Image Emmerdale Season 51 Thursday 20 Jan

Emmerdale Season 51 Thursday 20 Jan

Release Date 2022-11-30
Runtime 30 minutes
Genres Soap, Drama
Stars Mark Charnock, Dominic Brunt, Lesley Dunlop, Tony Audenshaw, Samantha Giles

The lives of several families in the Yorkshire Dales revolve around a farm and the nearby village. With murders, affairs, lies, deceit, laughter and tears, it's all there in the village.

1. Monday 3 Jan


There's a war between two families.

2. Tuesday 4 Jan


Nate and Moira worry about Cain.

3. Wednesday 5 Jan


Cain holds his nerve.

4. Thursday 6 Jan


Billy and Dawn share their news.

5. Thursday 6 Jan


Cain flies off the handle.

6. Friday 7 Jan


Jai suggests that Priya should ask Leyla if she can go back to work.

7. Monday 10 Jan


Vinny is left terrified.

8. Tuesday 11 Jan


Liam's concerns about Meena grow.

9. Wednesday 12 Jan


Tracy's heart is pulled in two.

10. Thursday 13 Jan


Lives are in danger.

11. Friday 14 Jan


The villagers are left feeling shocked.

12. Monday 17 Jan


Chloe hooks back up with Noah.

13. Tuesday 18 Jan


Billy and Dawn fall out.

14. Wednesday 19 Jan


Dawn broods about yesterday's events.

15. Thursday 20 Jan


Cain and Mackenzie head off to meet Gavin.

16. Thursday 20 Jan


Al makes a promise.

17. Friday 21 Jan


Chas disowns Cain. Ryan ignores a phone call. Mackenzie is jealous.

18. Monday 24 Jan


Ryan gets bad news. Reality hits for Chas and Paddy. Vinny is distraught on behalf of Liv.

19. Tuesday 25 Jan


Ellis and Belle struggle to get time alone. Mackenzie blurts some news. Manpreet's shocked.

20. Wednesday 26 Jan


Mack makes a rash move. Liv has some news. Vinny panics that Aaron's absence will set Liv back.

21. Thursday 27 Jan


Billy is angry. The day of the hearing arrives. Leyla wants to help Jacob.

22. Thursday 27 Jan


Billy is keen to make amends. Dawn poses on social media. Meena seethes.

23. Friday 28 Jan


Manpreet struggles. Wedding plans are afoot. The day of Irene's funeral arrives.

24. Monday 31 Jan


Rhona panics on receiving a letter. Priya lashes out. Will tries to help Kim.

25. Tuesday 1 Feb


Ryan offers to help Rhona. Dawn needs a venue. Kim picks up an auction catalogue.

26. Wednesday 2 Feb


Chas is heartbroken. Ryan tracks down Marcus. Vanessa is deceitful.

27. Thursday 3 Feb


The Woolpack is auctioned. Rhona is floored to see Marcus. Kim's onto something.

28. Thursday 3 Feb


Who has bought the Woolpack? Cain expresses his anger. Laurel tries to help.

29. Friday 4 Feb


Rhona gets some news. Kim announces some news affecting the villagers. Al suggests that he and Kerry get a place together.

30. Monday 7 Feb


Cain is furious Al is moving in with Kyle. Jai rocks the boat. Ellis dreads breaking some news to Belle.

31. Tuesday 8 Feb


Jai tries to bluff his way out. Al continues his mission against Cain. Dawn is being followed.

32. Wednesday 9 Feb


Dawn is being watched from a distance. Al gives Kyle his old phone. Mandy gives Amelia a makeover.

33. Thursday 10 Feb


Dawn is excited for her dress fitting. Cain's rage boils over. Samson is upset by Sam's reaction.

34. Thursday 10 Feb


Dawn is prepared to fight for her life. Cain's temper gets the better of him. Samson is back on form.

35. Friday 11 Feb


Leyla puts in a call for Dawn. Cain is devastated. Laurel utters some tough words.

36. Monday 14 Feb


It's Billy and Dawn's wedding day. Vinny's excited. Moira tries to get through to Cain.

37. Tuesday 15 Feb


Dawn and Billy are in danger. Will's increasingly concerned. Chas is determined.

38. Wednesday 16 Feb


The danger for Billy and Dawn intensifies. Chas tries her best to get through to Cain. Vinny's left disappointed.

39. Thursday 17 Feb


The police arrive. Manpreet is shell shocked. Vinny has an emotional day.

40. Thursday 17 Feb


Mandy tries to get Vinny to forget. There's a shock in the village. The police begin their questioning.

41. Friday 18 Feb


The villagers are left shaken after recent events. Kerry's proud of Amy. Charles tries to share his positivity.

43. Mon 21 Feb 2022


Liv's excited by Vinny's news. Rhona's uneasy about telling Marlon the full story. Mandy's in the dark.

44. Tue 22 Feb 2022


Vinny and Liv conceal their doubts. Chloe's torn. Bob makes Marlon an offer.

45. Wed 23 Feb 2022


Liv and Vinny make a big decision. Noah angrily confronts Jacob. Rhona feels guilty.

46. Thu 24 Feb 2022 (Part 1)


The Dingles work it out. Rhona has a shock. Amelia makes an offer.

47. Thu 24 Feb 2022 (Part 2)


Rhona tries to cover. Chloe makes an apology. Charles is conflicted.

48. Fri 25 Feb 2022


Rhona manages to makes things worse, and Marlon ends up offending Bob.

49. Mon 28 Feb 2022


Rhona comes clean. Marlon is devastated. Charles makes a decision.

50. Wed 2 Mar 2022


Ethan is encouraged. Charles holds his first support group. Jai's wracked with guilt.

51. Thu 3 Mar 2022


The support group find out some shocking information. Rhona has a plan. Kim has a proposal for Jai.

52. Fri 4 Mar 2022


Charles tries to explain himself. Manpreet gets a shock. Jai has a decision to make.

53. Mon 7 Mar 2022


Manpreet visits Meena. Charity and Chas are still not seeing eye to eye. Rhona is shocked when her mum arrives out of the blue.

54. Tue 8 Mar 2022


Mandy is devastated. Charity discovers Chas' plan. The police arrive.

55. Wed 9 Mar 2022


Chas makes a suggestion. Mackenzie and Pollard do their best to sabotage each other's events. Manpreet fears the worst.

56. Thu 10 Mar 2022


The Woolpack reopens. Chas and Charity are at loggerheads. Vinny and Liv are worried about Mandy.

57. Fri 11 Mar 2022


Jai struggles with his ego. Billy and Dawn arrive home from their honeymoon. Rhona is frustrated.

58. Mon 14 Mar 2022


Billy takes steps to secure his family. Noah flirts with an over-enamoured Amelia. Chloe turns her attention to Jacob.

59. Tue 15 Mar 2022


Dawn has a decision to make. Samson's crush on Amelia deepens. Noah plans to use Amelia to make Chloe jealous.

60. Wed 16 Mar 2022


Dawn's under immense pressure. Manpreet puts on a brave face. Amelia is left embarrassed.

61. Thu 17 Mar 2022


Anticipation builds for Meena's plea hearing. Marlon offers Billy some fatherly advice. Manpreet suffers a panic attack.

62. Fri 18 Mar 2022


Concern surrounding Manpreet grows. Rhona and Mary experience a rare moment of tenderness. Ethan and Marcus get to know more about each other.

63. Mon 21 Mar 2022


Rhona and Marlon simultaneously put their plans in motion and propose at the same time. One moment changes Marlon's life. April acts fast

64. Tue 22 Mar 2022


The Dingles bond. Sam and Lydia encourage Charity to make amends. Jai is eager to support Laurel in whatever capacity he can

65. Wed 23 Mar 2022


Rhona anxiously waits. Laurel is left feeling guilty. Vanessa reassures Charity

66. Thu 24 Mar 2022


Lydia delivers Chas some tough love. Jai believes there is hope for him and Laurel. Sparks fly during Ethan and Marcus' lunch.

67. Fri 25 Mar 2022


Rhona is overwhelmed. Ethan and Marcus enjoy each other's company. Jai is humiliated

68. Mon 28 Mar 2022


Marlon and Rhona struggle in the aftermath of his stroke. In a playful attempt to get over Mack, Charity pretends to flirt with the Drayman. Bob gives Laurel food for thought.

69. Tue 29 Mar 2022


Paddy buckles under pressure. Moira refuses to give Charity a second chance. Laurel gives in to her feelings.

70. Wed 30 Mar 2022


Mary worries Rhona's putting too much pressure on herself. Moira seethes at Charity. Cathy lies that she's in a relationship with Samson.

71. Thu 31 Mar 2022


Moira's determined to avenge her brother. Samson cruelly crushes an embarrassed Cathy. Mandy reflects on her would-be wedding a year ago today.

72. Fri 1 Apr 2022


Manpreet reconsiders her stance on testifying. Nate tries to rope Ryan into a pub session. Moira's dismayed.

73. Mon 4 Apr 2022


Meena puts on a show in court. Kim is thrilled she has convinced Hazel to bring Millie to the christening. Moira is concerned about Nate's wellbeing

74. Tue 5 Apr 2022


Manpreet braces herself for the defence's interrogation. Kim is suspicious of Hazel's intentions. Vanessa is secretly pleased to have secured a dinner with Suzy.

75. Wed 6 Apr 2022


Manpreet and Wendy are worried about taking the stand. Gabby has a surprise for Kim. Nate tries to dodge Chloe's attempts to spend more time together.

76. Thu 7 Apr 2022


The day of the long-awaited christening finally arrives, but soon Gabby has a shock. Al pays a little too much attention to Belle's ideas. A foul-tempered Nate snaps at Chloe.

77. Fri 8 Apr 2022


Gabby and Dawn make a discovery. Meena is delighted. Al is left feeling slightly guilty.

78. Mon 11 Apr 2022


It's the start of Meena's trial. Liam gives evidence. A guilty Rhona lies to April.

79. Tue 12 Apr 2022


Manpreet's determined to destroy her sister in court. April gets her wish. Rhona is moved to tears.

80. Wed 13 Apr 2022


Excited Meena rehearses in her cell. Rhona bottles her emotions to stay strong for her family. Belle is hopeful for a new future.

81. Thu 14 Apr 2022


Tension in court. Al and Belle agree to a partnership. Marlon makes some progress.

82. Fri 15 Apr 2022


The shocking events of yesterday's trial hit the morning news. Leyla is hiding something. Paddy's got a plan up his sleeve.

83. Mon 18 Apr 2022


Noah does Chloe a favour. Rhona is grateful to Paddy. Chas warns Belle against Al.

84. Tue 19 Apr 2022


Mary confides her fears in Faith. Rhona is appalled by a suggestion. Kerry gets suspicious.

85. Wed 20 Apr 2022


Al and Priya reminisce. Vanessa's date plans flounder. Dan is concerned about Amelia.

86. Thu 21 Apr 2022


Kerry confronts Al and Belle. Kim gives Jai a tough task. Chloe gets a better offer.

87. Fri 22 Apr 2022


Kerry confronts Al and Belle. Kim gives Jai a tough task. Chloe gets a better offer

88. Mon 25 Apr 2022


The kids prepare to welcome Marlon home. Kim is stunned by Jai's reaction, and Amelia is narked when Kerry jokes.

89. Tue 26 Apr 2022


Jai and Laurel are hopeful. Marlon starts choking and April is terrified, while things are moving fast for Marcus and Ethan.

90. Wed 27 Apr 2022


hona plays mediator between a tearful April and Marlon. Jai is on top of the world, but for how long? Ethan and Marcus toast a successful day.

91. Thu 28 Apr 2022


Ethan is given his most difficult and controversial case. Jai is determined to win Laurel round but his day goes awry, and Noah shows his sly colours.

92. Fri 29 Apr 2022


Ethan's day goes from bad to worse. Kim gets tough, and Marlon is worried about family finances.

93. Mon 02 May 2022


Rhona is excited to be back at work. Ethan feels the pressure of his case. Leyla shows support for Jai.

94. Tue 03 May 2022


A trip out for Marlon ends in disaster. Noah has got a new toy. Faith is still desperate to build bridges with Cain and Chas has an idea.

95. Wed 04 May 2022


Noah is underhand. Rhona is heartbroken by a step backwards. Faith has a plan.

96. Thu 05 May 2022


Gabby panics to find no sign of Thomas or Amelia, Vanessa walks in on something between Leyla and Suzy, and Faith might undo all her good work.

97. Fri 06 May 2022


Noah is thrilled that his manipulations are paying off. Amelia is horrified by her dad's behaviour. Dawn keeps some news to herself.

98. Mon 09 May 2022


A flashforward opens this special week of episodes. Chloe naively decides to spend time with Noah. Gabby is living in fear.

99. Tue 10 May 2022


A gun is taken, leaving a mystery person armed. Noah panics, and Faith causes chaos.

100. Wed 11 May 2022


Charity is panicked. Gabby is living in fear. A shot is fired in the woods.

101. Thu 12 May 2022


Moira offers her support. There is a body in the woods. Cain and Al's feud takes a dangerous turn.

102. Fri 13 May 2022


Harriet has a mission. Moira issues an ultimatum. Charity breaks the code.

103. Mon 16 May 2022


Gabby's relieved. Chloe makes a decision. Moira is appalled by Cain's attitude.

104. Tue 17 May 2022


Billy's attacker confronts him once again and makes it clear he is part of a gang, while Paddy tries to reassure Marlon as he prepares to return home after recovering from pneumonia, and Ethan is increasingly worried about his case.

105. Wed 18 May 2022


Billy is confronted. Paddy tries to reassure nervous Marlon. Ethan's increasingly worried about his case.

106. Thu 19 May 2022


Ethan's decision has big consequences. Faith helps out. Marlon's dejected after finding his physio session a struggle.

107. Fri 20 May 2022


Moira is inspired when Suzy suggests she hire out her barns for weddings, but Suzy puts her foot in it when she asks Moira about using the field where her daughter is buried. Faith becomes emotional.

108. Mon 23 May 2022


Vanessa and Suzy question their relationship. Ethan is concerned he is going to be punished. Leyla is worried.

109. Tue 24 May 2022


Leyla is alarmed when Suzy sees sense. Samson attempts to reassure Amelia. Pollard thinks David is misguided.

110. Wed 25 May 2022


Charity is stunned by Noah's plan. David makes a romantic gesture. Leyla is frustrated.

111. Thu 26 May 2022


Noah is in court. Moira is under pressure as Faith's only confidante. Cathy is worried about Amelia.

112. Fri 27 May 2022


Charity panics. Sam jumps on an opportunity. Amelia lies to Cathy.

113. Mon 30 May 2022


Chas is suspicious regarding Nate and Moira, Faith has an important appointment, and Charity is grateful of Mack's support.

114. Tue 31 May 2022


Chas is determined to get to the bottom of her suspicions, Noah rejects Charity, and David cannot bring himself to confide in Victoria.

115. Wed 01 Jun 2022


Leyla upsets Priya, Faith is grateful for Moira's support, and David is still worried about his financial situation.

116. Thu 02 Jun 2022


Nicola hatches a plan, Jai opens up to Leyla, and Brenda is worried about Faith.

117. Fri 03 Jun 2022


Leyla makes a bad decision, Suzy struggles with her guilt, and David and Pollard go on a fishing trip.

118. Mon 06 Jun 2022


Leyla's jittery behaviour catches Liam's attention. Charity is heartbroken. David is wretched as he clumsily sacks Kerry in a bid to save money.

119. Tue 07 Jun 2022


Charity is determined to put on a brave face ahead of Noah's sentencing. Nicola fights dirty. Kim worries Will is hiding something despite his efforts to put her off the scent.

120. Wed 08 Jun 2022


Liam is convinced Leyla's suffering from PTSD. Charity breaks down as she reflects on all the chaos in her life. Will is on a mission.

121. Thu 09 Jun 2022


Will is conflicted, Sarah's anger with Charity peaks, and Amelia suddenly collapses.

122. Fri 10 Jun 2022


Kim questions Will. Bob and Dan search for the truth surrounding Amelia's collapse. Marlon anxiously awaits his physio appointment.

123. Mon 13 Jun 2022


Will and Kim are not on good terms. A question from Kim evokes some painful emotions for Mary, and Laurel surprises herself.

124. Tue 14 Jun 2022


Nicola is attacked. Mary opens up to Rhona, and Moira fears ructions when Cain returns from Scotland unexpectedly.

125. Wed 15 Jun 2022


Jimmy's heart breaks for Nicola. Moira apologises to Faith for Cain's hurtful words, and Mary is hurt over Rhona's actions.

126. Thu 16 Jun 2022


Faith's secret is revealed. Marlon awakes to a surprise proposal from Rhona, but it remains to be seen how he will react. Mary bonds with Bear.

127. Fri 17 Jun 2022


The fallout from Faith's bombshell begins. Rhona is determined to prove Marlon wrong, and Laurel feels emotional about her past with Ashley.

128. Mon 20 Jun 2022


Chas's heart breaks, Nicola struggles after her attack, and David has money worries.

129. Tue 21 Jun 2022


Faith is swayed by Chas, there is sorrow for Sarah, and Leyla is tempted.

130. Wed 22 Jun 2022


Leyla's dealer offers her an ultimatum, Suzy is left reeling, and Sam is blindsided.

131. Thu 23 Jun 2022


Al and Chas bond over a bottle of wine, Liam comes to a conclusion, and Lydia forms a plan.

132. Fri 24 Jun 2022


David hides his money problems from Victoria, Lydia feels guilty, and it remains to be seen whether Chas will come to her senses.

133. Mon 27 Jul 2022


Chas crosses the line. Nicola feels a prisoner in her own home. Rhona fumes at her mother, Mary.

134. Tue 28 Jun 2022


Faith collapses after chemotherapy. Terrified Nicola crashes into a shocked David, who is desperate for her insurance details.

135. Wed 29 Jun 2022


Nicola cannot be alone with her fears. David feigns a neck injury for insurance. Laurel gets flirty with Kit.

136. Thu 30 Jun 2022


Nicola panics, and hits someone over the head. Billy is taken aback by Dawn's statement. David lies to Victoria.

137. Fri 01 Jul 2022


Brenda calls out David. Ethan snaps at shocked Charles. Bear informs Faith that Chas is worried about her drinking.

138. Mon 04 Jul 2022


Charles is shocked by news. There is disapproval for David's fraud. It is the day of Faith's scan and Moira encourages Cain to accompany her.

139. Tue 05 Jul 2022


Charles tries to track down his daughter. Matty is moody. Moira is pleased by a small gesture

140. Wed 06 Jul 2022


Faith makes a decision. Liam questions Leyla on her drinking. Moira implores Matty to be honest.

141. Thu 07 Jul 2022


Cain is privately reeling. A poignant night ensues. Leyla fuels Liam's growing concerns.

142. Fri 08 Jul 2022


Liv is stunned when her mum, Sandra, turns up. Excited Chas receives a message from Al. A relationship starts to build.

143. Mon 11 Jul 2022


A wedding showcase shocks poor Moira. Sandra makes an admission to frustrated Liv. Amelia spots an opportunity.

144. Tue 12 Jul 2022


Laurel has got a new love interest. Sandra brings trouble to Liv's door. In prison, Noah is shocked by a visitor.

145. Wed 13 Jul 2022


Lydia tries to help Amelia. Dawn hears her best friend has died from an overdose. Paddy is overjoyed by some news.

146. Thu 14 Jul 2022


Dawn revisits her past at a friend's funeral. Jimmy reels from Nicola's confession. Mandy offers Sandra a job at the salon.

147. Fri 15 Jul 2022


Nicola is determined to get justice. Bernice is shocked by an online post. Sandra is shown the ropes at the salon.

148. Mon 18 Jul 2022


Nicola worries that her social media post might have led to a girl being attacked, Leyla and David lock horns, and money talks for Jacob.

149. Tue 19 Jul 2022


David catches Leyla with drugs, and when Dan is tipped off to the news that Amelia has been seeing someone else, she decides to ignore the state of her own health.

150. Wed 20 Jul 2022


Leyla is in a panic, Vanessa suggests a party to celebrate her engagement to Marlon, and Amelia hides her blurred vision.

151. Thu 21 Jul 2022


Amelia's babysitting ends in disaster. Marlon head to the Woolpack for the first time since his stroke. Faith embraces the little time she has left.

152. Fri 22 Jul 2022


Gabby worries about a visit from social services. Jai is upset. Sandra realises she needs to tread carefully.

153. Mon 25 Jul 2022


Dan confronts Kim, Mandy is on a mission, and Paddy makes a suggestion to Moira that may help Vanessa.

154. Tue 26 Jul 2022


Charity is stunned to learn Amelia has been visiting Noah in prison. Rishi's date takes a surprising turn. Lydia is surprised when Kim unveils her as her new wedding planner.

155. Wed 27 Jul 2022


Amelia has the weight of the world on her shoulders. Rishi drowns his sorrows. Gabby is pleased to have Liv's support.

156. Thu 28 Jul 2022


Kerry smells a rat and confronts Al. Sandra is shocked to suspect Mandy is onto her. Lydia vows to plan the wedding of the decade for Kim.

157. Fri 29 Jul 2022


The pressure mounts on Leyla. Chas is nervous her secret affair may be exposed. Mandy fills Lydia in on her suspicions.

158. Mon 01 Aug 2022


Priya is left stunned, Kim's wedding gets too much for Lydia, and Moira is shocked to hear some news.

159. Tue 02 Aug 2022


Leyla knows she has crossed a line. Dawn finds out she has been betrayed. Nate is left exasperated by his enigmatic grandmother.

160. Wed 03 Aug 2022


Matty is gobsmacked at what he sees. Leyla lies through her teeth. Dawn and Billy make a big decision.

161. Thu 04 Aug 2022


Matty has a plan. Faith is happy after a successful day. Mary misreads the situation.

162. Fri 05 Aug 2022


Rhona is heartbroken. Suzy worries she has ruined everything. Cain helps his mate, Liam.

163. Mon 08 Aug 2022


Rhona continues to stress about her pending wedding, Gabby has a surprise date, and Liam questions everything.

164. Tue 09 Aug 2022


Kit plays a dangerous game, Jacob makes an emotional confrontation, and Paddy and Marlon get baking.

165. Wed 10 Aug 2022


Marlon has an impromptu stag do, Vanessa reaches out to Suzy, and Laurel makes a surprise discovery.

166. Thu 11 Aug 2022


Marlon and Rhona's wedding day arrives, Priya keeps her pact, and Faith has an emotional moment.

167. Fri 12 Aug 2022


Marcus puts his foot in it, Ethan has a secret meeting, and Rishi feels uncomfortable.

168. Mon 15 Aug 2022


Manpreet is horrified to find Charles unconscious in the church. Jai and Laurel tell the kids their news. Amelia consoles Noah.

169. Tue 16 Aug 2022


Ethan is concerned about Manpreet. Mandy opens up to Bernice about her suspicions of Sandra. Billy and Dawn have some news for Lucas.

170. Wed 17 Aug 2022


Dawn and Billy are nervous about Clemmie's arrival. Charles feels his intervention may have made things worse. Mackenzie is on top of the world as he thinks about the future.

171. Thu 18 Aug 2022


There is some devastating news. Mandy sets out to prove her suspicions. Jacob has some good news.

172. Fri 19 Aug 2022


Chas is torn, Charity makes her feelings clear, and Ethan and Marcus have a disagreement.

173. Mon 22 Aug 2022


Belle makes a shocking discovery. Mack and Charity share a moment of reflection. Faith tells Pollard about her to-do list.

174. Tue 23 Aug 2022


Belle makes a revelation. Sandra is playing nasty games once again. Naomi plans to reunite Marcus and Ethan.

175. Wed 24 Aug 2022


Noah and Amelia's relationship blossoms. Sandra is thrilled her plan is working. Chas is saddened to see another painful reminder of her mum's deteriorating health.

176. Thu 25 Aug 2022


Amelia's pregnancy is outed. Faith throws a party. Bob has to physically restrain Dan from attacking Noah.

177. Fri 26 Aug 2022


Dan and Kerry come to terms with Amelia's pregnancy. Gabby and Laurel are frosty with Kit. Pollard worries about what he has let himself in for.

178. Mon 29 Aug 2022


Amelia is warmed by Noah's support. Nate and Naomi flirt and enjoy each other's company. Chas is frustrated

179. Tue 30 Aug 2022


Amelia is warmed by Noah's support. Nate and Naomi flirt and enjoy each other's company. Chas is frustrated.

180. Wed 31 Aug 2022


Naomi is surprised when she gets offered a job. Faith is emotional, and Mackenzie struggles to think of a way to tell Charity his true feelings.

181. Thu 01 Sept 2022


Harriet is shocked when Dan instinctively goes to kiss her. Nicola is spooked, and Sandra plants another seed of doubt in Liv's mind.

182. Fri 02 Sep 2022


Sandra continues to push her agenda in the hope that Vinny will crack. Harriet starts to see Dan in a new light. A dark cloud looms over Mackenzie.

183. Mon 05 Sep 2022


Nicola is close to tears, Sandra plans to disrupt Liv's sobriety and Mack feels guilty.

184. Wed 07 Sept 2022


Nicola berates Charles, Sandra stirs the situation with Vinny and Liv, and Faith plots a way to see her grandchildren without supervision.

185. Sun 11 Sep 2022


Naomi feels guilty, Sandra tries to fuel Liv's insecurities surrounding her alcoholism, and Faith is scared.

186. Tue 13 Sep 2022


Ethan tries to convince Naomi to do the right thing. Can Al and Chas revel in their intimacy?

187. Wed 14 Sep 2022


Kim prepares to reconnect with a much-missed Millie.

188. Thu 15 Sep 2022 (Part 1)


Kim is shocked to learn Hazel has been involved in a car accident. Having returned from the police station, Naomi worries she will be facing jail time. Jai's delighted when Laurel asks him to move back in, but Archie is less than impressed.

189. Thu 15 Sep 2022 (Part 2)


The police show Kim definitive proof that Jamie is alive, and after overhearing Kim talk about her dad, a confused and upset Millie runs away. A guilty Mackenzie beats himself up over his affair and he plans on telling Charity the truth, but soon backtracks as he follows a suggestive Charity upstairs.

190. Thu 15 Sep 2022 (Part 3)


Harriet informs an anxious Kim that they have not found Millie, and Charity is thrilled when Mack surprises her with a trip to Ibiza. Priya worries Liam's in denial about the reality of the situation, and asks Jai for help in managing Liam's expectations for Leyla's rehabilitation.

191. Fri 16 Sep 2022


An excited Charity prepares for her trip away as Mackenzie answers a call, demanding that the person on the other end leave him alone. Leyla and Liam have couple's therapy and Liam is left feeling exhausted after they both open up. Rishi and Bernice agree to have lunch together.

192. Sun 18 Sep 2022


Liam returns home with Leyla but things are tense between the two of them. Noah accepts a position as Marcus' apprentice, and Bernice confronts Rishi over ditching her at lunch.

193. Tue 20 Sep 2022


Priya's concerned for her friend. Liam kisses a shocked Bernice. Dan's confused when Harriet is flirtatious with him. Leyla's in for a shock. Amelia decides to move out. Faith and Pollard have a drunken afternoon.

194. Wed 21 Sept 2022


Liam's concerned. Dan's drives Amelia further away. Dawn worries.

195. Thu 22 Sept 2022


Liam is shocked. Dan's left concerned. Dawn's anxious.

196. Fri 23 Sept 2022


Chas is guilty. Dawn agrees to let Harriet help her out. There's tension between Cain and Chas.

197. Mon 26 Sept 2022


There's trouble at Home Farm. Vinny's stunned to see his home is for sale. Sandra builds a wedge.

198. Tue 27 Sep 2022


Dawn won't attend the wedding. Mandy has a plan for revenge. Faith plans a day of fun.

199. Wed 28 Sep 2022


Mandy recruits Jimmy into her plan to take down Sandra. Tensions run high at Home Farm. Kerry suggests a job opportunity.

200. Thu 29 Sep 2022


Vinny rules out fighting for his marriage. Sandra sets about accessing Liv's bank account. Kerry's plan could backfire.

201. Fri 30 Sep 2022


Harriet's meddling might have done enough to cancel the wedding. Paddy is in the dog house. The village edges closer to the breaking point.

202. Mon 3 Oct 2022


Aaron is back, but it remains to be seen whether Liv can forgive him. Ryan guesses Mack is hiding something. Harriet makes an arrest.

203. Tue 04 Oct 2022


Mack wants to guard his secret. Al wants to run away with Chas. Will is shocked to learn Dan and Harriet are dating.

204. Wed 05 Oct 2022


Mack makes a secret rendezvous. Kerry jumps to the wrong conclusion. Will is overjoyed by Dawn's news.

205. Thu 06 Oct 2022


Kerry plans a surprise. Faith overhears a big secret. Wendy tries to reframe things for Harriet.

206. Fri 07 Oct 2022


A complaint is made. It is the night of the Stag and Hen parties. Feelings are reawakened.

207. Mon 10 Oct 2022


Tracey tries to talk but things get in the way. Will makes matters worse with Harriet. A conversation with Aaron gives Faith an idea

208. Tue 11 Oct 2022


Cain is exasperated by Faith's plan. Tracy needs to make a decision. Laurel spells it out to Nicola.

209. Wed 12 Oct 2022


The seaside comes to Emmerdale. Liv and Vinny make plans. Rhona is surprised to learn about a crush.

210. Thu 13 Oct 2022


Faith makes preparations. Chas is blissfully unaware of the tragic events occurring back at home. The penny drops for Moira.

211. Fri 14 Oct 2022


Battle lines are drawn on the eve of the wedding. Aaron has a realisation. Liv and Vinny share their anticipation.

212. Sun 16 Oct 2022


A storm brews on Kim and Will's wedding day, while Amelia is trapped and a search ensues.

213. Mon 17 Oct 2022


As the storm continues to rage, a barn collapses and the cows escape. Meanwhile, the search for Amelia continues.

214. Tue 18 Oct 2022


The violent storm is still wreaking havoc. Charles and Nicola huddle in a shelter. Wedding guests battle the elements.

215. Wed 19 Oct 2022


A loved character is trapped, while another local reaches safety. Lydia gets terrible news.

216. Thu 20 Oct 2022


The sun rises over Emmerdale in the aftermath of the storm. Diane reassures Pollard they'll rebuild. Will everyone be optimistic?

217. Fri 21 Oct 2022


A villager is missing and a search is organised. The full devastation in the village is revealed during a time of blame, grief, and reflection.

218. Mon 24 Oct 2022


Chas worries Aaron will spill her secret affair. Bernice organises a storm clear up. Bob feels put upon.

219. Tue 25 Oct 2022


Chas tells a lie. Al makes a false promise. Bob's resentment grows.

220. Wed 26 Oct 2022


The clear up after the storm continues. Secrets abound, and it remains to be seen whether Bob can knock Bernice off her perch.

221. Thu 27 Oct 2022


Chloe makes a big decision. Chas resolves to leave town with Al later today. David returns to the village after the storm.

222. Fri 28 Oct 2022


A sad day in the village. Kerry desperately tries to get Chloe to stay. The scales fall from someone's eyes.

223. Monday 31 Oct 2022


Furious Cain makes a shocking discovery and lays a trap. Chas fears the worst. Aaron says his goodbyes.

224. Tue 01 Nov 2022


Kerry and Chloe make a grim discovery. The villagers reel at the news.

225. Wed 02 Nov 2022


Alex threatens Dawn and Billy's future. Dan offers some advice. The villagers are still struggling with the news.

226. Thu 03 Nov 2022


Will and Kim take matters into their own hands. Dan worries about Harriet's true feelings for him. Laurel's shocked by Bernice's callous attitude.

227. Fri 04 Nov 2022


A shocking truth is told. Dawn's suspicious. Matty's concerned.

228. Mon 07 Nov 2022


It is an emotional time in the Dales. Moira is heartbroken, and Cain feels helpless.

229. Tue 08 Nov 2022


Nate makes an admission, Manpreet turns a bad situation into something worse, and Kim makes an offer.

230. Wed 09 Nov 2022


The trial begins, Naomi is filled with dread, and April confides in Cathy.

231. Thu 10 Nov 2022


The trial comes to an end. Nicola is fed up and April is hurt.

232. Fri 11 Nov 2022


Chas makes an announcement. Vinny feels lost and depressed. Naomi receives the verdict.

233. Mon 14 Nov 2022


Moira makes a big decision. Chas is thrown when Kerry asks a favour. Nicola finds some closure.

234. Tue 15 Nov 2022


Mackenzie has to break the news to Cain. Vinny is not ready to say goodbye. Matty and Nate are baffled.

235. Wed 16 Nov 2022


Amelia is struggling. Samson sinks to a new low. David is deflated.

236. Thu 17 Nov 2022


Amelia is shocked. Sam and Lydia are mortified by what Samson has done. Kerry is devastated.

237. Fri 18 Nov 2022


Chas encourages Kerry, Sam has a tough decision to make, and it remains to be seen whether David has made a bad decision.

238. Tue 22 Nov 2022


Panic rises when Amba goes missing. Chloe is lonely and isolated. David feels wretched.

239. Wed 23 Nov 2022


Leyla and Liam are heartbroken. Charity has her suspicions, and it remains to be seen whether Chloe will find out the truth.

240. Thu 24 Nov 2022


Mackenzie has a choice to make. David dreads telling Victoria the truth. Priya's heart goes out to Leyla.

241. Sun 27 Nov 2022


Victoria is furious with David. Rhona and Vanessa have big decisions to make. Marlon is left overwhelmed when Ryan offers him a job at the Woolpack.

242. Tue 29 Nov 2022


Bernice finds it hard to control her emotions. Suzy tires of setting a stubborn Vanessa straight. Everybody is surprised when Chloe reveals to the cafe that she is pregnant.

243. Wed 30 Nov 2022


Matty is determined to find out the truth. The villagers say their emotional goodbyes to Vanessa. Bob urges Bernice to make an appointment with the doctor.

244. Wed 07 Dec 2022


Jimmy opens a can of worms. Gabby rises to the challenge but Dawn impresses more. Bernice struggles.

245. Thu 08 Dec 2022


Jimmy opens a can of worms. Gabby rises to the challenge but Dawn impresses more. Bernice struggles.

246. Fri 09 Dec 2022


Mack and Vinny discuss a poker game strategy. Laurel shows concern. The battle for a job at Home Farm begins.

247. Mon 12 Dec 2022


Chas finally decides to move on from Al. Mandy is horrified to find Vinny battered and bruised. Kim enjoys putting Gabby and Dawn against each other for better results.

248. Thu 15 Dec 2022


Chas prepares for her trip away with Paddy. Dawn makes a decision. Ethan invites his boss into his home.