Image Kamen Rider

Kamen Rider

Release Date 2022-11-27
Runtime 30 minutes
Genres Action & Adventure, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Drama
Stars Hideyoshi Kan, Ryuga Sato, Yuna Hoshino, Kazuto Mokudai, Kokoro Aoshima

Hongo Takeshi is a promising young man with a passion for motorcycle racing. However, his dreams are suddenly ruined when he gets kidnapped by Shocker, the evil secret organisation planning to dominate the world. After being remodeled into a cyborg, Takeshi escapes and swears to protect the world from the inhuman monsters.

1. Daybreak F: The Cordially Invited Rider


The finals of the Desire Grand Prix are underway when Keiwa Sakurai, a man down on his luck after a failed job interview, is caught in the midst of things.

2. Encounter 1: Treasure Hunt and Theft


Ace has won the Desire Grand Prix and the entrants for the next series assemble as they are tasked to go on a treasure hunt.

3. Encounter 2: Zombie Hunt


Neon is asked by her mother to quit her successful streaming channel when a new zombie round of the Desire Grand Prix begins; Ace and Michinaga have a bet on who will do better in the next round.

4. Encounter 3: Conditions for Winning


With Kanato and Neon infected, and tensions surrounding them high, the remaining contestants prepare for the finale wave of the zombie round.

5. Encounter 4: Matching Duos


Michinaga's job has him renovating Ace's house when they are called in for round three of the Desire Grand Prix: a duos battle that resembles a concentration-like card game.

6. Encounter 5: Turnabout Boost


In the midst of the duos round, the others find out that Morio is a wanted criminal as he proposes to Michinaga a change in partners.

7. Encounter 6: Kick the Can and the Last Boss


Keiwa rediscovers childhood memories of what he wanted to be when he grew up; the final boss of this Desire Grand Prix has appeared, who has left previous games with no winner.

8. Encounter 7: Trump Card Ninja


Keiwa's sister calls with news of a monster attack, but before the Kamen Riders can finish the round, Keiwa learns a shocking truth about his past.

9. Encounter F: Wake Up! Monster


Kicking the can becomes near impossible, bringing forth a new side-quest of hatching eggs.

10. Strategy 1: The Beat of a New World


Ace gets another wish for winning the Desire Grand Prix, now competing with a brand new set of competitors in a new game. A game which includes the staff controlled Punk Jack from last game.

11. Strategy 2: The Jamato Labyrinth


The second round of this game has begun, transporting the players to an alternate dimension where they must each escort a civilian, with Keiwa being among the group of civilians.

12. Strategy 3: Slot Fever


While the players must figure out a Jamato password to leave, Keiwa rediscovers his desire for a better world.

13. Strategy 4: Recover the Driver!


Everyone's Desire Drivers were stolen by a mysterious girl in a red hat. In actuality, this was the signal for the third round of the Desire Grand Prix to begin. The next round is a game of "Musical Chairs" where each player bets on a seat. Of the five remaining players, one of the Drivers has been stolen and used by the Jyamato, so the remaining players must compete for the last four. The one left standing without a Driver before the "stage boss" is defeated will be eliminated. With each of their fates intertwined... who will lady luck smile upon on?

14. Strategy 5: An Angry Glare