Image Aikatsu Stars! The Movie

Aikatsu Stars! The Movie

Release Date 2016-08-13
Runtime 60 minutes
Genres Animation
Stars Miyu Tomita, Akemi Kanda, Ayaka Asai, Natsumi Murakami, Yume Miyamoto
Directors Yuuko Kakihara, Kazuya Saito, Ryuichi Kimura, Teruo Satou, Yukiko Aikei

With the intention of appearing in an event on a southern island, the students of Four Star Academy are taking off! There, rumors about a pair of legendary dresses sleeping within the island... A story about Yume and Laura's friendship, with S4 taking the stage together for the first time. Furthermore, putting the legendary dresses into a Dress Make... A thrilling and exciting Aikatsu! story is coming to theaters this summer!