Image Clarissa Explains It All

Clarissa Explains It All

Release Date 1994-10-01
Runtime 22 minutes
Genres Comedy
Stars Melissa Joan Hart, Jason Zimbler, Elizabeth Hess, Joe O'Connor, Sean O'Neal
Directors Nena Beeber, Chris Gifford

Clarissa Darling is a teen girl dealing with typical pre-adolescent concerns such as school, boys, pimples, wearing her first training bra and an annoying little brother Ferguson.

1. The Cycle


When Olvia's brother wants to sell his motorcycle, Clarissa stores it in the garage and plans to later buy it. Her parents have always told her she couldn't get a car but they never mentioned a motorcycle...

2. A New Mom


Clarissa has a history assignment: take something old, tired, and worn out, and reinvent it. So Clarissa tries to reinvent her mom.

3. Editor In Chief


Clarissa learns a few lessons about responsibility when she becomes the editor in chief for her school newspaper.

4. Piper Comes to Visit


Clarissa has her work cut out for her, when Piper, the daughter of one of her mom's old school friends comes to stay and is far from friendly.

5. Alter Ego


Clarissa and Sam go to a party dressed as cool, hip, outrageous characters. Clarissa dons a wig, a tatoo, and a nose ring and decides to call herself Jade. At the party, she falls for a cute guy named Paulie. But Clarissa isn't sure if he's interested in her or the ficticious Jade. Meanwhile, Ferguson finds a stray cat who he names William F. Buckley and tries to hinder his parents from looking for the real owner.

6. Sam's Dad


Clarissa and Sam sign up for the school intern program to help them get aquainted with the real world. Clarissa ends up as Mr. Ander's intern and Sam is Mr. Darling's intern. However, trouble ensues when they both get annoyed with each other's fathers.

7. The Firm


Marshall joins an architectual firm after receiving some very generous offers from the corporation. But the money doesn't seem to make up for how the entire family feels about the firm. Meanwhile, Clarissa tries to write an essay to win a scholarship for college.

8. Janet and Clarissa, Inc.


After Clarissa is given a class assignment to invent and market an environmentally safe product, she teams up with her mom to market Bouncy Balls- yummy health treats that bounce when they're dropped on the floor. The business doesn't work out so well when Clarissa feels left out of marketing process. Meanwhile, both Ferguson and Marshall have their tonsils removed.

9. Dear Clarissa


Clarissa is given her own advice column in the school paper. She soon finds out that giving people good advice isn't as easy as she thought.

10. Ferguson Explains It All


Ferguson orders a pair of new mind control glasses and decides to try them out on the family. However, Clarissa decides to fight back too as she has the same mind control glasses.

11. U.F.O.


Clarissa discovers that real science can be really weird. After interviewing a woman who supposedly spotted a UFO, Clarissa decides to get to the bottom of the UFO phenomena herself.

12. Clarissa Gets Arrested


When Clarissa decides to protest against animal testing at Woolcott Industries, she and Sam end up getting arrested! But afterward they can't decide whose parents they should call from the police station.

13. The Last Episode


It's a sad day as Clarissa complete her last assignment for the Dispatch - an article dedicated to the future.. where will everyone be in 20 years?