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Image The princess

The princess

Release Date 2022-02-01
Runtime 0 minutes
Genres Action
Stars Fernando Ciangherotti, Palmeira Cruz, Alfredo Rios El Komander, Lourdes Munguía, Héctor Soberón
Directors Alonso O. Lara, Alonso O. Lara, Edén Echeverría

Refusing to marry a drug lord, Grecia is determined to pay her father's debt herself. To earn the money, she decides to bet in the Sinaloa palenques, where she meets Armando. He is immediately captivated by her beauty and fearless attitude. But, little does he know that falling for her will be his most dangerous endeavor. Based on the famous corrido hit "La Princesa", by Alfredo Ríos "El Komander".