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Image Dr. Slump: Dr. Mashirito and Abale-chan

Dr. Slump: Dr. Mashirito and Abale-chan

Release Date 2007-03-03
Runtime 5 minutes
Genres Animation, Comedy
Stars Mami Koyama, Nachi Nozawa, Kumiko Nishihara, Hiroshi Ôtake, Shigeru Chiba
Directors Akira Toriyama, Tatsuya Nagamine, Tadayoshi Yamamuro, Kentaro Akiyama

Dr. Mashirito and Abale-chan centers around Dr. Mashirito Jr. and his creation Abale, who serves as a rebellious opposite of the protagonist Arale. Many years after the end of Dr. Slump, Dr. Mashirito Jr. returns to avenge his father Dr. Mashirito, the sworn enemy of Senbei Norimaki. He makes an android at any point similar to Arale, except for her character that is somewhat different. He gives the name "Abale" to this android. In spite of itself, Abale will successfully contain an alien invasion.