Image Blood+


Release Date 2006-09-23
Runtime 24 minutes
Genres Animation, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Action & Adventure
Stars Eri Kitamura, Katsuyuki Konishi, Hiroyuki Yoshino, Akiko Yajima, Hochu Otsuka
Directors Tomonori Ochikoshi, Mitsuhisa Ishikawa, Junichi Fujisaku, Makoto Endo, Yoshikazu Iwanami

Unable to remember the past, high school senior Saya Otonashi must rediscover her destiny in order to defeat the chiropteran vampires that threaten her loved ones' existence.

1. First Kiss


Japan, Okinawa Prefecture, Okinawa City, Koza District. Saya is a senior high school student, and with her best friend and classmate, Kaori Kinjo, she is a member of the track and field team at school. She lost her memories of her life beyond that of the past year, but she is living peacefully with her family. His father, George Miyagusuku, runs a pub called "Omoro." She also has two brothers, Kai, hot tempered but actually kind and committed to his family, and Riku, who is good natured and loves to read. But Saya's unruffled life is about to change: when she accidentally meets a handsome cellist, Hagi, it is a sign that the wheel of fate has begun to turn...

2. Magic Words


School. Biology Room. Night. Kai, who has come to pick up Saya, witnesses an incredible scene: her sister covered with blood is fighting with a sword against a creature beyond any description. Then Saya faints on the spot... The next day, the incident is treated as a murder committed by a drug addicted American soldier, and there seems to be no trace of the creature. Taken to the hospital from school, Saya accidentally hears the conversation between George and David, a mysterious man who watches over Saya. And what she hears makes her run away terrified...

3. The Place Where It All Started


The memory of that terrible night is fading away: not a trace is left, and a brand new desk is placed in the biology room, as if nothing had happened. On her way home from school, George takes Saya to the grave of the Miyagusuku family, on a hill overlooking the sea colored by the sunset. George talks about his past and his meeting with Saya. Back at Omoro, David reveals to Saya that she is the only living being who can defeat the chiropterans, as the creatures like the one that attacked her at school are called. Saya is shocked, but a new menace is just approaching, its eyes shining red...

4. Dangerous Boy


George is seriously injured and is taken to the emergency ward. Full of anger, Kai takes out a Colt M1911 that his father was keeping secretly hidden, and goes alone after the man -or whatever it was- responsible for that hell, ignoring Riku who tries to stop him. Saya runs around town looking for her brother, when she meets Hagi. Now the young girl must take a decision. And there is no time for hesitation, because Kai is in immediate danger...

5. Toward the Dark Forest


David and his group go after George, who had been taken away by the U.S. military, when they learn that there is a secret facility in Yanbaru. Perhaps George is there. When Kai hears this, he asks if he can go along as well, however...

6. Father's Hand


Saya and her team infiltrate the Yanbaru laboratory. David had learned that the U.S. military is conducting experiments underground to build artificial Chiroptera. There he discovers a mysterious keyword called "Delta 69". Then, a Chiropteran swoops down on Saya's party underground, where they can take no refuge. In order to escape from their subterranean trap, they will have to defeat the creature. Who can save Saya and her party from this desperate predicament?

7. I Must Do It


On a ship leaving Okinawa, Riku hears about the tragic event that took place, and so he confines himself in his cabin. Kai tries to comfort Riku, but he doesn't even respond. Saya feels that she is solely responsible for her family's misfortune. Seeing Saya, Hagi takes out the sword and tells her that the key to take back her past lies at the end of the continuous battle. Meanwhile, Okamura, a reporter for the Ryukyu Daily who was investigating the random killing and came to focus on Yanbaru, finds an empty case of Bordeaux wine in the dump yard of an industrial waste disposal company...

8. Phantom of the School


Saya infiltrates a girls' boarding school, the Lycee des Cinq Fleches. Hagi too sneaks in, disguised a gardener. Saya learns from her roommate Ming about a legend of a phantom who fell in love with the prettiest girl from the school and who presented her with a blue rose flower.

9. Rainbow for Each


In Hanoi, Kai and Riku encounter a beautiful girl, Mui, who lost her left leg to an unexploded bomb that had detonated. In the meantime, David and his group analyze the photos of the past phantom incidents at the lycee and find out that the past victims all had black hair and Oriental complexions. They realized Saya was lured out deliberately. Meanwhile, in Naha, Okinawa, Okamura prepares to go to Vietnam on a paid holiday. Then, from the belongings left by his late photographer father, who covered the battlefields, Okamura finds a photo...

10. I Want to See You


In the morning, as Saya comes into her classroom, she finds a blue rose. Students are murmuring about the phantom legend that has been the gossip at the lycee. Saya and Hagi sneak into a rose garden beside the church where it is said the blue roses were in bloom. And they find steps leading to the underground...

11. After the Dance


An annual ball is being held in the lycee. Students, guardians and guests in formal attire are gathered in the school cafeteria when Saya arrives in a dress she borrowed from Min. On the dance floor, Saya meets a young man named Solomon, who asks her for a dance. As the music starts, David reaches the entrance to the basement surrounded by blue roses...

12. Lured by the White Mist


Saya and the others follow a container cargo carrying Diva who was transported out of the lycee. The operational unit of the Red Shield, Clara, Spencer, Rogers and McCoy, joins the pursuit. They go upstream on the Mekong River and head toward the experiment farm of Les Cinq Fleches Pharmaceutical. The farm had collected children from all over Vietnam. Mui, Riku and Kai were among them. But Saya and her friends are not aware of this fact as they get ready for the showdown...

13. Jungle Paradise


At the experiment farm of Les Cinq Fleches Pharmaceutical, Saya is surrounded by child Chiroptera. But confronted with a mysterious humming coming from nowhere, the howling of the Chiroptera and a choking smell of blood, the girl goes berserk, and swings the sword at anything that comes into her view without even distinguishing between friend and enemy...

14. The Last Sunday


Saya and friends return to Okinawa for a brief time. They decide to do whatever they wish on this one-day break. Saya, Kai and Riku bury George's memento in his grave. And Saya meets her best friend Kaori at the Yaejima Park.

15. I Want to Pursue


Mao gets frustrated for not being able to see Kai and she feels left out. Okamura, the Ryukyu Daily reporter, cannot forget about the sight he witnessed in the wine barrel storage at the lycee in Vietnam. Mao wants to pursue Kai. Okamura wants to find Saya to solve the mystery of what he saw. Then, two people with the same goal and different motives meet...

16. Siberian Express


Saya and the others arrive in Vladivostok, and take the Trans-Siberian Railroad with Elizaveta, a Russian Red Shield agent. But the Chiroptera are lurking in the most unexpected places...

17. Do you Remember the Promise?


Trying to rescue Riku, Saya jumps off the train and passes out in the blizzard. When she wakes up, Hagi is on her side, but everything around her is like in a dream. A dream of something that happened in the past, a long forgotten memory fallen into oblivion...

18. Moon Over Ekaterinburg


Kai is worried about Saya who fell out of the speeding train, but David insists on pressing on to find Dr. Ted A. Adams, a scientist involved in the Delta-67 research at the time of Vietnam War. Although they cannot find him, they find clues in his hous which lead them to an abandoned nuclear facility in Sverdlovsk-51...

19. Broken Heart


Saya and the others check in at a hotel where they are supposed to meet up with others. While David is out doing some research, Riku comes down with a fever. Saya stays with her brother and takes care of him, but in this situation, Liza questions Saya about her true intention to fight the Chiroptera. Why does she kill them? Is she not getting others involved in the battles by killing Chiroptera? Saya, who is still confused about the real meaning of the dreams she had in Vietnam and in the Russian tundra, appears unable to find an answer. And then, Liza says something even more shocking...

20. Chevaliers


David and the others arrive at the headquarters of the Red Shield, where they get checked for possible Chiropteran reactions, Kai finds out some shocking truth from "Joel's diary", a mysterious document in possession of the Red Shield. In the meantime, in France, the chevaliers, Amshel, Solomon, James and Nathan are meeting to decide the fate of Saya who has been keeping their plan from materializing.

21. Sour Grapes


Okamura and Mao arrive in France. They are looking for clues about the mystery behind the wine bottle of 1967 Chateau Duel that was transported out of the lycee in Vietnam. And their investigations lead them to an unexpected encounter. In the meantime, another party has reached French soil. They are known as the Schiff, and are determined to hunt Saya and Hagi.

22. The Zoo


Saya and Hagi arrived at the ruins of "The Zoo," were Saya's forgotten past is sleeping. The place is covered with overgrown grass and only a portion of the exterior walls is still standing. Soon, Saya's memories awake: her first encounter with Hagi, the incident on the Zoo owner's birthday, and the image of the whole building on fire...

23. Two Chevaliers


Saya and Hagi meet Solomon in the Zoo again. Hagi fiercely attacks him. Solomon skillfully handles Hagi. Solomon tells them that he is a chevalier and that chevaliers are trying to kill Saya. He also adds that his feelings are different from the wishes of his brothers. Around that time, David, Kai and Riku arrive at the Zoo...

24. Airy Singing Voice


Finally Saya confronts Diva. The memory of the tragic event that took place at Joel's birthday starts to come back to Saya. And as she screams, Kai dash to the top of the tower...

25. The Red Shield


Okamura and Mao arrive at the Zoo only to find a broken sword left behind. Saya and the others return to the Red Shield HQ with the wounded Riku. As Kai helplessly watches his still unconscious little brother, Saya wonders if what she did for Riku has really been the right choice...

26. Those Who Serve Saya


Near the new port of Marseilles, France. Riku finally awakens from a coma and everyone is overjoyed. But Riku is anxious about the way his body feels. Something is different. Worried about his little brother, Kai is frustrated about not being able to help him in any way. In the mean time the Schiff is about to reach the Red Shield HQ after Saya.

27. Paris, je t'aime


Kai finds out that Riku has turned into a chevalier. "What can I do?" Kai keeps asking himself, wandering around in the city of Paris. He comes across Irene in the observation deck of the Eiffel Tower. She's terribly weakened, but she's ready to disclose what she knows about Schiff's past...

28. Limited Existence


As Irene starts showing signs of dying, Kai refers to Saya what he was told about Schiff. But for the girl, who firmly believes that her task is to exterminate the Chiroptera, this is the first time she feels desperately far away from her stepbrother. In the meanwhile, Julia isolates a DNA component that apparently does not belong to any known living creature on this planet...

29. Cursed Blood


Kai begs Saya to give her blood to Irene and save her from the advancing crystallization process. But Saya hesitates: what will she decide in the end? In the meanwhile, in the Red Shield HQ, Julia continues her researches, but she notices that her mentor Collins has got in touch with an unexpected person...

30. Joel's Diary


Kai tells Saya that he knows what she is. He suggests that Saya read Joels Diary. As she meets Joel at Red Shield HQ and starts reading the Diary, the shocking truth about Diva and the events in Vietnam back in 1972 slowly unveils...

31. Breaking Shield


It's a beautiful day, and Saya invites Hagi, Riku and Kai for a walk in the streets of Paris. It had been a long time since they enjoyed a peaceful time. But Kai is not comfortable and distances from Saya. Riku tries to go between the two, so that the three could restore their former relationship. Meanwhile, David receives an unexpected visitor...

32. A Boy Meets a Girl


Diva and Carl's attack puts the Red Shield Headquarters into great chaos. The ship's wall and floor are shattered and the black clad bodies lay everywhere. Saya faces difficulty as Carl continues to launch destructive attacks. Kai takes Riku to join David at a meeting point inside the ship, but...

33. The Power of Believing


It has been one year since Diva's attack on the Red Shield Headquarters. Kai and the others stay with David's old comrade in the outskirts of London. Passing time brings various changes to everyone. But again, the Chiroptera overshadow the streets of London...

34. The World Where We Exist


Kai at last is reunited with Saya, but the girl faints from exhaustion. Kai brings Saya to Glay's home to take care of her, but the enemy is again lurking in the darkness ready to attack...

35. Tomorrow Without Hope


A year had passed and that period of time had clearly brought changes to the Schiff. Thorns emerge in Goodliff and Dirth. The few remaining comrades draw together quietly in an abandoned church avoiding the sun. But they are about to be battered by another desperation, as the Corpse Corps abruptly attacks them...

36. Mismatched Feelings


Assisted by Okamura and Mao, David locates the Goldsmith and Cinq Fleches joint-venture lab in the outskirts of London. Meanwhile, Saya and Hagi discover that Diva is going to perform at the Royal Opera House in London. They sneak into the opera house, but...

37. To a Level of Sheer Madness


Saya is invited to a birthday party for Javier, one of Glay's children. But once at the party, Saya feels that she does not belong there after all. As Kai and all others care for Saya, who has shut her mind from them, Carl closes in on Glay's residence with Corpse Corps. And his distorted love for Saya forces him to yet further insanity...

38. Showdown Island


Okamura and Mao inform that Diva's promotional video was planned to be filmed on a deserted island with ruins of a small village on the seaside. David and others head for Christina Island. There awaited James and Corpse Corps, the mass-produced version of the Schiff!

39. Magic Words, Once More


After the battle on Christina Island, Saya and Kai returns once to Glay's residence in London. Javier and Nahabi insistently ask them to go fishing together. In the peaceful countryside, Saya enjoys some time out to relax. Meanwhile, David and Joel attend a party. Their aim is to meet the host of the party, Amshel...

40. Dreams That Chevaliers Dream


Saya rests in a hotel in New York. When she tries to sit up on the bed, she feels dizzy and hangs onto Hagi's arms. Hagi frowns with concern as he sees her. Meanwhile, in Nathan's house, Amshel and Nathan watch Diva play in the garden when Solomon appears. Solomon, clad in a black suit, walks to Diva and starts talking about his past as one of the youngest brothers of the Goldsmiths...

41. Place Where I Belong


Okamura and Mao's apartment in New York is blown up and they have to move to David's place. In the meantime, Joel is investigating the US military and Chevalier's scheme, and he obtains information relating to Diva...

42. Soprano of Miracles


Kai sneaks into Diva's show at the air force base. He is introduced to Diva by Amshel and offered to join as Diva's Chevalier. As Kai refuses, Diva bares her fangs. Just in time, Saya and Hagi arrive, but Amshel and Nathan's raid hinders them to advance. At the same time, David spots Julia in the base and follows her.

43. Confused Heart


Saya is kidnapped by Solomon. When she wakes up in a bed in a strange room alone, it was Solomon who opens the door and comes in. Saya is alarmed and stiffens. Ignoring this, Solomon tells her, "Please marry me." Meanwhile, Hagi dashes through Manhattan to look for Saya. Meanwhile, Kai is...

44. Into the Light


Saya learns that Diva is pregnant with twins. She decides to kill Diva before the twins who would only strengthen the enemy are born. Meanwhile, there remained three surviving Schiff. Moses and Lulu are staggered when they catch a sign of death, "Thorn," on Karman's neck.

45. Turn the Palm of Your Hand Toward the Sun


As Karman notices the Thorn, he acknowledges that his death is near. Moses hugs him and vows, "I will not let you die." James tells Moses that Karman needs Diva's blood to survive. Moses leaves to get what was demanded in return for Diva's blood: Kai's life. Moses does not realize James' real intention and takes a sword alone.

46. May Tomorrow Be a Clear Day


Solomon, accompanied by Nathan, shows up before Diva. He transforms his right hand into blade and charges to slash her. Meanwhile, Julia continues her study on D-base in Diva's blood, and realizes that the effect of synchronicity caused by Diva's singing could infest the entire world with chiroptera...

47. Beyond All Blood


James comes to see Solomon who was gravely injured by Diva and is confined. James, intending to bring despair to all of mankind, declares to Solomon that he would eliminate Saya. Meanwhile, David with Kai and others start an operation to stop the live broadcast of Diva's opera performance around the world. As Saya remains sleeping in her NY apartment with Hagi and Lulu, James approaches with a deadly blade...

48. Skyscraper Opera


With much anticipation around the world, global live satellite broadcast of Diva's concert in New York begins. To stop Amshel's plan to fill the world with chiroptera using the Synchronicity effect of Diva's singing, Saya and Hagi sneak into the backstage and get ready for the final battle. Meanwhile, Nathan talks to Amshel and reveals his astonishing identity!!

49. Two Queens


The opera house has become a battleground. On the stage, the two Queens, Saya and Diva, clash with their swords. Meanwhile, at the wing of the stage, Hagi and Amshel, the two Chevaliers are facing each other. All this time outside the opera house, David and Kai are restrained in the TV broadcast van surrounded by the Chiroptera. To end the face off, David offers to play decoy.

50. Nan-kuru-nai-sah


As Saya sees Diva's babies, she hopes no one will be hurt. She takes her sword and brings the point up slowly. At that time, the US army was about to carry out a plan to erase all evidence of the Chiroptera...