Image Singham 123

Singham 123

Release Date 2015-06-05
Runtime 90 minutes
Genres Comedy, Action
Stars Sampoornesh Babu, Prudhviraj, Bhavani, Sanam Shetty, Annapoorna
Directors Vishnu Manchu, M. R. Varmaa, Akshat Ajay Sharma, Diamond Ratnam

Singham 123 is a spoof action comedy starring Sampoornesh Babu playing the role of a "Sensational", "Seductive", "Supercop". Set in the backdrop of a village called Singarayakonda which is ruled by a self proclaimed king and mafia-lord, Lingham. He fancies himself as the destructive force and an archenemy of Law and Order. After several failed attempts by Indian Police throughout the decade, Singham123 is assigned the mission impossible: to arrest Lingham. Will Singham 123 be successful in completing the mission?