Tuesday, 1st February 2022


When Daniel returns home to find Max destroying his flat, he shoves him and he falls down the stairs. Will the teen survive? Stressed about Faye's involvement in Ted's death and what it means for his career, Craig decides to quit the police force.

24. Wednesday, 2nd February 2022 (Part 1)


The cops are on Daniel's back about Max, but Daniel maintains that the lad slipped. Daniel and Daisy share a kiss.

25. Wednesday, 2nd February 2022 (Part 2)


Asha's worried sick when a deeply troubled Nina steals her phone and locks her in the cafe to stop her leaving for Glasgow.

26. Monday, 7th February 2022 (Part 1)


Adam blames a client when his car window is smashed and his office i raided by armed police following tip-off about a gun.

27. Monday, 7th February 2022 (Part 2)


Laura announces she's dying from stomach cancer and has only months to live. But Kelly's unsure how to react to the news.

28. Wednesday, 9th February 2022 (Part 1)


Plagued by silent phone calls, Adam is determined to catch his tormentor, especially when Sarah receives flowers with a scary note.

29. Wednesday, 9th February 2022 (Part 2)


On Amy's birthday, Steve and Tracy find an intruder in their home who they unmask as Jacob. But Jacob is Amy's secret boyfriend.

30. Friday, 11th February 2022


When Summer and Asha work out Amy is dating Jacob, Amy begs them not to spill the beans to her dad Steve. Adam's stalker sneaks into his and Sarah's flat, trashes their roses and leaves a note saying this Valentine's Day might be their last.

31. Monday, 14th February 2022 (Part 1)


Amy collapses while clubbing, but all hell breaks loose at the hospital when Steve discovers Amy and Jacob are an item.

32. Monday, 14th February 2022 (Part 2)


It's Valentine's Day and, as Sarah spends it alone, Lydia's behaviour towards Adam is like a scene out of "Fatal Attraction".

33. Wednesday, 16th February 2022 (Part 1)


Jacob tries to reassure Steve he didn't spike Amy's drink, but he ends up being punched by the dad and dumped by Amy.

34. Wednesday, 16th February 2022 (Part 2)


Joseph's nan Linda turns unannounced at No.5, leaving Chesney lying through his teeth that coping with five kids is easy.

35. Friday, 18th February 2022


Max is forced to hand over the footage of the Valentine's dance to detectives investigating Amy's spiking. What will it show? Unaware who Linda is, Dev tells her about Joseph's recent ordeal. Abi squirms as Toyah tells her that Imran cheated.

36. Monday, 21st February 2022 (Part 1)


Linda starts to take a more active role in Joseph's life and ends up suggesting her grandson moves to Portugal to live with her.

37. Monday, 21st February 2022 (Part 2)


As Toyah and Iran celebrate their engagement, Abi confesses to Sally that she cheated on Kev. Lydia spins Sarah a line.

38. Wednesday, 23rd February 2022 (Part 1)


After Jack's adoption hearing, Sally phones Abi about her pal's secret betrayal unaware her call is going out over a speaker.

39. Wednesday, 23rd February 2022 (Part 2)


Stu sets out to bring Tracy down a peg or two. Adam learns his reputation has been trashed online. Bernie and Linda clash.

40. Friday, 25th February 2022


As Sarah pieces the 'facts' together, she accuses Lydia of having an affair with Adam. Adam reels as Lydia says it's true. Abi and Imran are on pins when Toyah catches them talking about their secret fling. Stu tells Ken that he pranked Tracy.

41. Monday, 28th February 2022


Cheney agrees to let Linda take Joseph to Portugal, only for him to regret it, which results in a frantic dash to the airport. Emma spies on Ted's grandson, Jon, which leads to dinner at Speed Daal, but she's torn when Faye hears about it and kicks off.

42. Friday, 4th March 2022


Lydia's out to destroy Adam's life by giving Sarah 'evidence' of her hubby's affair and making it look like Adam trashed her flat. As Abi continues to spiral downwards, she knocks back vodka and buys drugs while obsessing over photos of Seb.

43. Sunday, 6th March 2022


Abi gets high with Dean and they take off in a stolen car, but when she doubles over in pain, he leaves her stranded. What's wrong?

44. Monday, 7th March 2022


Kelly struggles with juggling more shifts at the salon and sneaking off to look after her terminally ill mum Laura. Nick worries when Sam's chess obsession affects his schoolwork. Tyrone discovers a car has been stolen and realises Abi is behind it.

45. Wednesday, 9th March 2022


When Daniel's former love interest Nicky comes looking for him, an unnerved Daisy lies that he's moved away. Maria says Laura can move in with them, and Gary's horrified when Laura says she's hiring a detective to track down Rick.

46. Friday, 11th March 2022


Daniel's delighted when Nicky tracks him down. But when he introduces her to Daisy, his other half has some explaining to do. Ed and Aggie are relieved when Michael calls off the search for Grace. Gary's on edge when he goes with Laura to meet her Pl.

47. Monday, 14th March 2022


Abi admits the truth when Imran demands to know if he's the father of her baby, Alfie. just as Toyah walks in on them. Daisy learns Nicky's applying for a teaching-assistant job. Aggie and Ed worry when Grace turns up for Glory's birthday party.

48. Wednesday, 16th March 2022


When Alfie has an operation, Abi breaks down to Kevin who's returned and gives her hope when he offers to let her stay at No.13. Ed and Aggie tell astounded Michael that Grace has been blackmailing them. Amy's bids to meet with Jacob are dashed.

49. Friday, 18th March 2022


When Amy tells Steve and Tracy that she and Jacob are in love, Steve insists she chooses her family or her boyfriend! Carla tells Sarah to think hard before giving up on Adam because she's not sure Lydia can be trusted. What will Sarah do?

50. Monday, 21st March 2022


Lydia's bombshell brings Adam crashing down to earth. Steve meddles to prevent Ken and Dev from helping Amy. Phill reveals his plan to enable Maria to win the election. Laura mixes alcohol with her medication.

51. Wednesday, 23rd March 2022


Adam undergoes surgery to save his eyesight. Kelly cannot contain her fury at Laura's selfishness. Craig struggles to forgive Faye for ruining his career. Maria receives the news she has been waiting for.

52. Friday, 25th March 2022


As Gary resolves to moves Rick's body, Laura demands the truth. Faye confides in Elaine that she might be pregnant. Tim wants to celebrate Sally's return by heading for the bedroom.

53. Monday, 28th March 2022


Gary and Maria panic as the police conduct a new search for Rick's body. Phill and Fiz's house move suffers more than one setback. Tim blames his mum for his underwhelming performance. Emma fibs to Craig after getting caught out with Jon.

54. Wednesday, 30th March 2022


Imran makes an impassioned plea for Abi to keep her baby. Tim fails to muster the courage to ask Elaine to move out. Maria is appalled by Gary's decision to confess to murder. Jon and Emma grow closer than ever.

55. Friday, 1st April 2022


Kevin discovers a shocking secret from Alfie's birth certificate. Billy persuades Summer to join her friends for a girls' night out. Fiz and Phill are surprised by Tyrone's gesture. Nick confronts Leanne over Sam's clandestine chess matches.

56. Monday, 4th April 2022


Jon offers Emma a new life in Australia. Toyah makes an important decision regarding Elsie's adoption. Tyrone wishes Fiz well for her fresh start in Phill's house. Roy encourages Nick to let Sam play in a chess tournament.

57. Wednesday, 6th April 2022


Faye blurts out the truth when Jon demands answers. Gary is shocked by the decline in Laura's condition. Nick proudly watches Sam at the chess tournament. Tyrone admits to Fiz that he misses her.

58. Friday, 8th April 2022


Kelly refuses to allow Laura to ruin her moment of glory. Sam faces his opponent in the chess final. Daisy suspects Nicky of being cagey about her past career. And will Emma get a happy ending as she leaves the street?

59. Monday, 11th April 2022


While Kelly grieves for her mum, news arrives concerning her dad. Toyah's heart breaks as Elsie is taken away from her. Sam seeks Nick's advice on the opposite sex. Nicky offers to help when Daniel agrees to organise a school trip.

60. Wednesday, 13th April 2022


Imran decides to challenge Abi for custody of Alfie. Beth betrays Craig's confidence to a shocked Faye. Gary questions Maria's priorities. Mrs. Crawshaw puts Daniel in an awkward situation. A worried Billy persuades Amy to speak to Summer.

61. Friday, 15th April 2022


Abi and Imran prepare to do battle for care of Alfie. Gary hopes to bury the past at Rick's funeral. Amy stumbles on Summer's secret. Kirk amazes his employers by winning a big order.

62. Monday, 18th April 2022


Simon's vendetta against Jacob places Summer in harm's way. Toyah disapproves of Imran's sneaky tactics to beat Abi. Gary, Ed and Paul discover a stash of cash at Rick's house. A paranoid Daisy resolves to get Nicky away from Daniel.

63. Wednesday, 20th April 2022


Daisy learns the truth after trying to matchmake for Nicky. Sally instructs a reluctant Tim to send Elaine packing. Summer is upset by Todd's idea of looking out for her. Eileen feels stung by George's rejection.

64. Friday, 22nd April 2022


Nicky gets summoned to a meeting at the school. Sean fuels Eileen's growing suspicions of George. Elaine's departure fails to solve Tim and Sally's problem. Summer meets a kindred spirit at her diabetes support group.

65. Monday, 25th April 2022


Daniel apologises to an unforgiving Daisy, and reveals that it was Max who maliciously shared Nicky's images with the rest of the school. George refuses to let Eileen stay at his, and is shocked when he arrives home to find Eileen and Sean snooping round his garden.

66. Wednesday, 27th April 2022


A defiant Max assures David and Shona that Daniel is bluffing as he has got too much to lose. But when Amy misreads one lad's admiring glances, she throws a cup of coffee over him and has a meltdown, believing he could have been the one to spike her drink. Carla has some questions to answer when news of Jacob's new job at the factory reaches Simon, Toyah, Nick, Leanne and Peter.

67. Friday, 29th April 2022


With the weight of the world on his shoulders and feeling guilty about Amy, Max has a huge fall-out with David, who has confiscated his phone. Toyah and Leanne settle their differences, while Simon confronts Jacob and demands he hand over his stash. Aggie reveals that she's been drafted to a different ward in the hospital.

68. Monday, 2nd May 2022


Abi uncovers Imran's devious tactics to discredit her, and urges Toyah to call off the wedding. Faye receives a devastating diagnosis. Ken becomes embroiled in Stu's brush with the law.

69. Wednesday, 4th May 2022


Abi provides Imran with a perfect opportunity to frame her. Stu apologises to Yasmeen via a serenade. Aggie overhears Mr Thorne on an incriminating phone call. Max learns that he has been expelled from school.

70. Friday, 6th May 2022


Abi struggles on the first anniversary of Seb's death, but it remains to be seen whether she will go off on another of her trademark drink and drug binges. Elsewhere, Thorne vows to punish Aggie for reporting him, and George's bedroom confession shocks Eileen.

71. Monday, 9th May 2022


Peter lashes out in anger upon learning of Thorne's abuse of power. Summer dashes Aadi's hopes of a reconciliation. Jacob steps in when Kirk suffers stage fright.

72. Wednesday, 11th May 2022


Carla gets propositioned while trying to help Peter. Sarah tasks Kirk with another tricky sales assignment. Summer hates herself for scaring away Aaron.

73. Friday, 13th May 2022


Abi plays Ben at his own game. Tim insists on seeing the doctor without Sally present. Peter asks Aggie to dig for incriminating evidence against Thorne. Fiz shows Tyrone around her new home.

74. Monday, 16th May 2022


Abi shows up unexpectedly at Alfie's naming ceremony. Fiz's past rears its head during a meeting with Phill's friends. Daniel receives encouraging feedback. Tim fails to share Sally's excitement for their romantic getaway.

75. Wednesday, 18th May 2022


Tim's reckless decision puts his life in danger. Toyah allows Abi to take Alfie for a walk by herself. Tracy enlists David's support to sabotage Daniel's career.

76. Friday, 20th May 2022


Tim overhears Ronnie sympathising with Sally. Jacob takes advantage of Mary's trust. Daniel decides to turn his back on teaching for good.

77. Monday, 23rd May 2022


Hope's discovery spells trouble for Fiz and Phill. Billy's accusation angers Summer and Tim finally discusses his impotence with a doctor.

78. Wednesday, 25th May 2022


Tyrone and Phill come to blows over Fiz. Toyah and Imran are summoned to an urgent meeting regarding Elsie. Summer plays fast and loose with her health.

79. Friday, 27th May 2022


Abi admits her plan to flee abroad with Alfie. Summer's high blood sugar has a devastating impact on her exam. Sean attracts the attention of a Rovers customer called Frank.

80. Monday, 30th May 2022


A guilty Imran squirms when Kelly accuses im of bribing Ben to lie in court. Kevin helps Abi with her plan to flee the country with Alfie.

81. Tuesday, 31st May 2022


When Abi realises the game is up, Toyah wants to go to the police and Imran vows to come clean.

82. Wednesday, 1st June 2022


Imran pulls Toyah from the wreckage of the crash. Kevin tells Abi that he wants her back in his life for good.

83. Thursday, 2nd June 2022


Abi and Kevin fall under suspicion as the crash is investigated. Kelly informs the police of Imran's confession.

84. Friday, 3rd June 2022


Kevin assures Abi they will keep fighting for custody of Alfie. The police are not convinced that Toyah and Imran's crash was an accident.

85. Monday, 6th June 2022


Alfie's future seems increasingly uncertain as the Street's residents navigate the aftermath of the crash. Eileen and George meet Sean's new boyfriend, Frank. Aadi presents Summer with revision cards to prepare for her next exam.

86. Wednesday, 8th June 2022


Aadi stands accused of Summer's misdemeanor. Frank offers George an overdue apology. Jenny discovers that there's trouble brewing for Leo.

87. Friday, 10th June 2022


Aadi and Summer are summoned for questioning at school. David and Maria suffer a scheduling clash. Cathy makes an unsettling discovery among Brian's belongings.

88. Monday, 13th June 2022


Toyah faces the police on the day of Imran's funeral. Evelyn's words encourage Brian to pop the question. Aaron supports Summer as her friends turn against her.

89. Wednesday, 15th June 2022


Toyah refuses to alter her account of the events of Imran's death. Cathy ignores Evelyn's advice and accepts Brian's proposal. Abi learns that she must reapply for custody of Alfie.

90. Friday, 17th June 2022


Abi predicts an unfavourable outcome at the custody hearing. Brian makes a last-ditch attempt to hold onto Cathy. Debbie confronts Nick and Leanne over some missing cash.

91. Monday, 20th June 2022


Max is conned in a blackmail phone scam, Audrey and Rita finally bury the hatchet, and Tracy is horrified to see Wendy Crozier with Abi and demands to know what is going on. Tim is stunned by his doctor's advice.

92. Wednesday, 22 June 2022


When Gail raises the subject of her mum's drinking, Audrey hits the roof and announces she's moving back home. Tim and Sally endure their first sex therapy session, and Max discovers his blackmailer's identity.

93. Friday, 24th June 2022


Audrey's son Stephen arrives in her hour of need, Tim neglects Sally while worrying about Aggie, and Thorne rumbles Peter's attempt to record his confession.

94. Monday, 27th June 2022


A stressed Maria has a go at Max in the barbers as she worries about the video, while coming under fire from her neighbours over their unemptied bins. Carla warns Peter to think carefully about rejecting the life-changing sum of money on offer from Thorne.

95. Wednesday, 29th June 2022


Maria reckons the police need informing about the threats she's receiving. As Thorne gets into his car Peter can no longer contain his rage and angrily confronts him.

96. Friday, 1st July 2022


Toyah mounts a protest against waste incineration, and is stunned to cross paths with old boyfriend Spider Nugent again. Fiz is forced to ask Phill's mum Mimi to stay. Peter tells Daniel and Carla about an encounter with Nicky, but he is shocked by Daniel's response.

97. Monday, 4th July 2022


Evelyn suspects Mimi of trying to sabotage Fiz and Phill's wedding. Spider provides a welcome distraction from Toyah's troubles. An impressed Kevin takes on Aaron at the garage.

98. Wednesday, 6th July 2022


Fiz hears some unwelcome words from Camilla during her hen night. Audrey calls a family meeting to announce the contents of her will. Leanne is aghast to learn of Toyah's misdemeanour.

99. Friday, 8th July 2022


Fiz and Phill prepare to say their vows with Tyrone in attendance. Stu leaves Zeedan in the lurch while drowning his sorrows. Audrey's trust in Stephen puts her grandchildren's noses out of joint.

100. Monday, 11th July 2022


Fiz's decision complicates life for Phill and Tyrone. Carla dismisses Sarah's idea to involve Stephen in the factory. Kelly declares her intention to right her late dad's wrongs.

101. Wednesday, 13th July 2022


Maria suffers more than one upsetting encounter at a council function. A Platt family lunch ends acrimoniously. Phill's romantic gesture for Fiz proves to be out of order.

102. Friday, 15th July 2022


Ed gets the shock of his life while working for Debbie. Sean looks forward to introducing Frank to his son, Dylan. Kelly defies Gary and pays a visit to one of her dad's old clients.

103. Monday, 18th July 2022


Tyrone is given some painful home truths as he and Fiz attend their first couples therapy session, while still trying to keep their relationship a secret from Phill. Gary's left reeling when he learns Kelly's been taken and her kidnapper wants £50k for her safe return! Wendy turns up at No.1 to clear the air with ex-lover Ken.

104. Wednesday, 20th July 2022


Phill's left red-faced at the factory when he tries to woo machinist Fiz by dressing up as Richard Gere from the film An Officer and a Gentleman, only to do his back in! Gary reveals his true colours when he sees red and turns violent with Kelly's kidnappers.. With Audrey still in a huff with her family, can they win her round?

105. Friday, 22nd July 2022


Things unravel for Fiz when Phill insists on going to couples therapy and books the same therapist that she and Tyrone are seeing. Is he about to find out the truth? It's Audrey's birthday, but she's not impressed by her celebration meal or her surprise present. Elsewhere, a shaken Kelly quizzes Gary on his violent behaviour.

106. Monday, 25th July 2022


Yasmeen's good deed meets with hostility from Stu, Summer decides to get a job instead of attending university, and Kevin is shocked to hear of Jack's unhappiness.

107. Wednesday, 27th July 2022


Kevin loses his temper and starts smashing up Stephen's car, and a nervous Summer starts work at the factory. Stu impresses Yasmeen with his leftover food initiative.

108. Friday, 29th July 2022


Kevin receives a visit from the police on the day of Abi's homecoming. Summer invites Aaron to spend the evening at her flat and Debbie forms a plan upon learning that Ryan is skint.

109. Monday, 1st August 2022


Ryan takes a big gamble during the bistro's Casino Night. Sally makes an upsetting discovery about Tim. Ken offers Wendy a second chance.

110. Wednesday, 3rd August 2022


Debbie and Ryan fall under suspicion for the robbery. George receives an unwelcome takeover bid. Aggie helps Tim to identify the root of his problem.

111. Friday, 5th August 2022


Stu's ex-wife reveals an awful secret from his past. George's sister Glenda arrives in time to save his reputation. Daniel voices his mistrust of Leo to Daisy.

112. Monday, 8th August 2022


Kelly vows to get Stu's side of the story, Jenny accuses Daisy of wanting rid of her from the Rovers, and Ryan hatches a desperate plan to get himself off the hook.

113. Wednesday, 10th August 2022


Stu tries to convince Yasmeen to hear him out, George bags Sean a date with the elusive Laurence, and Ryan awaits sentencing at the magistrates' court.

114. Friday, 12th August 2022


Toyah finds out that Spider has been arrested during a protest. When Stephen confides his concern for Audrey to Rita, they agree to arrange a treat for her. Rita recruits Roy and Ken to join their posh afternoon tea to cheer up Audrey at Debbie's hotel. In the cafe, Stephen receives a call from the hotel about the deposit for afternoon tea. However, his card is declined.

115. Monday, 15th August 2022


Audrey chooses to share her secret over afternoon tea with friends. Craig asks Carla not to put Faye under pressure at work. Spider introduces Toyah to Griff, a fellow protester.

116. Wednesday, 17th August 2022


Zeedan goes against Yasmeen's wishes in order to hear Stu out. Summer quizzes Aaron about his latest injury. Faye makes a drunken pass at Michael.

117. Friday, 19th August 2022


Summer's health scare throws her holiday with Aaron into doubt. Stephen thinks on his feet to avoid Sarah rumbling his lies. Zeedan convinces Alya to look into Stu's old case.

118. Monday, 22nd August 2022


Alya and Zeedan make an intriguing discovery in Stu's case files. Stephen pits Sarah and Carla against each other. Summer lies to Billy about her diabetes nurse's advice.

119. Wednesday, 24th August 2022


Carla is resistant to involving Stephen in Underworld. Yasmeen supports Stu's return to the street. Kelly and Aadi get to know each other intimately.

120. Friday, 26th August 2022


Kelly and Aadi struggle to distinguish fact from fiction. Bernie's shopping expedition results in double trouble with a woman called Fern. Tim and Elaine question Yasmeen's trust in Stu.

121. Monday, 29th August 2022


Kelly and Aadi's marriage plans meet with opposition from Dev. Summer's 18th birthday brings a message from beyond the grave. Dylan expresses a wish to live with Sean permanently.

122. Wednesday, 31st August 2022


Audrey informs her family of her attempted overdose. Asha implores Aadi not to cut ties with Dev. Jenny refuses to stand in the way of Leo's future.

123. Friday, 2nd September 2022


Stephen turns on the charm to attract newly single Jenny. Toyah warns Carla against a deal that could damage her reputation. A confused Ken gets the cold shoulder from Wendy.

124. Monday, 5th September 2022


Sarah tells Stephen that she has arranged a meeting with a couple of potential investors, while Roy, Nina and Toyah warn Carla about the protest and urge her to take a closer look at Nadeem's business practices. Jenny is feeling the pressure as she meets with the pub's charity football team, knowing the Flying Horse are looking for revenge.

125. Wednesday, 7th September 2022


Carla is unimpressed to see Griff chatting to Toyah and there is a heartstopping finale to the football match. Stephen lets himself into No.8 and takes out the trust fund papers so that he practice Audrey's signature, but when Audrey suddenly appears there's every danger that he's caught in the act.

126. Monday, 12th September 2022


Saira approaches Toyah in the street and accuses her of murdering Imran so that she could be with her new boyfriend, while James is told he will be fitted with an ICD to prevent further cardiac arrests. Gary warns Maria that if they try to stop Kelly marrying Aadi, they could end up driving her away for good.

127. Wednesday, 14th September 2022


As her trial looms, Toyah's guilt gets the better of her, and she secretly confesses to Spider that she intended to kill Imran, but Leanne hears Toyah's every word. Ahead of their escape to Greta Green, teens Kelly and Aadi throw an engagement party to prove how serious they are about each other. will Dev give his blessing?

128. Thursday, 15th September 2022


The prosecution shows no mercy as Toyah's murder trial begins. Sean's birthday lunch is disrupted by an enemy of Stu. James's manager pays a visit to discuss his future.

129. Sunday, 18th September 2022


Gary is unhappy as Sharon visits Kelly to celebrate her engagement, and begs her not to ruin Kelly's life by revealing he killed her dad. In court, the jury delivers their verdict, and Spider announces he intends to stick around and meets up with DS Swain to discuss his job.

130. Tuesday, 20th September 2022


Kelly plots the ultimate revenge against Gary. Jenny is made to feel uneasy when Leo voices his suspicions of Stephen and Nina's error of judgement causes anxiety for Roy.

131. Wednesday, 21st September 2022


Kelly abandons her engagement party to accuse Gary of murder. Leo is intrigued to see Stephen lying to his family. Evelyn provides Roy with a lead to Hayley's missing coat.

132. Friday, 23rd September 2022


With the plot to kill Gary unraveling fast, unhinged Kieron sets his sights on killing Kelly and framing her for Gary's death, making it look like a murder and suicide! When David finds out what Stephen's been up to, he considers calling the police. Gabrielle turns up at Audrey's - will she tell Stephen's family everything about her ex?

133. Monday, 26th September 2022


Leo's like a dog with a bone on his mission to prove Stephen's a liar and confronts him on the factory gantry, threatening to tell Audrey everything! How will Stephen react? Following last week's dramatic shooting, the police intensify their enquiries. As James recovers from his surgery, the footy star has to reconsider his career in sport.

134. Wednesday, 28th September 2022


Ever since his run-in with Stephen, Leo's nowhere to be seen. Has he got cold feet about his relationship with Jenny and done a sudden bunk on his older-woman fiancée? Dee-Dee returns from America to sort out James' pay-off from Weatherfield County and tries to get him a better deal. Meanwhile, James gives Lily her first football lesson.

135. Friday, 30th September 2022


Leo's dad, Teddy, spots Jenny behind the bar of the Rovers and tells her she only has herself to blame for Leo leaving! Dev pours his heart out to Bernie about Aadi. Having tackled the club about James' paltry pay-off, Dee-Dee sets her sights on clearing Stu's name and finds an address for the officer originally in charge of the case.