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Image Love in 40 Days

Love in 40 Days

Release Date 2022-09-23
Runtime 30 minutes
Genres Comedy, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Stars Loisa Andalio, Ronnie Alonte, Mylene Dizon, Janice de Belen, Lotlot De Leon
Directors Emmanuel Palo, Jojo Saguin, Camille Anne de la Cruz, Francis Concio, Carlo Katigbak

After getting involved in a fatal car crash, a competitive career woman arrives in an uncanny purgatory. While settling her unfinished businesses as a lingering spirit, she meets and finds her soulmate in a rebellious scion with a third eye.

1. Not Your Plain Jane


Competitive Jane receives a prestigious award from her company, but her euphoria is cut short by an unexpected breakup. To worsen the situation, she gets a threatening letter from an anonymous sender.

2. Meet Edward


Jane gets into a heated argument with Alice and Monmon on her birthday, only for it to turn out as an eye-opener. Not wanting to give up on his dreams, Edward thinks of a way to support his band's future.

3. Welcome to the Evergreen Mansion


Jane storms out of the Evergreen Mansion after its staff failed to meet her many demands. Still unaware of the tragic fate she suffered, Jane decides to go home. Edward, along with his bandmates, inspects an abandoned house for his business venture.

4. The Life After Life


Jane learns that she is left with 40 days to bid farewell to her loved ones. Amid his constant competition with Eileen for their parents’ attention, Edward pushes through with his business plan, inciting unrest among the Evergreen Mansion's staff.

5. Two Worlds Become One


Thinking that she is finally ready, Jane attempts to cross over to the afterlife. However, an unfinished business prevents her from departing the world of the living. Jane throws a fit, leading to an unexpected reunion with a familiar face.

6. The Haunt Begins


Jane learns why Edward sees her yet fails to see the beauty of the place they are in. The staff of Evergreen Mansion tries using their powers in a bid to protect their sanctuary.

7. Reversed Play Dead


Edward remains adamant about constructing his resto-bar in the abandoned house despite the spooky stuff his friends are noticing. Jane reaches a deal with Patricio after coming up with a way to protect Evergreen Mansion.

8. Cold Body vs. Cold Heart


Jane pretends to be a real estate broker as she tries convincing Edward to abort his business plans. Soon, the desperate ghost learns about the motivation behind the musician’s unwavering resolve to reach his dreams.

9. Jane's Heart Beats Again


Jane begins to see Edward in a new light as she slowly learns about his dreams and family issues. Because of this, the wandering spirit comes up with a plan to gain the rebellious scion's favor.

10. A Date with the Dead


Marco remains adamant in protecting his secret. Despite Diana's reservation to Jane's plan, the ghosts of Evergreen Mansion offer their help as the former insurance agent goes on a date with Edward.

11. The Ensemble Act


Enraged by pain and jealousy, Valerie decides to end her relationship with Edward. Jane, on the other hand, sees the breakup as a good opportunity to accomplish her mission.

12. Lifeline Band


Jane grows worried as Edward inches closer to converting Evergreen Mansion into a bar. Soon, the aspiring musician gets floored upon experiencing eerie occurrences at Mr. Tiu’s wake.

13. Fearsome Encounters


After helping Mr. Tiu, Edward begins having fearsome encounters with restless souls. Convinced by Jane that these are all hallucinations, Edward commits a costly mistake. The Evergreen Mansion staff notices Jane's growing fondness for the musician.

14. The Great Pretender


Jane helps Edward resolve his conflict with his parents, only to find herself at wit's end as he continues to reject her demand. Things take a turn for the worse when her newfound friend meets Valerie's broker.

15. Unwanted


Jane is left with no choice but to come clean to Edward about her real identity and intentions. Despite her nephew's hesitation, Berta tries to reunite Monmon with his estranged father.

16. Rest In Peace?


Jane and the staff of Evergreen Mansion race against time as they pull out all the stops to prevent the psychic from expelling them. Valerie comes up with a sinister plan to derail the opening of Edward’s bar.

17. Jump Scare


Just when they thought that they had finally expelled the persistent ghosts, Edward and his friends excitedly prepare for Lifeline Bar’s soft opening. However, the band's first performance is cut short by hair-raising occurrences.

18. Bitter Reunion


Jane wallows in bitterness and anger upon confirming that Jessie still does not care about her and Sylvia. Ofelia finds herself on the receiving end of Andrea's anger after Eileen revealed Edward's secret.

19. Disbanded


When her attempt to cross over to the afterlife fails anew, Jane agrees with Patricio's suggestion on what needs to be done. The troubled spirit soon witnesses Valerie's desperate effort to win Edward back.

20. The More You Hate…


Despite their differences and constant bickering, a worried Jane pays Edward a visit, only to walk in on him in a compromising situation. Meanwhile, Alice and Robbie start investigating a case that Jane used to handle before she passed away.

21. Bar Turned Horror House


Celine and Brock get into a heated argument as they continue to blame each other for their untimely demise. The Evergreen Mansion staff’s plan to sabotage Edward’s gig backfires when their antics work in Lifeline Bar’s favor.

22. The Bargain


Ofelia is taken aback upon the sudden arrival of a person from her past. Needing the ghosts' help in his future gigs, Edward attempts to negotiate with Patricio.

23. Hotheaded, Warmhearted


Valerie tries to make up with her beloved, only to be confronted for sabotaging Lifeline Bar. Edward and his friends play their hearts out after Patricio agreed to cooperate with their gimmick in exchange for helping Jane.

24. Truce


After earning Robert’s approval, Edward brims with joy upon hearing his song on the radio. Keeping his side of the bargain, he begins to help Jane find ways to communicate with Jessie.

25. The Link


Edward overcomes his trauma when he drives Monmon to the hospital. After helping Jane communicate with her brother, Edward sneaks into her house to retrieve an important envelope. However, someone gets in his way and tries to steal it from him.

26. Locked Up


Despite getting into serious trouble, Edward decides to push through with his mission to help Jane. Alice grows suspicious upon learning about the disappearance of the private investigator assigned to her late friend's case.

27. Half Sisters


Edward opens up about a dark incident in his past. Jane gets shocked upon seeing a familiar face in her father’s house. Meanwhile, Robert loses his cool as Andrea seems to remain unsympathetic toward their son’s situation.

28. Illegitimate


Valerie resorts to a threat in a bid to prevent Jessie from reconnecting with Monmon. Edward tries to encourage a devastated Jane when a shocking truth ignites her anger toward her estranged father.

29. Patching Things Up


Andrea goes the extra mile to patch things up with Edward by visiting him at Lifeline Bar. Determined to put a smile back on Celine's face, Brock turns to Edward for help. Jane, meanwhile, learns about Diana's baggage as a mother.

30. The Lost Soul


Much to Elias’ irritation, Patricio chooses to help Edward instead of reprimanding him for circumventing their rules. Upon learning that Dado turned into a lost soul, the aspiring musician weeps as he tries to jog his late driver’s memory.

31. A Soul’s Judgement


Upon witnessing Dado’s fate, Jane learns that the heavens will weigh her good and bad deeds on Earth when she crosses over. While Robert expresses his desire to fix his family’s problems, Ofelia panics upon receiving a surprise visit.

32. Edward’s Happy Day


Jane comes up with a way to cheer Edward up, further strengthening the bond between the ghost and the living man. Celine brims with joy when Brock does the unexpected.

33. Daydreaming


While Celine and Brock decide to take their relationship to the next level, Edward and Jane find themselves slowly falling in love with each other. Valerie manages to put the puzzles together upon seeing Edward seemingly talking to his ghost friend.

34. The Caveat


Armed with Ofelia's love advice, Edward musters his courage to confess his feelings to Jane in front of a jealous Valerie. Ofelia, meanwhile, finds herself in a tight spot when Anton blackmails her.

35. Conspiracy


Hearing about the strange death of a high-profile person, Alice notices something amiss as she looks into the files of some of Zion’s clients. Jane is consumed with rage upon witnessing Jessie’s cowardly move.

36. Mad Soul


Filled with rage, Jane lashes out and spews hurtful words at the souls that want nothing but to help her. Ofelia recalls a moment in her dark past as she counts the sum of money she needs to silence Anton.

37. Lost Daughter


Alice grows suspicious of Marco upon confirming that Heaven’s Gate is set to handle the wake of another one of Zion’s high-profile clients. In a bid to make up for her misbehavior, Jane asks Edward for help in finding Patricio’s estranged daughter.

38. Cold Feet


Upon figuring out a way to patch things up with Patricio, Jane attempts to go to the afterlife anew. Alice senses an under-the-table deal involving Marco and Heaven's Gate.

39. Jane Stays


With just 14 days left, Jane resolves to spend her remaining time with her loved ones instead. As Berta and Jessie try to determine Edward's connection with Jane, Kokoy finds himself in danger.

40. Big Break


Edward earns the recognition and the full support of his parents upon receiving a call from a bigtime record producer, making Eileen more jealous of the attention her brother is getting.

41. A Double Celebration


Edward decides to celebrate his and Jane's birthdays together as a way to replace the bad memories they associated with them. Valerie flips out upon witnessing her ex-boyfriend serenading a ghost.

42. Alice vs Marco


Patricio resolves to stop helping Edward as Lifeline Bar’s growing popularity puts Evergreen Mansion in a precarious situation. After getting veiled threats from Marco, Alice receives an anonymous cryptic message.

43. Connivance


Alice and Robbie obtain an important evidence as their suspicions about Marco intensify. Claiming that she is concerned for Edward, Valerie tries to connive with Eileen in exposing her ex-boyfriend's alleged mental instability.

44. Not So Happy Birthday


Edward brims with joy as he celebrates his birthday with his loved ones until Eileen shows the video that Valerie took. Back in Evergreen Mansion, Jane tries her best to change Patricio's decision.

45. Banished


Believing that their son is having a mental disorder relapse, Robert and Andrea begin considering sending Edward back to a psychiatric hospital. Kokoy and Berta face danger as a desperate person sets out to retrieve Jane’s files.

46. Confessions


Jane sets out to find Edward upon learning that he got admitted to a psychiatric hospital. The ghost soon finds herself letting go of her inhibitions when a half-awake Edward confesses his feelings for her.

47. Sweet Escape


Refusing to let his predicament derail his dreams, Edward receives help from Jane as he escapes from the psych ward. Robert gets arrested for assaulting the police officer investigating the string of suspicious deaths in their community.

48. Secret Bearers


Berta and Kokoy reunite with Monmon. Edward makes it in time for his band's performance, only to ignite the tension between Andrea and Ofelia. To ensure that his secret remains under wraps, Marco does the unexpected.

49. The Big Break


Even without the help of the Evergreen Mansion spirits, the Lifeline Band gets the first big break in their musical career. Edward soon seizes the opportunity to ask for Jane's feelings following his confession.

50. A Vision


Unaware that Valerie is trying to expel her, Jane receives a vision and gets transported to a mansion where her loved ones are currently staying. A wandering soul arrives at Evergreen Mansion.

51. Blackmail


Patricio makes a shocking discovery upon finding the records of a soul mirroring Jane's situation. Andrea hides to Eileen the reason why she decided to let Edward return home.

52. Ill-fated Lovers


Andrea tries bribing Ofelia into keeping her dark secret buried, only to be caught off guard by the maid's response. Edward and Jane confront the fact that their love is forbidden and is doomed to end.

53. Let It Be


Despite the time constraint between them, Edward refuses to give up on his love for Jane. Not wanting to keep her hopes up, Elias decides against revealing the truth about the situation of the lovestruck ghost just yet.

54. Missing Family


Jane visits her family with Edward, only to be thrown into a panic upon arriving at an empty and ransacked house. Elsewhere, Anton sneaks into the Montemayor's home to extort more money from Ofelia.

55. The Traitors


Jane heads to Alice’s house in hopes of finding clues regarding her family’s whereabouts, only to burn with rage upon learning about her friend’s betrayal.

56. The Black Roses Sender


Words fail Jane upon learning the identity of the person who sent her black roses back when she was working at Zion. Valerie turns a deaf ear to reason as she remains adamant in getting Edward back.

57. The Jealous Daughter


Valerie is threatened that Jessie might leave her and her mother for good after overhearing her father's conversation with Monmon. Edward and Jane grow emotional as they talk about their inevitable separation.

58. Loving From Afar


Patricio reprimands Elias for urging Jane to stay and work as a staff at the Evergreen Mansion. Edward brims with joy when his family shows up during one of his performances, unaware that Ofelia is watching him from afar.

59. Petty Crime


Valerie bursts into tears upon confirming that Jessie has patched things up with Monmon. Ofelia is left with no choice but to ask Robert for money, until an untoward incident occurs at the Montemayor mansion.

60. Scapegoat


Knowing that his head maid is in great need of money, Robert suspects that Ofelia might be the one who stole Andrea's jewelry. Jane is left speechless as she listens to Jessie and Valerie's conversation about her and Monmon.

61. Ready to Leave


A heavy burden gets lifted off Jane’s shoulders upon learning that Jessie regrets all his shortcomings as a father to her and Monmon. Edward, meanwhile, finds his heart sinking now that his special friend is ready to cross over.

62. New Target


Growing suspicious, Robert hires a private investigator to learn about Ofelia’s past. Alice finds herself in a precarious position when her exposé about Heaven’s Gate and Zion goes viral. Jane spends her remaining time on Earth with Edward.

63. The Real Ofelia


After Jane's heartbreaking farewell, Edward catches Jessie in a suspicious conversation when he approaches him for help regarding Lifeline Bar's contract. Andrea discovers Ofelia's real identity.

64. Truth Uncovered


Andrea decides to keep her discovery from Robert after learning who Ofelia really is. Edward and Jane get the shock of their lives upon seeing what Jessie is hiding inside Villa Clemente.

65. Desperate Measure


Marco resorts to desperate measures in a bid to keep his dirty secret buried. Robert and Andrea grow worried as one of their longtime investors pull out from Heaven's Gate. Jane overhears Berta's suspicions about Edward.

66. The Setup


Ofelia confronts Andrea for setting her up, only to be shocked when her boss counters her threat with a grave mistake she committed in the past. Berta asks Edward to prove that he can really talk to Jane’s spirit.

67. Trust Earned


Convinced that Edward is telling the truth, Berta opens up about the circumstances related to Jane's situation. Robert senses something amiss with Zion and decides to cut ties with Marco.

68. Captive


Edward vows to prove his family's innocence in Jane's accident. Valerie resolves to fight for what is rightfully hers. Marco's henchmen resort to violence to squeeze out information from Robbie and Alice.

69. On The Lookout


Jane tries to return to her body in hopes of waking herself up from coma. While spying on the Montemayors, Elias grows worried after hearing a disturbing conversation.

70. Coercion


71. Souls to the Rescue


72. The Vow


73. The Reunion


74. Looming Danger


75. Infiltrated


76. Not Living nor Dead


77. Letting Go


78. Ghost No More


79. The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing


80. It's a Prank


81. The Witness


82. Jane Second Life


83. Meet the Parents


84. Episode 84


85. Episode 85


86. Episode 86


87. Episode 87


88. Episode 88


89. Episode 89


90. Episode 90