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Image Emmerdale Season 1

Emmerdale Season 1

Release Date 2022-09-30
Runtime 30 minutes
Genres Soap, Drama
Stars Mark Charnock, Dominic Brunt, Lesley Dunlop, Tony Audenshaw, Samantha Giles

The lives of several families in the Yorkshire Dales revolve around a farm and the nearby village. With murders, affairs, lies, deceit, laughter and tears, it's all there in the village.

1. The First Ever Episode


On the day of Jacob's funeral, the Sugden family are shocked to discover that Emmerdale Farm has been left to the recently returned Jack, causing fury amongst Jacob's other children, Peggy and Joe.

2. 17 October 1972


Matt confronts Peggy over his suspicions about her, and she reveals she is in fact pregnant. The revelation pushes the pair to decide to get their own place.

3. Mon 23 Oct, 1972


Annie pushes Jack to make decisions regarding the farm. Meanwhile, Joe takes Marian on a fishing trip, bringing the two closer together.

4. Tue 24 Oct, 1972


Jack and Lynn reach a settlement on their divorce. Later, Jack becomes Marian's knight in shining armour when her car runs out of petrol.

5. Mon 30 Oct, 1972


Jack and Lynn reach a settlement on their divorce. Later, Jack becomes Marian's knight in shining armour when her car runs out of petrol.

6. Tue 31 Oct, 1972


The issues surrounding who has the right of way, between Jack and Henry are finally resolved.

7. Mon 6 Nov, 1972


When villainous Tom catches Joe drinking with his wife, he begins a fight with Joe.

8. Tue 7 Nov, 1972


When Joe's plan to split Jack and Marian fails, he angrily storms off to his van, later crashing into Henry.

9. 13 November 1972


Joe is in a coma following the crash, whilst Henry has a broken leg. Henry thinks by the way Joe was driving, that he was drunk.

10. Tue 14 Nov, 1972


Marian is relieved to discover Joe has awoken from his coma, while Jack and Ruth meet again after eight years.

11. Mon 20 Nov, 1972


Tom begins getting suspicious as to whether Jackie is Jack's son, while Henry discovers that Joe could be charged with dangerous driving.

12. Tue 21 Nov, 1972


Jack gives Tom the sack following a heated confrontation, whilst Ruth decides to move to Leeds, and informs Tom it's up to him if he comes or not.

13. Mon 27 Nov, 1972


Janie visits Joe in hospital and tries to get him to take her out, to no avail. PC Ball informs Joe that the van's insurance was out of date, and the new Land Rover is stolen.

14. Tue 28 Nov, 1972


Jack makes an enemy in Janie after embarrassing her in front of his family. Meanwhile, Henry is knocked unconscious after having a fall, and is later found by Marion and Norman.

15. Mon 4 Dec, 1972


Joe tells Marian that Jack is still married, whilst Henry tells Jack to stay away from Marian.

16. Tue 5 Dec, 1972


The police find the Sugdens Land Rover. Norman proposes to Marian but gets turned down. Meanwhile, Peggy disowns Jack, Marian ends her affair with him and Annie tells him he has two weeks to decide if he wants to stay or go.

17. Mon 11 Dec, 1972


Peggy and Matt discover they will have twins, whilst PC Ball prosecutes Jack and Joe. Janie flirts with Frank but he doesn't reciprocate.

18. Tue 12 Dec, 1972


Jack has decided to return to London. Janie asks Frank on a date but ends up going out with Joe. However, it doesn't last long when he begins going on about Marian.

19. Mon 18 Dec, 1972


Jack changes his mind and invites his friend Bart to Emmerdale Farm. Frank warms to Janie and asks her out, and Marian is unwelcoming to Joe.

20. Tue 19 Dec, 1972


Matt finds an unconscious Sam in the cowshed and rushes him to hospital. Meanwhile, Frank and Janie have a great first date, and even have their first kiss.